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Congratulations to IU, who took No. 1 on “Inkigayo” for two weeks running with “Twenty-Three,” despite no physical appearances on the show.

This week, IU took the win over formidable SM artists f(x), who took No. 2 on the show, and Taeyeon, who did not perform.

Performers for this week’s “Inkigayo” include BTOB, TWICE, December, MONSTA X, N.Flying, 24K, and more, with comeback performances from Brown Eyed Girls, f(x), Joo, and Romeo.

Also on the show, for their debut stage, was the new RnB group Big Brain.

f(x) — “4 Walls”

f(x) — “Diamond”

Joo — “Cry & Blow”


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The favorite “Nation’s Little Sister” IU may be returning to her roots as an artist following her appearance on the upcoming and anticipated KBS drama Producer.

Officials from her agency spoke to OSEN on March 10th, revealing, “She is continuing to work on her music in parallel with the drama. She may make her comeback as a singer after the drama.”

Just recently, IU was confirmed to be joining the drama Producer alongside Kim Soo Hyun, Cha Tae Hyun, and Gong Hyo Jin, where she will take on the role of a popular celebrity.

Cha Tae Hyun will play a PD with experience of 10 years, Kim Soo Hyun as a rookie PD, and Gong Hyo Jin as a music PD. Kim Soo Hyun and IU will meet once again in a drama after the musical drama Dream High.

Producer is set to air in April during the Friday-Saturday at the 11PM KST timeslot.

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K-pop veteran Seo Taiji has shocked the music industry by announcing he will be making a comeback in October, some five years since his last major release, the album “8th Atmos.”

The star’s representatives also revealed that the comeback will see Seo Taiji team up with female singing sensation IU for a musical collaboration.

Sources at Seo Taiji Company, the talent agency that represents the veteran performer, has confirmed that Seo Taeji will be releasing his ninth studio album on October 20.

A representative also explained, “Seo Taiji has made a new song with IU, and this collaboration...
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With his holiday concert 'All Night Stand' fast-approaching, there is only one grave matter on Psy's mind: which female artists he will parody.

Recently, the singer uploaded a post on Twitter that read, "I'm seriously debating which female artist to parody."

Fans who saw the post responded with, "Show us 'Up & Down'! We'll go see it," "We recommend EXID's 'Up & Down,'" and, "He can dance 'Up & Down.'" Seems like a lot of people really want to see Psy pelvic thrusting on stage during the holidays! There were others who suggested that he parody IU's "Zeze" controversy, commenting,...
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With 2015 already underway in Korea, media outlet Star News reached out to some of the experts in the entertainment industry to find out who they believe is the artist most looked forward to in the new year.

Coming in at the top were none other than digital-killer IU, fast rising girl group EXID, and YG's new rookie group iKON!

Among the 28 industry experts surveyed, including producers, agency executives, broadcast PDs, music critics, and more, the three mentioned artists clinched the top spot with 4 votes each!

Following these top 3 for a tie in second place were EXO, SISTAR, A Pink, Block...
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First Video Teaser for “Producer” Released Featuring Kim Soo Hyun and Cha Tae Hyun + Official Website

Following the release of the first preview still for Gong Hyo Jin‘s character in the hotly anticipated KBS drama, “Producer,” the network has also set up the official website for the drama.

The website is very bare currently, but has a image of all the four leads of the drama in the background.


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The website also has a video teaser which shows the cast meeting up for the first script reading on March 23, which was held away from the eyes of the press. The video shows Kim...
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(Official English title "The Producers")

Genre : Drama
Premiere in Korea : 20150515
Premiere on KBS World : 20150527
Number of Episodes : 12
Runtime : 70'
◎ The schedule above is basic schedule and doesn’t apply last-minute schedule changes. To see updated schedule, please click here.


At the centre of Yeouido, there is a building which never goes to sleep 24/7; It's Korean Broadcasting System(KBS). And inside the building, on the sixth floor, people are busy working between the partitions who produce renowned variety shows including and more.

