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On August 26, the Korean Business Research Institute published their monthly results for brand reputation rankings among singers, both male and female.

The institute analyzed 116,221,875 sources of data from July 25 to August 26 in the categories of participation, media coverage, communication, and community awareness.

Wanna One topped this month’s brand reputation rankings with a total score of 17,658,317. BTS followed up in second place with a total score of 6,915,325, while Red Velvet came in third place with a score of 6,238,027.

Check out the top 25 rankings below:

Wanna One
Red Velvet...
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​[Naver] Jessica: "Kpop songs you enjoy the most? ...IU's music."

Jessica: "I still love all IU's songs even after constantly listening to them. I listened to her recent releases, Palette and Through the Night."

1. [+2471,-319] It's true that IU is loved by so many colleagues and juniors... Thank you all.

2. [+2112,-304] That's because IU's music is everyone's cup of tea

3. [+1583,-263] IU is love.

4. [+1296,-238] I love IU's music as well ♡♡

5. [+1140,-226] IU definitely is love ♥

6. [+333,-75] As expected, believe and listen to IU's

7. [+250,-61] Isn't it amazing when a singer receives...
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On the July 23 episode of 'Hyori's Bed and Breakfast', IU revealed that she was scared of Lee Hyori.

The segment began with Lee Hyori and Lee Sang Soon complimenting IU for working so hard, "If IU wasn't here, I think it would've been so hard and difficult. If she wasn't here I would be in the kitchen doing all the dishes alone again" said Lee Hyori while giving off a smile of relief. Lee Sang Soon followed, "She must be really tired too...she must be a little tense and nervous as well especially with the large age difference between her and us."

He continued while laughing, "She told me the...
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Having picked up some useful cooking tips from 'Chief Lee Hyori', while working part-time as a maid on JTBC's 'Hyori's Bed & Breakfast', singer IU decided to show off her impressive skills in the kitchen.

On July 20, Sulli posted a series of photos capturing the moments of her friend busy inside the kitchen. The idol star can be seen wearing a purple shirt and preparing necessary ingredients such as chopped and steamed vegetables, noodles, and savory soy sauce for a bowl of homemade noodle soup. Along with the photos, Sulli wrote, "Cooking genius Lee Ji Eun (IU's real name)."

Seeing the table all neatly set up, netizens commented, "Isn't that what she learned from Lee Hyori?", "It appears IU has gotten better at cooking since appearing on the reality program."

IU will be releasing a new OST for 'Kakao's mobile game 'Exorcist', for which she's currently an endorsement model!

In the MV teaser for her OST titled "神曲 (Divine Comedy)", IU follows a tingling sensation into a mysterious building, where she finds a strange record player and sees flower petals falling down from an unknown source.

The song will be released via 'Exorcist's official website on July 21!


IU's official light stick has been revealed!

Along with the announcement about her official fan club, Fave Entertainment released photos of the singer's official light stick. Light green and white are the theme colors. The light stick will be available in white and silver and it will illuminate a neon yellow light.

Fans are glad that IU is finally having an official light stick after 10 years since her debut.
How do you like the design of IU's light stick?

Singer IU will be serving residents of 'Hyori's Bed & Breakfast' as a barista!

On her first day of work, IU is gaining first-hand experience on how to grind and brew coffee for guests at 'Hyori's Bed & Breakfast' by owner Lee Sang Soon. Last week, IU arrived at Lee Hyori's home to work while relieving stress from her recent comeback album.

Catch barista IU on 'Hyori's Bed and Breakfast' airing July 9!

Although Yoo Hee Yeol of Antenna Music has worked with IU numerous times, he won’t sign her to his label.

On KBS’s “Happy Together 3”, he revealed that he won’t ever sign her because his label just can’t afford her!

Antenna Music’s artist Jung Jae Hyung revealed that there’s just no way for them to gather enough funds.

“Even if we sell our whole office building, we won’t have enough.”

— Jung Jae Hyung

But that doesn’t mean Yoo Hee Yeol is totally against the idea!

“If IU has any thought of moving to our label, I will change our company name to IU!”

— Yoo Hee Yeol

It seems unlikely that IU will be listed under Antenna Music anytime soon.

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IU has a hard time making friends or keeping friends because of her famous celebrity status.

She revealed on JTBC’s Hyori’s Bed and Breakfast that she only has two friends from her middle school days.

“I have two friends from middle school, but I’m not comfortable enough to go traveling with them.”

— IU

Lee Hyori agreed that she wished she could have a regular close friendship like everyone else.

“I want a very drunk friend to call me at 2 in the morning, saying ‘Come pick me up’. But I can’t do that.”

— Lee Hyori

It’s difficult for them, because friends can’t see them...
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Black Pink's Rose sent her love to IU on the July 5th installment of 'Weekly Idol'.

Jung Hyung Don and Defconn asked, "IU sent Rose a love call and said she wants to work with you. How do you feel?" Rose couldn't hold back her excitement, saying, "I found out because my dad sent a message in the family chat room. At first, I didn't believe it. I thought it was ridiculous."

She continued, "It's such an honor. I'll work hard and practice my singing in the future. I respect you."

