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Which stars do netizens most want to be with on New Year's to make a wish together?

Online mobile company NBT dropped the results of a survey they took targeting a total of 1,025 people from their teens to thirties, asking which celebrity they would want to make a New Year's wish with together.

In the end, Yoo Jae Suk came out in first place out of all the options with 14.1%. Following were Seolhyun with 13.1%, IU with 9.6%, So Ji Sub with 9.3%, Kim Soo Hyun with 8.5%, Park Bo Young with 7.1%, Kang Dong Won with 6.6%, Suzy with 4.9%, Park Seo Joon with 4.3%, and Yoo Ah In with 4%.

Apart from...
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Besides its survey of determining the best K-Pop rookie groups of 2015, Star News conducted yet another survey to select '2015's Hottest Issue In Music.' The survey was based on the opinions of the same 28 experts of who had selected the best rookie groups.

There were innumerable controversies and issues which had bubbled in K-Pop this year, but many experts agreed that the most hotly debated issue was IU's 'Zeze' controversy, which had earned a total of ten votes.

The experts said, "IU's 'Zeze' didn't only became an issue in music but also in the pop culture sphere overall, creating a societal...
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The 2014 MAMA took place on December 3 at the AWE in Hong Kong, naming some of the greatest singers of the year to receive prestigious prizes.

After powerful performances of its greatest hits this year, Infinite received the award for the K-Pop Fans′ Choice for a male artist. Hoya took the microphone to thank all seven members′ mothers. "Thank you to CEO Lee Joong Yeop for gathering the seven of us together."

Presented by Yong Jong Shin and Kang Sora, the Best Female Artist award was given to IU, who saw much success in 2014 with her remake album, collaborations with other artist, and more....
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Super Junior's Heechul and IU donated to victims of the recent Gangwon Province wildfire.

On April 5, reports revealed Heechul donated 30 million Won ($26,360.42 USD) to help those affected by the wildfire through the organization 'Fruits of Love', and IU donated 100 million Won ($87,870.50 USD) through the 'Green Umbrella Children's Foundation'.

As Gangwon is Heechul's hometown province, he expressed, "I was very hurt seeing the wildfires spread around the Kangwon Province. I hope this becomes a bit of help to the locals." The 'Green Umbrella Children's Foundation' also stated, "IU has consistently...
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Actress Jang Na Ra shared that she saw her old self through Cindy, the role played by IU on KBS drama Producer, making her tearful after watching the television series.

Jang Na Ra was invited as a guest on KBS variety show Happy Together 3 which aired on June 18th and was accompanied by co-star Seo In Guk for the upcoming KBS drama I Remember You.

Previously signed with SM Entertainment, Jang Na Ra made her debut in 2001 when she was 21 years old. In the past, she received so many love calls for CFs that she herself has lost count of.

The 35-year-old actress shared, “There was a conversation...
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K-Pop music videos are known around the world as being outrageous and highly produced. With those kind of standards, it is hard for a music video to stand out without having some sort of theme or quirky addition. In this list, various animals are included to make for some interesting music videos!

Check out our list of “7 K-Pop Idols Who Posed With Animals In Their Music Videos.”

1. Hyuna - Red

"A monkey’s butt is red, Red is Hyuna, Hyuna is ah."

2. Block B - Nillili Mambo

This rooster seems to be the one creature that Park Kyung cannot defeat.

3. 2NE1 - Can’t Nobody

As if Minzy wasn’t badass...
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IU can be seen with wet hair as drops of water fall onto her in her very first teaser video for her long-awaited comeback!

Looks like she's returning with the light, indie sound she's come to enjoy as "The Shower" showcases her sweet and emotional vocals. She also brings her A-game from her acting experience, absolutely tugging your heartstrings with her simple gazes.

Do you like the sound so far?


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The Gaon Chart is the national chart of South Korea and is intended to be the equivalent of Oricon in Japan and Billboard in the United States.

Check out the chart rankings for the month of November 2015 (November 1 - November 30) below!

Gaon Chart National Digital Singles Ranking
Rank    Artist & Title    Agency & Distributor

1    Zico ft. Babylon - Boys And Girls    Seven Seasons / CJ E&M

2    Oh Hyuk - Little Girl    Kong Ent / CJ E&M

3    IU...
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Super Junior's Heechul applauded IU on her actions against malicious comments.

On the February 26 airing of KBS' '6-Party Talks,' the members had a discussion on fake news.

During the talk about malicious comments, Jang Dong Min pointed out that the current system lacks strong punishment against malicious commenters. He shared, "There are really severe cases. For instance, a commenter said s/he will not stop until my parents and I commit suicide. But the police said they can't arrest the netizen because they had an overseas IP address."

To this, Heechul mentioned IU and how she always takes...
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IU's agency Kakao M will be taking legal action against the rumors she used insider information.

The singer-songwriter was accused of using insider information from the government to profit from her purchase of buildings, and her label responded that was not the case. Kakao M has now stated IU will be taking legal action against the malicious rumors. The agency stated, "There are no plans to sell the building in question, and the rumors are false. We'd like to stress the rumored value is only speculated, and the information is not confirmed."

Kakao M continued, "We're collecting evidence with e-mails that fans sent us today about online rumors and malicious comments. In order to protect our artist from defamation of character and speculated rumors, we'll take strong action."

On March 6, tvN confirmed to various media outlets that singer/actress IU and actor Yeo Jin Goo will be appearing as the two leads of upcoming fantasy romance drama, 'Hotel Deluna'!

The upcoming drama, scripted by the Hong sisters, is known to be the original research script of the 2013 hit series 'Master's Sun'. The story follows a top hotelier as one day, he takes on the job of managing a hotel for ghosts, the 'Hotel Deluna'.