Here, which seems to be an ordinary office, the highly-educated are being treated as a fool when their programs record low ratings even after hectic work schedule of filming, editing, and all-night meetings.

This drama features various anecdotes about producers and non-producers happening in Entertainment Department.

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Singer-songwriter IU officially apologized for controversial lyrics in “Zeze” and allegedly unauthorized sampling in “Twenty-Three,” Friday. The K-pop Herald has translated her message into English below.

Transcript of IU's letter to fans

Hello, this is IU. Although I was aware of the controversial opinions regarding the lyrics I wrote, it took me longer than I thought to gather the courage to come up with a statement. I apologize for the tardiness.

I am sincerely sorry to those who have been offended by my song.

My latest album “Chat-Shire” was created based on fictional characters...
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JYP Entertainment's J.Y. Park appeared on JTBC's 'Newsroom' on May 5 to talk about a variety of things, including IU, who auditioned for the agency, and EXID's Hani, who was a trainee.

J.Y. Park said in relation to losing these now successful ladies, "The timing was not right for their color or the direction they were going. If anything, it could be that they did well because they left."

In relation to being the oldest singer in first place, J.Y. Park said, "After being first place for two weeks, I've now come down. I was called the oldest. I don't know if I should be happy about that. When I debuted, I wanted to become a long-time singer more than a popular singer. I especially wanted to be a dance singer and in that regard, I am both proud and a bit scared as I wonder why it's only me [remaining as an older dance singer]."

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K-Pop idols are humans too! And we all make mistakes. Here’s some time that your favourite idols took some major spills on stage and on tv!

Some of these are funny, some painfully sad.. here’s a compilation of idols duelling with gravity and sometimes loosing ㅋㅋㅋ. 15 Stage Accidents That Could Have Been MUCH WORSE!

1. Taeyang looses control when the stage suddenly appears to turn to ice!


2. SHINee (Butterfingers) Onew tosses the mic, then dives for it and winds
up upside down sprawled out across the stage! ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ


3. MBLAQ GO learns to run


4. Bora takes a painful crash...
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Songstress IU is marking Children’s Day (May 5) this year by making a significant donation to help kids of low income families.

It has been confirmed by the charity Green Umbrella Childfund that on May 4, she donated 100 million won (approx. US$92,000) to the organization in her name, specifying that the money was to be used for disadvantaged kids.

According to Star News, she did not tell anyone other than those closest to her.

Green Umbrella Childfund shared the news of her donation with Star News. “Today is Children’s Day, and so most children are receiving love and gifts from their parents,”...
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IU‬'s soju CF's could possibly be banned

(NOTE: Despite what allkpop says, this is just a bill and not a law yet. The bill ALSO states that anyone advertising before the age limit restriction, if this becomes law, will be able to continue to do so. This is known as a 'grandfather' clause.)

A revised bill of the 'National Health Promotion Act' has been passed in South Korea by the Health and Welfare Committee. The new law states that no person, celebrities and sports stars included, who are at the international age of 24 or younger can partake in promotions for alcohol.

If the law is passed,...
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Soju advertisements featuring IU will no longer be on display following a law change that restricts liquor ads that feature people under 24 years old.

Korea’s Ministry of Health and Welfare has announced that liquor advertisements that display entertainers or athletes have officially been banned following the National Assembly’s passage of a revision to the Health Promotion Law.

According to the revised bill, any alcohol related advertisements featuring spokespeople under the age of 24 are banned from appearing in any form. While a ban on “spokespeople who are significant to and can have...
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Stills of IU in character for the upcoming KBS drama “Producer” were released.

IU plays the role of Cindy, a top-star singer who debuted at age 13 and is now 10 years into her career. Cindy had to mature too quickly for her age after her debut and will be seen trying to survive in the hectic entertainment industry, which explains her charismatic personality.

