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For the fans/Guys who believe me (Justin bieber).  JustinBieberRl 46655 1223933 over a year ago
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Justin Bieber - My World 2.0 (Track List)  lina_midnight 4 74654 over a year ago
RIHANNA UNAPOLOGETIC FULL ALBUM LEAK - DOWNLOAD LINK (Deluxe Edition) 2012  hulkshare 0 44013 over a year ago
Justin New Album 'Breathe' Tracklist  naina2 3 41354 over a year ago
i've got a question: how tall is justin??  Hannahx3 73 29290 over a year ago
Bieber Language  JBluvr2 2 16929 over a year ago
Rumours!!  JustinBiebz 236 16857 over a year ago
Justin Bieber SNAPCHAT  troubled_mindz 5 14711 over a year ago
Cute Justin Bieber photo competition <333  jbieberluver94 29 14544 over a year ago
Justin Bieber's "My Worlds Acoustic" Album Track list  cici1264 0 14458 over a year ago
JB contest  House34 142 13420 over a year ago
Justin Bieber Picture Contest♥ Round Six OPEN  vidvida 36 13220 over a year ago
BET Awards 2011 Replay Online! Justin was FRESH!  teetee89 1 13089 over a year ago
Justin's GIRLFRIEND Elissa Sursara!!  iloveelissa88 49 12320 over a year ago
Download JB songs free!!  travisimoto 0 11617 over a year ago
Justin Bieber's CD Cover!!  cici1264 2 10239 over a year ago
are u justin's biggest fan?  bigbieberfan 44 9333 over a year ago
Justin Bieber Game!!!!!!!!  lindalinh 26 7685 over a year ago
Justin Bieber Contest.  madahberry 44 7646 over a year ago
education and medical care  iworthitt 0 6832 over a year ago
Justin Bieber Dead???  jbloverssss 62 6784 over a year ago
Recorded Justin Bieber NAKED  justin_naked 0 6512 over a year ago
justin bieber song poem!!!!  jbiebs4evajb17 0 6481 over a year ago
My poem for Justin Bieber  coolkatstar 3 5847 over a year ago
Ladies Love Me (Download) New song with Chris Brown!  justin4real 11 5703 over a year ago
Justin Bieber Facebook Covers  Bill0291 0 5516 over a year ago
HOTTEST BOY=HOTTEST GIRL  Miah13Rose 0 5477 over a year ago
No  MarieSabrina 58 5289 over a year ago
ARE YOU A JUSTIN BIEBER FAN?????  lisa12382 26 5215 over a year ago
Beiber Bieber DVD  DC06 2 5061 over a year ago wholesale gucci shoes,prada shoes  bagshoes2009 2 4789 over a year ago
OMG!!!! JB's FEET!!!  tawni68 1 4746 over a year ago
COMPETITION  Robssesed 5 4732 over a year ago
kristen and justin are dating!!  justinsgf 15 4513 over a year ago
ATTENTION: People cutting themselves for Beiber please stop  just1ce 4 4488 over a year ago
ME  Justin15Drew 8 4481 over a year ago
Justin have piercing's?  162312 4 4468 over a year ago
Justin Bieber Hair App! Turn yourself to Bieber!  BieberHair 1 4465 over a year ago
what do you guys think of this essay i wrote about how awesome jb is?  finn333 2 4457 over a year ago
Happy Birthday Messages For Justin  BiteMeCullen107 9 4451 over a year ago
Nobody rocks like Justin bieber! facebook timeline cover <3  95ashley59 13 4433 over a year ago
WE NEED A NEW ICON, BANNER, AND MOTTO!  sarabeara 7 4360 over a year ago
**ABC game** win 5-80 props  2468244 14 4342 over a year ago
Justin Bieber Plays Matchmaker with Kendal Jenner (Kim Kardashian’s sister)  lindalinh 0 4282 over a year ago
Hott Justin Bieber photo competition <333  jbieberluver94 12 4207 over a year ago
Justin Bieber your Facebook Profile <3  95ashley59 2 4105 over a year ago
less than 3hrs away from jb :-(  lizzie-rocks 1 4097 over a year ago
PRIVATE TWITTER JUSTIN BIEBER !  bieberjfan 3 4071 over a year ago
Never Say Never leaked! Download and watch for free!  jessica76 1 4028 over a year ago
