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Justin Bieber's Numerology Chart  NumerologyChart 0 741 over a year ago
Hey you all kno who Jaden smith is right?  shawnaboe78 0 336 over a year ago
ignor  cuteipie 0 297 over a year ago
you rock  chichflic07 1 689 over a year ago
JUSTIN BIEBER: BEST GUY EVER  flying 5 2713 over a year ago
Bieber Fever Fan Club!  zoprah3 0 264 over a year ago
Bieber Fever Fan Club!  zoprah3 0 417 over a year ago
Want to see me pop a wheelie?  StephenHawkings 1 545 over a year ago
Tell Justin Bieber everything you love about him!!  mitchie19 16 2343 over a year ago
jb is the best of all the hotties  babypinksarah 0 364 over a year ago
Mama bieber says her real middle name lol  iloveyoujustinb 0 2012 over a year ago
cutiest heart lamia  elemo03 1 546 over a year ago
no good things  elemo03 3 596 over a year ago
nice  gymgirlal 0 420 over a year ago
how hot is jb  Sassy_girl 1 376 over a year ago
Baby Baby Baby .. oww that hurt :'(  ihateyoualllol 9 713 over a year ago
karaoke Justin Bieber  nath25 0 348 over a year ago
Biebersville Utopia! :D  ihateyoualllol 5 796 over a year ago
a justins haters  kanifia 0 374 over a year ago
Beiber Bieber DVD  DC06 2 5061 over a year ago
Don't you love it when...  BieberFag 2 598 over a year ago
JB QUIZ!  BieberFag 5 1087 over a year ago
ohmygosh JUSTIN BIEBER WAS ON TINYCHAT WITH ME!  justinsgf 1 2579 over a year ago
Is My Hero Justin Bieber dead :'(  ihateyoualllol 20 886 over a year ago
Justin Bieber is no joke!  fiddledd510 1 330 over a year ago
Zac Efron is hotter than Justin Bieber  zacattack4400 8 1072 over a year ago
Win Tickets to Bieber Concert!  karta48 0 546 over a year ago
Win a Signed copy of Justin Bieber's CD!!!  TheAKing 1 547 over a year ago
J Bieber's REAL E-MAIL.  luuvenow 5 904 over a year ago
I know Justin's REAL email!!!!!!!!!!  iCarly_1fan10 1 792 over a year ago
Please Help Me!  Anittek 3 711 over a year ago
justin bieber information  shazyrach 0 1554 over a year ago
i love justin  bieber02 3 860 over a year ago
justin bieber  justingirl001 0 648 over a year ago
Hey, It's Justin's Cousin, Ella Peterson!  18marras 0 1423 over a year ago
Justin Bieber adds tour dates with opening act Burnham  cp563 0 1386 over a year ago
Do you like Justin Bieber  ihateyoualllol 5 914 over a year ago
LOOKING FOR JUSTIN'S BIGGEST FAN!!!  tylergirl 7 1256 over a year ago
Justin peirced his ears?  LUV_4_BIEBER 2 833 over a year ago
justin bieber  bieberfeverhart 0 832 over a year ago
He's NOT gay  4everDanai 0 595 over a year ago
The Meaning Of: Justin Bieber <3  JBluvr2 1 687 over a year ago
Bieber Language  JBluvr2 2 16929 over a year ago
Justin the Hero!  BieberFag 1 433 over a year ago
How to get BIEBER's MONIES :D  ihateyoualllol 3 517 over a year ago
WE NEED YOU!!!  BieberFag 2 438 over a year ago
BIEBER FEVER!!!  BieberFag 1 641 over a year ago
HE IS NOT GAY  itme 4 583 over a year ago
Justin's Concert at the XL-Center in Hartford  JBluvr2 0 3906 over a year ago
Win visit from Zac efron!! Cuter than Justin :)  zacattack4400 0 508 over a year ago
Sing Justin Bieber's song in this online game!!  pkyc 0 3089 over a year ago
Wale vs Bieber, help me vote!!  showerheadz 7 738 over a year ago
