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The nation’s sweetheart IU revealed her ideal type.

The singer who was a guest and participated in a recording for SBS E! TV ‘Cultwo Show‘ was dressed in a comfortable hoodie, displaying her approachable charm. She had the undivided attention of MCs Jung Chan Woo and Kim Tae Kyun, as well as the viewers.

When asked about her ideal type, IU remarked, “Good-looking guys don’t have a particular appeal… I like guys that are passionate about what they do and work really hard.”

She also added, “I’m extremely jealous, so I like guys who love me and only me.”

Later on the show, MC Jung Chan Woo was also revealed to be the same age as IU’s father, which evoked much laughter amongst the fans.

IU will appear on the ‘TV Cultwo Show’ at 11PM KST on December 26th.

Credit : allkpop
IU has amazed fans once again with her generosity.

In a post on Facebook page SooReuSooReu ManSuReu (수르수르만수르) on April 29th, a netizen shared their plea of wanting to own a guitar on the 28th.

In the post, the netizen wrote, “Hello, I’m a middle school student who wanted to play the guitar. I want to learn to play to the point where I break my fingers. I have always played the piano, but I wanted to play another instrument, the guitar. With a piano, I can’t go around and perform everywhere I want but with a guitar I can. Is that a guitar’s charm?”

“I saw a friend play...
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On April 28, a middle school student posted a wish on the official Facebook page of a Korean app that is meant to grant people wishes.

The boy wrote, “I want to learn guitar until my fingers break. My goal is being able to play lots of different instruments, and one of them is guitar. But my parents aren’t allowing me to play guitar. I wouldn’t ask for anything else but a guitar right now.”

Afterwards, a comment was left on the boy’s post saying, “Someone sent a present for you,” along with the picture of a guitar. Surprisingly, the one who sent the present was none other than the talented IU, seen by her signature on the guitar.

What an angelic surprise!

IU is currently filming the upcoming SBS drama “Producer.”

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Each year, TV Report releases power rankings of Korean actresses based on a poll of top PDs and producers in the industry as they choose who they most want to see headlining dramas. If you disagreed with the 2015 list of actresses, why not see what actual drama fans have to say? We already saw the list of actors, but here are the top 10 Korean actresses based on the number of fans they have on DramaFever:

Note: These rankings are purely based on fan numbers. Don't like the results? Become a fan of your favorite actresses to change next year's list!

10. Im Yoon Ah

Number of fans: 10,027

Recent series:...
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Actor Kim Soo Hyun and singer IU were picked as the celebrity people want to see cherry blossoms with.
According to NBT Partners’ model platform, Cashslide, it held a survey with 1,271 people. Kim Soo Hyun placed first with 19.2% and IU with 15.5%.

Following Kim Soo Hyun, the female participants chose Kim Woo BIN (14.8%), Lee Jong Suk (9%), Yoo Seung Ho (7.1%), and Lim Si Wan (6.3%) as their cherry blossom date partner. The men chose IU, Suzy (13.6%), EXID’s Hani (11%), Jun Hyo Sung (10.6%), and Hyeri (7.2%). In particular, Kim Soo Hyun got votes from everyone from teens to thirties, proving...
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Are you hyped about the upcoming K-drama Producer? If not, we have all the reasons you should be. Producer is K-drama writer Park Ji Eun's newest work since the hit drama My Love from Another Star (2014), and her second collaboration with actor Kim Soo Hyun. In addition, star cast members like Gong Hyo Jin and IU will film with him. Scroll down to read more about the Producer cast!

1. Cha Tae Hyun, one of the four main leads, is the guy who filmed the legendary romantic comedy My Sassy Girl with Jeon Ji Hyun back in 2001


Now he's a father of three adorable kids.


2. Gong Hyo Jin’s nickname...
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SISTAR's Soyu took part in a photoshoot with '@Star1' magazine, dishing on her future plans as well as her vocal style.

Soyu was asked what she considered was the difference between her and singer IU. She replied, "IU has this pure and clear feel that can't be hidden in her voice. In comparison, I guess my voice has a bit of something," seemingly indicating that she thinks she has a distinct style.