IU’s cold gaze and poker face seems to be in-line with Cindy’s bold and unapproachable character– her red lips also adding some fierceness to her look.

It is said that IU is bright and bubbly towards all the staff members before...
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Will this be the new best song ever? Singer and actress IU will release a new song through the highly anticipated upcoming drama Producer.

IU's agency said Thursday, "IU will release a new song on the new KBS 2 drama Producer. The song is for her singer character's performance scene." IU will write and sing the song for her role as K-pop star Cindy on Producer, specifically for the scene where Cindy performs on stage.

IU doesn't plan to release a new album yet and is focusing on filming Producer, her agency added.

On IU and Gong Hyo Jin's talk teaser, the actresses had an awkward first meeting...
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It was a very good day for the nation’s little sister, who reached an incredible milestone in her career on September 18— her 6th anniversary! And to celebrate the many achievements in her prosperous career, let us grab our own pairs of red shoes, and journey through 10 of IU’s songs you absolutely must listen to— 100% satisfaction guaranteed!

1. Mia
Because it is her anniversary, the very first song on our journey is her debut song ‘Mia’. This tends to be the song that shocks everyone upon discovery— how did a 16-year-old manage to handle such a ballad? Unfortunately, her first...
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Hanbok, the traditional clothing of Korea is elegant, sophisticated and beautiful just like the girls in K-Pop!

We’re used to seeing the girls in K-Pop looking sexy and beautiful in their stage clothing but they show of an entirely different side of their beauty with the traditional clothing of Korea, Hanbok! Check out this list titled, “16 Gorgeous Female K-Pop Idols In Hanbok”

Hanbok, the traditional clothing of Korea is elegant, sophisticated and beautiful just like the girls in K-Pop!

Yura - Girl's Day
Yoona - SNSD
Sunny - SNSD
Sulli - f(x)
Sojin - Girl's Day
Seung-Yeon - KARA
Son Na-eun - Apink
Minah - Girl's Day
Hyeri - Girl's Day
Goo Hara - KARA
Jung Eunji - Apink
Bora & Hyorin - SISTAR

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The nation’s sweetheart IU revealed her ideal type.

The singer who was a guest and participated in a recording for SBS E! TV ‘Cultwo Show‘ was dressed in a comfortable hoodie, displaying her approachable charm. She had the undivided attention of MCs Jung Chan Woo and Kim Tae Kyun, as well as the viewers.

When asked about her ideal type, IU remarked, “Good-looking guys don’t have a particular appeal… I like guys that are passionate about what they do and work really hard.”

She also added, “I’m extremely jealous, so I like guys who love me and only me.”

Later on the show, MC Jung Chan Woo was also revealed to be the same age as IU’s father, which evoked much laughter amongst the fans.

IU will appear on the ‘TV Cultwo Show’ at 11PM KST on December 26th.

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IU has amazed fans once again with her generosity.

In a post on Facebook page SooReuSooReu ManSuReu (수르수르만수르) on April 29th, a netizen shared their plea of wanting to own a guitar on the 28th.

In the post, the netizen wrote, “Hello, I’m a middle school student who wanted to play the guitar. I want to learn to play to the point where I break my fingers. I have always played the piano, but I wanted to play another instrument, the guitar. With a piano, I can’t go around and perform everywhere I want but with a guitar I can. Is that a guitar’s charm?”

“I saw a friend play...
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On April 28, a middle school student posted a wish on the official Facebook page of a Korean app that is meant to grant people wishes.

The boy wrote, “I want to learn guitar until my fingers break. My goal is being able to play lots of different instruments, and one of them is guitar. But my parents aren’t allowing me to play guitar. I wouldn’t ask for anything else but a guitar right now.”

Afterwards, a comment was left on the boy’s post saying, “Someone sent a present for you,” along with the picture of a guitar. Surprisingly, the one who sent the present was none other than the talented IU, seen by her signature on the guitar.

What an angelic surprise!

IU is currently filming the upcoming SBS drama “Producer.”

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