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IU’s bonus track “Twenty-Three” from her latest album “Chat-shire” has been accused of illegally sampling from Britney Spears’ song.

The song in question is Britney Spears’ song “Gimme More” which was released in 2007. Britney Spears’ fans noticed a voice and various sounds that sound like Britney Spears in IU’s bonus track version of “Twenty-Three.”

For example, Britney’s voice saying “keep on rocking” can be heard in IU’s song. This is an issue because the song does not credit Britney Spears and it is unclear whether there was any permission given concerning...
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Singer IU was ranked number seven on the list of stars who succeeded after having started from the very bottom on the November 2 episode of “The List 2015.”

So far, IU is estimated to have earned over 10 billion Korean won (approximately $8.8 million) through “Good Day,” other singles, and from TV ads. After becoming successful, she gifted her father with an expensive car that he always wanted, and she is also giving regular allowances for her family members.


She does this for a reason. After having been the guarantor for a failed business, her middle-class family lost everything,...
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IU has been crowned the winner of last week’s “Inkigayo” with her latest title track “Twenty-Three.”

The winner announcement was postponed due to the November 1 episode being a prerecorded one with no live voting, and the No.1 artist was finally announced through SBS’ homepage on November 2.

Despite not having any music show promotions for her fourth mini album “Chat-Shire,” IU managed to take home last week’s “Inkigayo” trophy with “Twenty-Three.” The song continues to top most online charts, and IU’s entire new album has been a huge commercial success.


The other...
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Fans of IU are in luck because they can see two more of the singer than usual in this latest video!

IU sings "The Shower" from her latest and controversial new album 'CHAT-SHIRE'. The song sings of past memories and happenings that she knew were bound to occur. Each of the three IUs wear a different style and take on a different part of the vocals.

Check it out above!

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IU′s agency has addressed the unauthorized sampling controversy surrounding the singer′s bonus track Twenty Three.

Loen Tree stated on November 3, "We confirmed that the composer purchased voice samples, one of which was used in the relevant part during the arrangement process. We will contact Britney Spears′ agency immediately in order to check the facts. We are currently in the process of checking with regards to the relevant voice sample.

IU has been embroiled in an unauthorized sampling controversy since someone pointed out a part in bonus track Twenty Three from her mini album Chat-Shire...
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Heo Ji Woong has spoken seemingly in defense of IU regarding her interpretation of 'My Sweet Orange Tree' in her song "Zeze" - well, at the very least, he's spoken against those speaking against IU. She has been accused of sexualizing the five-year-old abused character, Zeze, in her suggestive lyrics.

Heo Ji Woong wrote on his Twitter on November 5, "It is wrong of a publication company to propose an extremely strict guideline in the interpretation of literature. Interpretation of all literature can be rediscovered moment to moment through one's own will and capability. Zeze would not agree with the publication company."

What are your thoughts? The debate is heating up...


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The Gaon Chart is the national chart of South Korea and is intended to be the equivalent of Oricon in Japan and Billboard in the United States.

Check out the chart rankings for the week of October 25 to October 31 below!

< Gaon Chart National Digital Singles Ranking >

1. IU - "Twenty Three"

2. f(x) - "4 Walls"

3. IU - "Shower"

4. Taeyeon ft. Verbal Jint - "I"

5. IU - "Knees"

6. IU - "New Shoes"

7. Lim Chang Jung - "Love Again"

8. Soyu & Brother Su - "You Don't Know Me"

9. Zion.T - "No Make Up"

10. IU - "Zeze"

< Gaon Chart National Physical Albums Ranking >

1. f(x) - '4 Walls'

2. IU - 'CHAT-SHIRE'...
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“23“, a bonus track from ‘The Producers‘ included on the physical CD purchase of IU‘s latest album, “Chat-Shire“, has come under fire for allegedly illegally sampling Britney Spears‘ song, “Gimme More“.

Britney’s voice saying “keep on rocking” can be heard in IU’s song. This is an issue because the song does not credit Britney Spears and it is unclear whether there was any permission given concerning sampling the track.

Loen Entertainment stated that the composer who arranged the song used the sample from a group of purchased vocal samples and they are working on...
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Earlier today, I explained that it seems like a lot of the netizen complaints about IU‘s supposed plagiarism controversy were just plain confused about the difference between her title track, “Twenty-Three“, and the track accused of plagiarism, “23“, from ‘The Producers‘ OST.

Perhaps, I thought, eventually calmer heads would prevail as netizens realized they were confused and this would sort of go away eventually.


What a dumbfuck I am for giving people the benefit of the doubt, because once again my pessimistic instinct to assume the worst in the general population proved correct,...
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Netizens and fans have been criticizing a Facebook post for IU's upcoming fan meeting following the recent controversy surrounding her song "Zeze" from the album 'CHAT-SHIRE'.

On November 5, a post for IU's fan meeting in Beijing, '2015 IU in Bejing', was made to her Facebook, but it seems that many netizens as well as fans took offense. They left comments, such as, "Is this a situation where you can post things like this? Is there no explanation for this? I don't know why she re-signed with the agency. Please use the time to explain," "Apologize first," "Loen shake my head," "Please give feedback in the time used to post things like this," and more.

As previously mentioned, "Zeze" has been drawing negative feedback for its alleged references to 'lolita' themes.