Rose also sang a bit of IU's "You & I", which you can check out below!


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Singer/song writer Sam Kim discussed collaborating with IU for her song "Ending Scene" on the May 4 broadcast of KBS2's 'Happy Together 3'!

Sam Kim stated, "I worked together with IU sunbaenim on a project. She personally requested the song."

Hearing this, Yoo Hee Yeol commented, "Actually, IU contacted me first. But when she started talking about Sam, I thought, 'My days are well over'," causing the studio to laugh hysterically.

Do you like IU x Sam Kim's "Ending Scene"?

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The May 4 installment of KBS 2TV's 'Happy Together 3' featured Yoo Hee Yeol talking about his interest in singer IU.

When asked if Yoo Hee Yeol had any plans to recruit IU into his agency, 'Antenna Music', Jung Jae Hyung commented, "Even if Yoo Hee Yeol had to sell his entire estate, I doubt it would work."

Hearing this, Yoo Hee Yeol responded, "If IU truly had plans to switch over, I would change my record label to 'IU Music.'", making the viewers laugh.

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IU praised makeup artist Shin Ae, who has helped her look gorgeous for the past 8 years in her career.

Shin Ae guested on a recent episode of 'Get It Beauty', chatting it up with IU over the phone during the show. IU first revealed that she's a fan of 'Get It Beauty', then complimented her makeup artist luxuriously.

IU said, "I've worked with Shin Ae sun-saeng-nim for 8 years. She's a very discreet, feminine, and charismatic woman and a makeup artist. I really love her." She continued, "Shin Ae sun-saeng-nim catches what's best for the person just by looking at one's face. Also, she's very good at red lips, and they usually end up with positive feedback. She really has great sense."

Sounds like Shin Ae is the secret to IU's perfect makeup all these years!

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It's now been 8 years since IU debuted!

She debuted on September 18th, 2008. Her official Facebook posted the below image and wrote, "September 18th! Today is the 8th anniversary of #IU~ Stay together with IU from now on as well ♥×∞ Happy IU's 8th Debut Anniversary! #IU #UAENA".

IU has had hits after hits after hits and is one of K-pop's most talented singers. Congratulations to IU and her fans UAENA on her 8ths anniversary!

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IU has always been known to be on the slim side, but recently, netizens noted that the singer is looking too skinny, possibly even to the point of being unhealthy.

An article titled 'IU's body keeps diminishing' shows pictures of the singer at an August 18 VIP preview for soon-to-premiere 'The Queen of Crime.'

Many netizens left scathing comments on these pictures, bashing IU's thin frame, particularly how skinny her arms look

Top comments read, "Seriously too skinny without any volume lool," "No hips," "Omg~she's got no character as it is as a celeb but she just looks like a sick person because she's too skinny and without any curves..just look at her arms," "little kiddie body~~~~" "I guess she misses anchovies so much that she's slowly becoming one," "Even women don't like bodies like that," and more.

What do you think? Are they being too harsh?

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IU became the 'Nation's Little Sister' after she saw a ghost in the recording studio?

At least that's what the panelists on a recent episode of 'I Heard a Rumor Show' theorized. Lee Sang Min began, "Many stars have had close encounters with supernatural forces. There are even myths that artists who witness ghosts in the studio will produce hits."

Stephanie chimed in, "There is a rumor that IU earned the 'Nation's Little Sister' title after meeting a ghost in the studio. During the time she was recording for 'You and I,' she saw her manager go into the studio so she followed suit but there was...
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IU, currently the face of Kakao's 'Come Play! My Home', took out her guitar for a gentle, acoustic tune for the game's new CF MV!

Though it's just a minute long, IU turns into a warm, friendly host, making her guests feel at ease with her soothing voice. In the previous CF, the singer invites friends to her digital house in the game.

Watch IU's new CF MV above!

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Kakao has enlisted the help of the lovely IU as the spokesperson for their brand new game, 'Come Play! My Home' for Kakao!

In her new CF, IU invites you to her house, just as you might invite your friends to your artificial reality house within the game.

Sounds like fun, especially when IU invites you to play!


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'Kakao' announced on July 20 that they have appointed IU as the new model for its 'Kakao Game.'

IU has been active as the main character for 'Kakao Game's splash video clip since early June, promoting as the brand's official model.

Now, IU will be modeling for 'Kakao's latest game called 'Come over to my home for Kakao,' which is set for release some time in August.

'Kakao' relayed, "Because the special youthful aura and happiness showcased by IU was a good match for the 'Kakao Game,' we have decided to have her be [our game's] spokesmodel."

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The lovely IU has stepped up to aid Korea's youth with her very own 'IU Scholarship'!

A netizen who recently graduated from IU's alma mater, Dong Duk Women's High School, recently uploaded photos of the singer in the high school newspaper for her generosity!

The 'IU Scholarship' will be an annual scholarship funded by the singer each year beginning in 2016, and will consist of 5,000,000 KR₩ (approximately $4300) awarded to 4 students from underprivileged families. In addition to the newly established 'IU Scholarship', the singer also donated an amount of 10,000,000 KR₩ (approximately $8600) to go toward school improvement funds.

What an incredibly kind deed!

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