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Pick a song for...GAME!  missdada15 27 5226 over a year ago
alfea rp-Miss Magix!  missdada15 66 9795 over a year ago
alfea rp-Saving princess Oliva.  missdada15 195 7001 over a year ago
alfea RP-band. CREDIT:winxlove2  missdada15 46 2538 over a year ago
winx club character question  sarah34578 0 1020 over a year ago
alfea rp- The valentine's day dance  missdada15 116 9116 over a year ago
Alfea RP- Ice Mission(OLNY FOR MISSDADA15,LOVEBALTOR,WINXLOVE2)  winxlove2 176 6889 over a year ago
alfea RP-Boys character profil.  missdada15 1 925 over a year ago
alfea-rp-parents day  missdada15 104 6561 over a year ago
Alfea RP-Madonna concert!  missdada15 29 1770 over a year ago
OC MAKEING COMPANY!!  missdada15 102 14612 over a year ago
Alfea RP- Dark Art Class  winxlove2 104 7463 over a year ago
Alfea RP-school grounds.  missdada15 237 10540 over a year ago
Alfea RP-Red Fountain  missdada15 132 6226 over a year ago
Alfea RP-Nature class  missdada15 154 7060 over a year ago
Alfea RP-Night Club  missdada15 139 9203 over a year ago
NEW ALFEA RP(Role-play)  missdada15 31 4326 over a year ago
New RP  Rainflowers 4 2096 over a year ago
Alfea RP-Cloud Tower  missdada15 88 5794 over a year ago
Countdown to 5,000 Fans! :D  lovebaltor 151 16087 over a year ago
Winx Club S5  FloraBoricua 3 1735 over a year ago
winx club songs download  williukea 0 12266 over a year ago
I love your club  selenawinxfan 1 1111 over a year ago
Winx Club story contest!  koos13 0 1134 over a year ago
Around the Christmas Tree !  silverfairy 14 4092 over a year ago
My roleplay sign up!  silverfairy 12 3182 over a year ago
Winx Songs :)  lovebaltor 2 904 over a year ago
Best Roleplay Winx! (Contest)  silverfairy 6 3254 over a year ago
Time for a cliche, but with a twist.  OmegaFan 1 718 over a year ago
BloomXBaltor  Thalia67 1 1373 over a year ago
Miss Fanmade fary contest!!!!(further iformation has been published)  silverfairy 29 5508 over a year ago
contest  laylafly 2 1135 over a year ago
What up  MusaRocks11 0 742 over a year ago
help me im confused!!  lexichristina 7 710 over a year ago
I can create fairies for you!  sapphirez 6 991 over a year ago
omg this is so gay...xD  missdada15 2 3039 over a year ago
lets make a deal 5 propes  laylafly 0 1001 over a year ago
game lovers  laylafly 0 916 over a year ago
Winx Club vending machine game!  silverfairy 31 2503 over a year ago
Do you think there should be a second winx club movie?  pandawinx 2 1295 over a year ago
Does anyone have an Afea College playset they want to sell?  CMD 5 2417 over a year ago
Winx club opening in your language?  missdada15 5 578 over a year ago
Roleplay: Cloudtower! Cobweb cafe. (All witches allowed!)  pandawinx 324 18093 over a year ago
Roleplay: Cloudtower! Hisss---tory class. (all witches welcome.)  pandawinx 526 23243 over a year ago
Fanfiction. Fairy adventures! (plz do read it) (Part 11 published)  AgyJude 28 2554 over a year ago
Fact-based Question,Imagination based Answer!  Flora_Bloom 47 1579 over a year ago
Roleplay: Cloudtower! Gym class. (all witches allowed)  pandawinx 454 23215 over a year ago
NEWS!!!  nevenkastar 5 1380 over a year ago
Icon Contests! Round 9!: The Winx Girls!  lovebaltor 100 7597 over a year ago
The Rating Game.  Winxlove 69 8928 over a year ago
Dark winx club!!!!!!  charmedphoebe46 1 2576 over a year ago
What Winx form do u think is prettier?  lovebaltor 4 1571 over a year ago
Fanmade Fairies  Kandrakar 17 12815 over a year ago
The Reasons Game(Created by me!)♥  Winxfairylove 28 3333 over a year ago
Roleplay: Cloudtower! Lagoon-Library. (All witches allowed)  pandawinx 173 6583 over a year ago
lets play a game! (I am bored lol)  CyD12 18 3488 over a year ago