She CONTINUED, "IU and I are not so much rivals because we have such different feelings in our voices. Actually, I really enjoy IU's songs."

When asked about her future goals and if she has any plans...
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Recently, (note: Although we don't know for sure when IU left Korea for Japan, she was spotted shopping in Shinjuku on 150313 and later that day, appeared at HIGH4's fansign event at Tower Records in Shibuya. She returned to Korea on 150314) it was reported that IU visited Japan without notifying her agency. It turns out, the reason for her travel was to support ‪‎HIGH4‬ in their Japanese debut.

HIGH4 expanded their area of performance to Japan since February, and is still performing concerts, events and much more. While IU visited, HIGH4 proceeded with their CD signing, photo time, and...
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The good news keeps coming as actor Kim Soo Hyun also confirms his appearance on the upcoming KBS drama “Producer,” following the confirmation news of Gong Hyo Jin and IU earlier today for its leading actresses.

Both his management agency, Keyeast, and the production team of “Producer” have stated that Kim Soo Hyun is set to appear in the drama penned by Park Ji Eun, the writer of Kim Soo Hyun’s most recent small screen hit, “My Love from the Stars.” Kim Soo Hyun will be playing the role of a rookie PD.

“Producer” is set in the world of the variety entertainment department of...
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The first episode of MBC Every1’s “Shin Dong Yup’s Bachelor Party,” (link) which aired on February 12, was full of many surprises for the cast members, especially Super Junior’s Eunhyuk.

One of the bachelor fantasies that the cast talked about was receiving a “surprise kiss” from a girl.

To make the fantasy more tangible, MC Shin Dong Yup got the cast members to imagine getting a surprise kiss from a female celebrity.

However, Eunhyuk was caught off guard when the female celebrity Shin Dong Yup used in the hypothetical was singer IU, whom Eunhyuk had a scandal with a few years ago....
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All 8 concerts! Recorded secretly by very brave fans in the audience.

These fans risked being thrown out of the concerts to bring these audio files to us. Believe me, I know how heartbreaking it is to be thrown out of concerts for recording.

It has taken me until today to compile all 8 shows from 140522-140601.

Another fact that makes these shows special is that IU donated all the proceeds of these concerts to the Sewol Ferry Disaster Relief!

The brave and generous fans that shared them with me have my undying gratitude!


DOWNLOAD INDIVIDUAL CONCERTS: link (All the original format files I received are here, along with the MP3 versions I made for streaming.)

photo source: link (cr: allkpop)
Singer IU and actor Lee Hyun Woo have been chosen as endorsement models for the same brand.

Born in 1993, they are both the same age, and will now be working together as model partners, as the new faces of casual fashion brand UNIONBAY.

According to the brand’s spokesperson, IU and Lee Hyun Woo, who are known as close friends in the industry, have both promoted as endorsement models for the brand in the past—IU in 2011 and Lee Hyun Woo in 2014. The brand representative revealed that because the two stars are friends, they both highly recommended one another, which lead to their accompanied endorsement deal.

IU and Lee Hyun Woo previously hosted SBS’ “Inkigayo” together, and the actor has also appeared in IU’s “You and I” music video.

UNIONBAY has progressively become one of the leading representative casual brands over the years, and it is said that the brand will be upgrading its designs and marketing throughout 2015.

source: soompi
posted by MissDIU
Article talks about how IU has surpassed the title of 'icon of duet' and is now the icon of savior with her ability to 'save' or shoot to fame anyone she works with, the most recent example being Seo Taiji and 'Sogyeokdong'. Everyone she's worked with this year including High 4 and Yoon Hyun Sang have been met with remarkable success thanks to her effect.

1. [+4,828, -278] IU's the perfect example of why an idol needs to be a good singer. Fans who only liked her for her face all left after her Eunhyuk scandal and IU was actually able to turn that scandal into an advantage by shedding her little...
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Although we would not be getting a comeback until next year, get ready because IU will be releasing a duet with Yoon Hyun Sang! I know I am pretty excited already!