IU takes on the role of an ancient spirit named Jang Man Wol, cursed to remain the director of 'Hotel Deluna' after committing unforgivable, abominable crimes in her...
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Back on April 5, singer/actress IU donated an amount of 100,000,000 (~ 87,000 USD) to the Green Umbrella Child Fund Korea to be used toward aiding families with children affected by the Gangwon wildfires, among various celebrities who chose to contribute to the relief.

However, some netizens seemed to have found IU's donation to the Green Umbrella Child Fund "problematic", and claimed, "The areas affected by the wildfires are mountainous areas, with basically no elementary schools, just farming fields and remote, residential areas with mostly elderly and retired people. Even on the news, you...
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According to the Gaon chart on May 9, three new singles have been newly certified in Gaon's certification system in the streaming criteria.

The three singles joining Gaon's Platinum certification in the category of streaming this month are: IU's "Bbi Bbi", Lim Chang Jung's "There Has Never Been A Day I Haven't Loved You", and Paul Kim's "Me After You".

With the new certification of "Me After You", Paul Kim is now the only artist with two singles in Gaon's streaming certification category. Back in March, his OST "Every Day, Every Moment" became his first single to receive the Platinum certification.

Meanwhile, IU and Lim Chang Jung will be receiving their first Platinum certifications in Gaon's streaming category, since the certification system went into effect back in January of 2018.

We all know and love K-pop songs, but there are undoubtedly some fabulous songs in English that even K-pop idols adore! From Bruno Mars to Beyonce, these artists have all been covered by many talented K-pop artists.

While some are sung by native English-speakers turned K-pop artist, others have been covered by people born and raised in Korea. Want to hear some of these gorgeous covers? Just click through the gallery to see “17 Amazing English Covers by K-pop Artists.”

SPICA.S – “Lost Stars” (Adam Levine)
Without a doubt, this song is one of the best of 2014. It’s hard to beat the...
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K-Pop Idols can look incredible in uniform, whether it’s female idols or male idols! From the traditionally sexy sailor outfits to the manly and rugged army uniforms, these idols have it all! We decided to feature a list of them, so that you could get a great start to your Thursday morning!

Check out our list titled, "12 Incredibly Handsome & Cute K-Pop Idols in Uniform"

1. Super Junior Siwon salutes you!

2. What would you do if this handsome policeman pulled you over?

3. Girl’s Day are the chicken police! It better be crispy or else..ㅋㅋㅋ

4. IU so sweet even in uniform <3

5. TVXQ Yunho

6. Rain the defender

7. Girl’s Day Minah

8. Choa & Way look too cute in those uniforms ㅋㅋㅋ

9. Girls’ Generation is here to serve your every wish!

10. Super Junior Shindong will tell you when to stop and go!

11. SHINee in uniform formation

12. Captain Key
New stills for the highly anticipated and star-studded drama Producer has been published, revealing a never-before-seen side of popular soloist IU.

Wearing a striking black outfit consisting of high-waisted shorts, matching top revealing her mid-drift, and a see through over shirt, IU is seen performing on the stage of Music Bank joined by her backup dancers.

On May 13th, officials from the variety-drama Producer revealed that IU is playing a top sexy singer named Cindy, whose sexy and charismatic stage presence was acquired over a 10-year experience having debuted at the age of 13.

This is the first time IU will be performing with a sexy concept, so viewers can expect to see a whole new side of IU as she plays her part of the cold but sexy top star Cindy on Producer.

The first broadcast for the drama is set to air on May 15th via KBS

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“Honorary Police Officer” IU has been promoted from policeman to senior police officer, and an honorary corporate promotion ceremony was held in her honor!

The singer has been an honorary member of the South Korean police force since February of 2013, and on November 6th, she finally earned a promotion for her hard work! IU was positioned as ambassador for anti-bullying, and participated in various activities and events to help stop bullying in schools as well as to publicize the 117 call center for victims of crime.

Life Safety Commissioner Seo Bum Soo jested, “If she gets promoted at...
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Korea has countless beautiful idols, but only a handful of them are acknowledged for their 100% natural beauty. Here’s a collection of idols who are publicly recognized for their natural looks.

Some swear to have never undergone cosmetic procedures, while others have provided x-ray proof. Fans themselves have compared childhood photos to current photos and come to their own conclusions. Whatever it may be, these idols are known as the most naturally beautiful! Check out this list of 15 ‘Naturally Beautiful’ Idols Of Korea!

EXID - Hani

Song Hyekyo

Akdong Musician

f(x) Sulli

Sandara Park


Wonder Girls - Sohee



Son Dambi




Kim Taehee

Han Jimin

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IU and Hyeon Woo have become closer than ever after the "Scandal". tvN "List of Names" revealed male and female stars who were close to each other.

IU and Lee Hyun-woo came in second place. The two of them were awkward with each other in IU's music video but they became close after co-hosting a music show together.

Even after a "Scandal", they have only become tighter.

In third place came Jeong Yong-hwa, Jang Geun-seok, Lee Min-ho and Park Shin-hye who is close to Lee Jong-suk. In fourth place came Amber and Henry and in fifth place, Baek Jin-hee and Park Seo-joon.

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May 5 marks Children's Day in many countries including Korea, and IU celebrated the day by making a very generous donation.

On May 4, it was reported that IU donated 100 million won (approx. $92,290 U.S.) to Child Fund Korea to support children from needy families.

IU said, "Normally on Children's Day, kids go on happy family trips with their parents or receive presents they've always wanted and have a good time. I've heard that there are children who aren't in a state to be able to do that. I wanted to do something for those children."

The chairman of Child Fund Korea Lee Jae Hoon stated, "Thank...
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