Roleplay: Cloudtower! alfea. (All witches allowed)r  pandawinx 81 4074 over a year ago
Roleplay: Cloudtower! Mad science. (All witches allowed)  pandawinx 208 9720 over a year ago
Roleplay: Cloudtower!: Sinful practise. (Only adina, chimera, angel and tanya allowed.)  pandawinx 162 5466 over a year ago
Roleplay: Cloudtower! Fang dorm! (Welcome following students- adina, chimera, Angel and silvette.)  pandawinx 168 5559 over a year ago
Roleplay: cloudtower! Skull dorm! (Welcome students- Darla, October, Maldrine and Tanya!)  pandawinx 54 3934 over a year ago
Roleplay: Cloudtower! Medusa-sic class. (for all witches)  pandawinx 425 17771 over a year ago
Roleplay: Cloudtower!  pandawinx 20 2703 over a year ago
Roleplay: Alfea! Volenteer department (Plz read discription before replying)  pandawinx 191 7737 over a year ago
The dolittle mansion. (All tav girls allowed.)  pandawinx 61 4882 over a year ago
Roleplay: Alfea! Earth! (<3 Tav-band auditions held here! <3) (Requested by Cdy12, ember89 and eliestar.) :)  pandawinx 658 26749 over a year ago
Roleplay: alfea! Burning crusaders lair.  pandawinx 73 3042 over a year ago
Roleplay: Alfea! Pizza plaza. (Permission to everyone to enter.)  pandawinx 446 19517 over a year ago
Rolelplay: Alfea! ICT room! Please read discription (Any student allowed! :D)  pandawinx 58 2755 over a year ago
Roleplay: Alfea andros! (For all roleplayers)  pandawinx 41 1744 over a year ago
Roleplay: Alfea! Yellow dorm. (Exclusive to members of yelow dorm, sorry!)  pandawinx 6 1001 over a year ago
SPOT UPDATE!: New Banner :D  lovebaltor 9 1150 over a year ago
Roleplay alfea: Library! (All dorms welcome. :) )  pandawinx 413 17037 over a year ago
Roleplay: Alfea! Chill out room. (All dorms welcomed)  pandawinx 148 5344 over a year ago
SPOT UPDATE!: New Motto! :'D  lovebaltor 10 1041 over a year ago
Roleplay alfea!: Pink dorm! :) (Opened for all girls temporarily!!)  pandawinx 422 18528 over a year ago
SPOT UPDATE!: New Icon! :)  lovebaltor 8 1607 over a year ago
Roleplay: Alfea! Telepax. (Warm welcome to all!)  pandawinx 403 12015 over a year ago
The names game!  Winxlove 41 1713 over a year ago
Roleplay Alfea! Class room! (All welcomed. :D)  pandawinx 678 27609 over a year ago
Roleplay: Alfea! Red fountain. (Anyone allowed) (Tav dates held here!!! :D)  pandawinx 959 36999 over a year ago
Next round!  Winxlove 100 25287 over a year ago
Roleplay: Alfea! Magix city. ( :DNew line of clothes for the halloween ball! :D)  pandawinx 391 14589 over a year ago
See No Color, Spread Fairy Dust....  enchanting424 12 1330 over a year ago
Roleplay: Alfea! Holiday booth. (Acess granted only to the alfea defenders!)  pandawinx 111 4889 over a year ago
Roleplay: Alfea! Pixie village. (idea by Cyd12)  pandawinx 119 9848 over a year ago
Fairy Dust  enchanting424 6 844 over a year ago
Guys,can you join it?  Winxlove 4 988 over a year ago
Roleplay: Alfea! The tav dragon adoption service. (Enjoy!)  pandawinx 224 11079 over a year ago
Roleplay: Alfea! Faragonda's office. (Open to anyone) (Credit to ember89)  pandawinx 624 22464 over a year ago
Winx Around the World  enchanting424 3 1483 over a year ago
Roleplay:Alfea! Grading booth! Alfea exams sat here! :( :( :(  pandawinx 446 17675 over a year ago
Most talented winx- club - fan 2010!  AgyJude 10 804 over a year ago
I'm back!  Winxlove 2 887 over a year ago
The cartoon name game!  winxlove2 0 632 over a year ago
Read it!  Winxlove 1 984 over a year ago
Roleplay:alfea! Jade mines. (All tav girls urgently needed!)  pandawinx 101 3790 over a year ago
Winx club story creating game!  AgyJude 21 1309 over a year ago
Roleplay alfea!: Realm of fantasy........  pandawinx 138 5246 over a year ago