Singer IU will be releasing a duet song with Yoon Hyun Sang, a former contestant on SBS 'K-Pop Star' who is now signed under the same label as IU.

IU recently revealed during her 6th year anniversary fan meeting and also on her fan cafe that she will be releasing a duet song with the rookie singer by the end of this year.

She posted, "I personally like the song very much." IU also added, "Honestly, it was supposed to be Hyun Sang's...
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Best friends are there for one another, even when separated by long distances or simply being a part of different K-Pop groups. Here are 8 famous friendships to celebrate.

SHINee’s Taemin & Exo-K’s Kai

BTOB’s Minhyuk & Vixx’s N

Infinite’s Woohyun & SHINee’s Key

EXO's Luhan & Lay

Miss A’s Suzy & IU

BEAST’s Doojoon & MBLAQ’s Lee Joon

SuJu’s Heechul & Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon

f(x)’s Amber & Miss A’s Min

Bonus Video!


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AKMU and IU were spotted together eating at a famous restaurant.

On April 28th, AKMU’s Lee Chang Hyuk shared on his personal Instagram, a photo of AKMU and IU posing together with the caption “I shouldn’t know this delicious restaurant alone, thank you for a big meal.”

In the photo, AKMU’s Lee Chan Hyuk and Lee Su Hyun and IU are posing with a background of a table full of delicious foods.

Lee Chan Hyuk is wearing a black snapback with round glasses adding on to his cute fashion sense. While, Lee Su Hyun and IU are giving the sweet “V” poses.

In the meantime, you can follow Lee Chan Hyuk @jailychanhk

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Actor Lee Kyu Han‘s level of cuteness has completely maxed out in his latest photo, parodying an old concept photo by IU.

In the photo, Lee Kyu Han is sitting on a stool with legs crossed, posing similarly and putting on the same adorable expression as IU in her concept photo from her remake mini-album A Flower Bookmark.

Netizens applauded and were greatly amused at Lee Kyu Han’s parody photo for being on-point, right down to taking the image at the same bookstore.

They said, “Lee Kyu Han is really cute doing this,” “Kyu Han oppa, the Nation’s Uncle,” and “Kyu Han and IU look like long-lost siblings.”

The actor is currently in the spotlight for his appearance in MBC‘s Real Men 2 and KBS‘s Our Neighborhood Arts and Physical Education.

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Talented vocalist IU revealed that she was hit in the face with a baseball!

On April 29, she posted to Instagram, "I'm still better than Hanteo oppa (manager," along with a clip that shows the dainty singer's batting skills.

She was able to successfully hit two balls in a row, but it seems things didn't go quite as planned.

IU later posted a photo of her bruised face and the message, "In the end, I got hit in the face."

Worried fans responded, "Don't be hurt," "Be careful!

What if it bruises," "Are you going to practice pitching too? So cute," and more.


source: link via https://www.facebook.com/iu.official.fansite
Producer premieres on May 8 exclusively on DramaFever. Even though nothing has been confirmed, true K-drama fans know there will probably be a love triangle between Kim Soo Hyun, Gong Hyo Jin and IU's characters. Gong Hyo Jin will likely win because IU has the mean girl role.

Despite what happens on-screen, I have compiled some pretty convincing reasons why the former Dream High co-stars should get together in this romantic comedy.

1. When they sing together, it sounds heavenly!

I know I can't be the only one who replayed their Dream High duet "Can't I Love You?" numerous times. It easily surpassed...
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Best friends are there for one another, even when separated by long distances or simply being a part of different K-Pop groups. Here are 8 famous friendships to celebrate.

Check out these best friends of K-Pop in this list of 8 Famous Friendships Between K-Pop Idols

SHINee’s Taemin & Exo-K’s Kai

BTOB’s Minhyuk & Vixx’s N

Infinite’s Woohyun & SHINee’s Key

EXO's Luhan & Lay

Miss A’s Suzy & IU

BEAST’s Doojoon & MBLAQ’s Lee Joon

f(x)’s Amber & Miss A’s Min

source: koreaboo