Justin Bieber What is Rigth What is Wrong--THE TRUTH

Ljuba_Kab posted on Oct 22, 2016 at 04:19PM
Dear Reader,

Did you really believe that Justin Bieber had various girlfriends and jumps from one bed into another and changes his girlfriends as a woman changes her bra?
NO! This is a lie. How could you be so stupid and believe this lie.
Justin Bieber has all his life one girlfriend and has made all his tattoos for her. He dates her all his life and it is always the same one. He does his songs for her and he not only can do rap and pop he also can song opera. SO what is the name of his girlfriend? You have three guesses? Is it Nicola? Or is it maybe Johanna or Jean? Or is it Isabella or Marie-Elisabeth? Or damn, what is her name. This is Justin's sweet secret.
My dear reader, Justin never in his life drinks alcohol, he doesn't smoke, he doesn't take drugs at all. Why he vomits at concerts is because he is so exhausted from all the stress with the work and the managers push him and the boss pushes him but that doesn't mean that he takes drugs!
All the pics you see with drugs and party are fake! He only goes to family meetings and a little shopping with his girlfriend with the secret mysterious name. AND by the way, all the songs and opera songs and pop songs and rap songs and love songs are for his dear girlfriend-it is only the one.
He has a symptoms of a borderline decease because all the people write those things about him. And because his girlfriend is so stressed. She had a really hard education at an elite school and acts since she is three years old. They finally want her peace from pressure making career managers and bosses and appointments.
They want to do what they want -- to enjoy each others love in peace and calm and harmony. And the concerts -- this is a secret too -- they are only for his girlfriend.


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