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There were some great new albums that came out in K-pop recently, and it shows in Billboard's latest World charts! f(x)'s new album '4 Walls' has made its debut at the coveted number one spot on this week's 'World Albums' chart!

Also impressively coming in at number 4 is IU's new album 'Chat-Shire'! And on Billboard's 'World Digital Songs' chart, f(x)'s title track "4 Walls" has made it onto the number 2 spot.

A huge round of congrats to both f(x) and IU!


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IU has seen immense success with her new album 'CHAT-SHIRE' since its release a couple weeks back; however, one netizen decided to put a damper on that success.

One netizen declared that IU's song "23" sampled Britney Spear's voice in "Gimme More" without proper authorization.

The netizen, who goes by 'Hwanhee-eh,' previously shared the statement released by IU's agency, Loen Tree.

As a refresher, here's the full statement:

"Hello, this is IU's agency Loen Tree.

We deliver an official statement regarding the content that was uploaded online concerning the bonus track '23' on IU's mini-album...
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After the voice sampling controversy, netizens are now pointing out a possible troubling 'lolita' concept behind IU's new album 'CHAT-SHIRE'.

One netizen uploaded a post on an online community portal explaining what s/he considers to be problematic with IU's album concept, which apparently revolves around a 'lolita' theme.

IU herself had explained the concept behind "Zeze," the song on her new album which drew criticism from listeners, "'My Sweet Orange Tree's Zeze is a character with flaws. In a certain light, he is described as an 'angelic child' and a 'child with a shining heart,' but in...
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In light of accusations of plagiarism regarding the bonus track from IU‘s latest album CHAT-SHIRE, LOEN Entertainment quickly released an official response.

To reassure fans who were worried about the situation, LOEN Entertainment posted a message on IU’s official Facebook page acknowledging the situation and assuring fans that they are currently looking into it. A translation of the post can be found below:

Hello, this is IU’s agency LOEN. We would like to make an official response to the issue at hand with regards to the bonus track ‘Twenty-Three’ in IU’s mini-album [CHAT-SHIRE]....
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On November 3rd, a famous Korean media site, Daily Sports reported that IU sampled Britney Spears’s song without permission from the artist.

The song under question is ‘Twenty Three’ and it is currently accused of sampling ‘Gimme more’ using sounds such as ‘Ah Oh’ from the famous pop artists song from 2007.

The accusation was started by Britney Spears’s fans. A fan of Britney Spears uploaded on an online community saying, “I am positive that the voice singing ‘keep on rocking’ in IU’s song is Britney Spears. Britney’s fans are not complaining only about the ‘Ah Oh’...
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Have you been enjoying IU's new album? Fans have been really enjoying not only her title track "Twenty-three" but also the rest of the songs in her album. That's why 1theK released a special clip of IU performing "Knees" earlier, and now it's time for "Zeze"!

It's a beautiful performance video, almost like an official follow-up MV in our opinion! With her beautiful vocals and the acoustic band in the background, all filmed in the outdoors, it's a must-watch performance video.

Which song from IU's album is your favorite?

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The bonus song "23" from IU's latest album 'Chat-shire' is making headlines. Allegedly, the track is using sampling from Britney Spears' hit song "Gimme More" without permission.

Listeners have noticed that the part in IU's song that says "keep on rocking" sounds like Britney Spears. Loen Entertainment commented, "We were notified of this issue over the weekend. The producer who arranged the song used a sample from voice samples he previously purchased. We have contacted Britney Spears' agency to confirm whether it's her voice as the producer was unsure."

The agency concluded, "We will make an...
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1. HyunA - 4minute

Everyone holds onto a little bit of baby fat even as you grow older. We're not saying baby fat is unattractive — in fact we think its cute! But, slowly but surely most of us will eventually grow past our baby fat — signifying our step into adulthood. Take a look at our list of 13 idols who blossomed after losing their baby fat.

2. Chanyeol - EXO

3. Xiumin - EXO

4. IU

5. Mino - WINNER

6. Lee Hi

7. Doojoon - B2ST

8. Suzy - miss A

9. Hoshi - SEVENTEEN

10. Jungshin - CNBLUE

11. Soyou - SISTAR

12. Jimin - BTS

13. T.O.P - Big Bang

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1theK uploaded a 'Special Clip' of IU performing "Knees," with nothing but a mic in hand and piano melody to back up her sweet vocals.

The stage is scantily decorated; just several floor lights shining brightly behind her against a minimal grey backdrop. The singer herself is also dressed in dull colors, perfecting the simplistic, slightly dull atmosphere. It is the perfect set for this song in particular, as the lyrics explore the deepening sadness you feel in shedding youth to enter the realm of adulthood where sleep doesn't come easy and you grow more cynical.

Two more of these special clips will be uploaded on November 4 and November 6 at noon on 1theK's YouTube channel.

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The Instiz chart combines the overwhelming variety of charts that South Korea uses to rank music sales, and it's also what fans use to determine whether their favorite artist has achieved an "All-Kill".

Check out the chart rankings for the first week of November (October 26 to November 1) below!

Instiz Chart Singles Ranking

1. IU - "Twenty-three" - 42,765 Points

2. IU - "The Shower" - 21,584 Points

3. f(x) - "4 Walls" - 20,298 Points

4. Taeyeon ft. Verbal Jint - "I" - 16,232 Points

5. Lim...
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