NEW JB VIDEO!!  showerheadz 0 507 over a year ago
do you think justin bieber is sexy?  lolabieber 3 512 over a year ago
like bieber  coocooesther 0 430 over a year ago
what do you think of the song THAT SHOULD BE ME?  lolabieber 0 478 over a year ago
Participants Needed for Performance in NYC  lineperformance 0 1074 over a year ago
I LOVE U SO MUCH JUSTIN  itme 0 394 over a year ago
Hot Justin Bieber Video!  just4b 1 723 over a year ago
MEET JUSTIN  q102 1 456 over a year ago
I LOVE YOU JUSTIN!  camillakoerstz 0 251 over a year ago
Justin Bieber - Baby ft. Ludacris Remix - Extremely Hot!!! Download link!  justin_fieber 0 236 over a year ago
funy justin video  t_biebs 0 531 over a year ago
Is JB really gay?  Alemla 5 1192 over a year ago
Free V.I.P tickets to JB  thegamechanger 0 534 over a year ago
did justin really get beat up?  thebeeb 0 1412 over a year ago
anyone know justinn`s#  jaellespivey 0 529 over a year ago
justin drpos the eff bomb  jblovesme4ever 2 463 over a year ago
Justin Bieber Fans:D  katieandnancy 1 708 over a year ago
who is better?miley or justin?  mileyfan17836 11 1497 over a year ago
Justin's ideal girlfriend  gosselinfan626 1 1571 over a year ago
JUSTIN PERFORMS AT 2010 MMVA!  HUGEFAN2010 0 524 over a year ago
Win tickets for Bieber in Atlanta  frogmanandy 0 1572 over a year ago
WE NEED A NEW ICON, BANNER, AND MOTTO!  sarabeara 7 4360 over a year ago
Love that SMILE!  logo69 1 729 over a year ago
Justin Bieber Is Sooooooooooo HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Justinsgirl345 2 636 over a year ago
who has had a dream about justin  lollypopjb123 4 803 over a year ago
Is Justin ENGAGED?  rmillar 16 1864 over a year ago
Any videos from his secret concert?!?!?!  jb2012 0 529 over a year ago
Anthem For Team Bieber  bretandevan 0 534 over a year ago
justin bieber is so spectacular  daniellexoxo 0 664 over a year ago
I LOVE JUSTIN  corkie 0 343 over a year ago
1,000 reasons why YOU, luv Justin Bieber.  LUV_4_BIEBER 11 887 over a year ago
June 12: Atlantis  abbyLA 0 434 over a year ago
join plis!!!!  keninv 0 530 over a year ago
Get a lock of Justin's hair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  rmillar 1 996 over a year ago
the truth about justin MUST READ!!!!!!!  lisa12382 12 1504 over a year ago
Who is @Scooterbraun? And why does Justin Tweet him so much?  whocelebstweet 3 762 over a year ago
what in the dickens  cheezyfreazy12 1 556 over a year ago
how many posters do you have of JUSTIN BIEBER??????????????????????????  gracezselena 15 1117 over a year ago
kiss and tell  R33V3S 3 914 over a year ago
is 404-665-3410 your real number Justin  bdp101 11 3201 over a year ago
Do you think it is actually true that he died because I dont.  MrSpears97 9 1289 over a year ago
Would Justin Bieber Date You? Fun (:-P)  DakotaW 6 1130 over a year ago
Justin Bieber e-mail .  alice_bieber 11 2048 over a year ago
How long have u been a justin fan?  jb1996 12 1133 over a year ago
Justin´s head hits glass door  rtl_hessen 4 920 over a year ago
Justin bieber, Nazi ?  Centaure 2 1582 over a year ago
Jb calendar!  dancer111 1 452 over a year ago
What would you do in these questions?  mitchie19 2 1162 over a year ago