Justin bieber in real life.  Percysclique 6 3989 over a year ago
Celebrity Bowler Contest  keninv 1 3974 over a year ago
cutest justin bieber contest ever...props for the winner...and more special stuffs  shiman 3 3952 over a year ago
My Life Story  ChristianB_Prvt 29 3911 over a year ago
Justin's Concert at the XL-Center in Hartford  JBluvr2 0 3906 over a year ago
The new presenters were signed  mariaaemz 0 3783 over a year ago
Do you think this guy is hotter than Justin Bieber?  awpendleton 2 3751 over a year ago
JB INFO!!!  snf18 5 3734 over a year ago
JUSTIN BIEBER 15in15 PICTURE CHALLENGE (ROUND 1 OPEN)  madahberry 4 3718 over a year ago
Justin Bieber on drugs?  acidage 3 3641 over a year ago
My fave Justin Bieber songs in order  jbieberluver94 0 3604 over a year ago
Dear Justin Bieber ♥  nikki5516 25 3546 over a year ago
Tickets to see Justin  ILuvJustinB 14 3471 over a year ago
who is the girl?  justinsgf 8 3437 over a year ago
Win Justin Bieber concert Tickets!  FanQuiz 10 3363 over a year ago
[OFFICIAL] New Spot Look Change! [Closed]  TVD_rocks 42 3321 over a year ago
A priest has been killed in an attack  marshw077 0 3299 over a year ago
Actress Kate Hudson is grateful  wiseangll 0 3295 over a year ago
RIP Belieber Ellie  dancingchick13 2 3292 over a year ago
Justin Bieber Photographed and Video Recorded Cheating On Selina Gomez!  LilPink191 0 3277 over a year ago
New Official APP!(Belieber Official)  True__Belieber 1 3234 over a year ago
CONCERT TICKET Giveaway! o m g  annaLOVEEE 2 3212 over a year ago
is 404-665-3410 your real number Justin  bdp101 11 3201 over a year ago
Justin Bieber Birthday Card!  biebsfan2011 0 3153 over a year ago
Meet Justin Bieber with Ultimate VIP Experience!  jbticketing 12 3124 over a year ago
JUSTIN BIEBER CRUISE SHIP?!  bieberbeaver47 4 3112 over a year ago
Justin Bieber vs Lady Gaga  moras_pz 10 3104 over a year ago
I Am The ULTIMATE Justin Bieber Fan 4 LIFE!!! <3  MegaJbFan4LIFE 13 3096 over a year ago
Sing Justin Bieber's song in this online game!!  pkyc 0 3089 over a year ago  Ladel87 2 3082 over a year ago
Justin bieber naked again...  dave8812 2 3056 over a year ago
Justin Bieber "Baby" Free Guitar Lesson  jtlessons 0 3000 over a year ago
CAITLIN BEADLES IS SO PRETTY! BAHAHA  MariaNatasha 13 2995 over a year ago
hey people!  justincashie96 66 2978 over a year ago
Justin Drew Bieber I <3 U!  LuvJustinBeeb15 0 2975 over a year ago
justin videos advent calendar  jubiebr 0 2944 over a year ago
To Whoever This May Concern  kmyer 36 2940 over a year ago
A huge blaze broke out at a shop  jsam58537 0 2929 over a year ago
Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez Conjoined in Nude Sculpture: Photo Gallery  lindalinh 0 2903 over a year ago
Best 'Friends' Cover Ever  coverkarma 0 2879 over a year ago
In addition to a Critics  bttrrypiee 0 2867 over a year ago
space for completing things  emmyswift4 0 2867 over a year ago
Justin in Home Alone Remake?!?!?!  Biebz4Real 1 2851 over a year ago
JUSTIN BIEBER PIC CONTEST FOR ALL  dqwert 41 2850 over a year ago
justin bieber hot as hell  920109 0 2745 over a year ago
Haters, PLEASE Stop Calling Justin Gay!  JBluvr2 6 2741 over a year ago
JUSTIN ON ELLEN TODAY AT 5 READ MORE(: (: (: (:  TaylorDannie 2 2739 over a year ago
Justin and Selena at Chuck E. Cheese  ImUnbroken 1 2730 over a year ago
JUSTIN BIEBER: BEST GUY EVER  flying 5 2713 over a year ago
*** Brand NEW Justin Bieber Tank Tops, Hoodies, Shirts...Only available for 24 Hour  MikeMardi 0 2685 over a year ago