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What did you all think about the new episode?  Xenavi 0 798 over a year ago
The Actors GAME!  twilightlover73 142 36196 over a year ago
COUNTDOWN TO 13000 FANS!!!!!!!  buffyl0v3r44 2 716 over a year ago
Stefan/Elena/Damon/ Matt??!  Eff_xx 2 1096 over a year ago
The Vampire Diaries Couples Song Contest (Round 7 Open)  EastendersRox 77 4474 over a year ago
Who the fans think is the hottest guys on TVD  critic4ever 0 695 over a year ago
^, >, v Game  maryam1311 108 5657 over a year ago
ღ♥TVD Caption contest♥ღ  Delena4eva 5 1043 over a year ago
Statistically the fans favorites.  critic4ever 0 624 over a year ago
Ask a stupid question, get a stupid answer Game  twilightlover73 81 3929 over a year ago
Countdown to 15000 fans ♥  emmalouisee 155 4072 over a year ago
Last Letter Game  turnaism 144 3954 over a year ago
The Kiss Game!  Damon_Rocks 180 10628 over a year ago
ღColorful Icon Contestღ [Round 7] Damon Pink&Orange {Closed}  buffyl0v3r44 67 4061 over a year ago
Kanye West Jay-Z Remix Video  GospelRapper 0 484 over a year ago
Guess the quote game  twilightlover73 85 3660 over a year ago
TVD Banner-Off [Round 1] Couples {Closed}  buffyl0v3r44 5 923 over a year ago
TVD Christmas Icon Contest [CLOSED)  KarinaCullen 6 1161 over a year ago
Let's play with TVD...♥  CullenSisters-X 451 60232 over a year ago
The Vampire Diaries FOTM! [Closed.] ♥  CullenSisters-X 79 4775 over a year ago
TVD Couples theme song contest(Closed)  turnaism 136 6831 over a year ago
Soundtrack season 1 episode 1  laurik2007 14 146354 over a year ago
Countdown to 20000 Fans♥  maryam1311 72 2793 over a year ago
❀TVD Fanart Contest❀ [CLOSED]  TheDevilsDuches 30 3325 over a year ago
We need lovers of the supernatural...  VOIDcollective 0 646 over a year ago
The Vampire Diaries A - Z  Catytio 22 779 over a year ago
Sleepwalker the us!  VOIDcollective 0 835 over a year ago
ღTVD Couples Picture Contestღ [Round 29]  TheDevilsDuches 289 13329 over a year ago
What comes to your mind?  vidvida 1 371 over a year ago
TVD Medal List! <3  FallenLove 23 1116 over a year ago
Favorite Character Game  hottie23 531 14715 over a year ago
ღTVD Couples Picture Contestღ Winner's Gallery  TheDevilsDuches 24 3929 over a year ago
The Vampire Diaries A-Z  Queen_I 16 3264 over a year ago
TVD character 10 in 10 icon contest [closed]  emmalouisee 725 20960 over a year ago
The Vampire Diaries Icon Contest [Round 23 is OPEN]  katherine1731 258 13920 over a year ago
Females Never Get Tired of Army Wives Episodes  sunny612922 0 713 over a year ago
the vampire diaries time game  gabija86 52 2027 over a year ago
The Vampire Diaries Time Game!  EastendersRox 9 1252 over a year ago
the Vampire Diaries Icon contest[Round 2] Elena [Closed]  buffyl0v3r44 19 889 over a year ago
Kiss, Slap, Hug  Vampirah 254 11017 over a year ago
TVD Picture Contest [Round 26]  Radvile 303 27141 over a year ago
jeremy: anna or vicki?  mhaimhaiP 0 755 over a year ago
TVD Japan official site!!!  kiki58 0 3539 over a year ago
“The Vampire Diaries” Season 3 Premiere Countdown [CLOSED]  iandamonfan 192 29972 over a year ago
TVD flawless vid thread  musicgrl331 1 402 over a year ago
Vampire Diaries Vending Machine Game.  claire585 98 3339 over a year ago
Post It!  EastendersRox 1 503 over a year ago
(OPEN)Summer TVD Characters Icon Contest. CLOSED  terabac1 576 21198 over a year ago
Count days until seaosn 3.  maryam1311 8 979 over a year ago
Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄ƷKatherine Pierce (Icon Competition) Round:19 Katherine with Dress.  maryam1311 196 11802 over a year ago
TVD Picture Contest [new forum]  TheDream 242 22619 over a year ago
Countdown to 4000 fans!  HEA16 63 2418 over a year ago
Spread the Love Thread!  TVD_Lover 8 2324 over a year ago
kayla ewell  mikethecat 0 703 over a year ago
TVD Picture Hunt (new Forum! win props)  EastendersRox 25 2140 over a year ago
Vampire Diaries Caption Contest Round 1  emmalouisee 0 1185 over a year ago
how to watch The Vampire Diaries TV Show online?  rechermaster 0 603 over a year ago
New TVD icon contest Round 8: Your favorite TVD character  twilightlover73 73 6040 over a year ago
Picture contest  haley_scott 44 4742 over a year ago
The Vampire Diaries Banner Contest - *Round 10 OPEN*  Anichu90v2 51 6414 over a year ago
Damon Icon Contest! <3 (Round 28 Now Open)  Damon_Rocks 220 21245 over a year ago
Best song to describe Contest [OPEN]  DesperateLost 50 3537 over a year ago
What is the most popular BAMON spot? (best answer gets 5 props)  sweetyetsimple 1 747 over a year ago
Longing for humanity sucks!  rilelen_star 2 688 over a year ago
Gallery of winners in TVD picture contest  TheDream 22 6185 over a year ago
For tvdlover Klaus and katherine picture  EastendersRox 0 757 over a year ago
♥ TVD Season 2 soundtrack ♥ (by episodes)  myau 0 6507 over a year ago
5 Reasons Why We Love Jeremy Gilbert...  CindyX 0 755 over a year ago
Season 2 Icon Contest :) {Closed}  Damon_Rocks 257 16689 over a year ago
A perfect song for Stelena?  ForbiddenTFruit 1 2153 over a year ago
Best Song You Heard On The Show and Favorite Caracter  happyfreak 2 4416 over a year ago
1x02 "The Night of the Comet" Soundtrack  laurik2007 1 7734 over a year ago
TVD Episode Icon Contest (OPEN)  DustyMoonlight 0 452 over a year ago
TVD Fans Forum Chat ♥  edwardsgirlxx 866 28129 over a year ago
Is there anyone here who is actually a Bamon fan?  -RandomChick- 15 1161 over a year ago
Love, Date or Hate  DirtyDiamond 16 879 over a year ago
Vampire Diaries Time Game  EternalFlower 164 6887 over a year ago
Cast Icon Contest! :) [Closed Until June 2011]  Damon_Rocks 163 8587 over a year ago
The twilight comparisons  StarrieNites 1 2413 over a year ago
Vampire Diaries Wallpaper Contest  Jamelove 1 1065 over a year ago
Picture Hunt!  EastendersRox 2 810 over a year ago
Stefan Salvatore Icon Contest ♥ (Round 14) CLOSED ; VOTE !  bvale211 87 5423 over a year ago
Jeremy Found Out About Bonnie Because of Elena's Diary?  ducky8abug 0 733 over a year ago
count days until New ep♥April 7♥  maryam1311 15 1119 over a year ago
Storyline game.:)  ArthurGwen 1 719 over a year ago
Post the best Pic of your favourite couple or character.  ArthurGwen 0 409 over a year ago
Kyile Petrova  EastendersRox 0 631 over a year ago
Who do you ship ?  DirtyDiamond 2 677 over a year ago
Countdown to 8000 fans  madytz 64 2769 over a year ago
List Of Songs You Think Fit TVD! :)  rokitchichi 7 1446 over a year ago
Best quote from an episode (OPEN)  Magy25 130 12470 over a year ago
(Because April 7 is too damn far away) Let's try to entertain ourselves...  iandamonfan 3 926 over a year ago
[Round 25 ; TVD Icon Contest] closed,vote!  CrazyFruittt 361 22581 over a year ago
should elena be with both???????  kkookie 2 665 over a year ago
Vampire Diaries Icon Contest  disneyfan500 8 939 over a year ago
7 week hiatus (according to yv guide)  mikethecat 0 1338 over a year ago
Season2 Character Icon Contest! :) CLOSED  Damon_Rocks 144 6189 over a year ago
Jeremy Gilbert  v2ikehiir 0 397 over a year ago
Vampire Diaries Hangman- Guess the quote!!  ajhalecullen 526 14496 over a year ago
TVD Guess The Quote  sladkoto_anna 1 649 over a year ago