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Justin to star in a romance movie?  AndreaKr 0 414 over a year ago
Rumours!!  JustinBiebz 236 16857 over a year ago
Hello  MW009 0 641 over a year ago
Look What I've Found :)  rasshan 7 919 over a year ago
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Can anyone dance like Justin Bieber?  SBluvsJB 0 736 over a year ago
Justin Bieber for CMT Awards  muzicjunkie 5 794 over a year ago
REAL PRIVATE TWITTER JUSTIN !  bieberjfan 0 1591 over a year ago
Justin Bieber Quiz  farrukh89 0 856 over a year ago
Y do ppl like him so much??  ranae07 1 668 over a year ago
To the PARENTS of JUSTIN BEIBER FANS!!  dubstep24x 0 741 over a year ago
New photos of Justin  chili0001 0 721 over a year ago
The chance to Meet Justin Bieber!! :O  xHannahkmacx 0 738 over a year ago
Justin Bieber vs Lady Gaga  moras_pz 10 3104 over a year ago
♥ Do you Lovee Justin Bieber ♥  xHannahkmacx 0 567 over a year ago
PRIVATE TWITTER JUSTIN LEAKED !  bieberjfan 4 1552 over a year ago
Never Say Never Goodies  martmason 1 867 over a year ago
Jb's new movie: Never Say Never  kittennumber7 2 461 over a year ago
Aleesia is great!  droatskee 0 477 over a year ago
Guess One Line Of One Of Justin Bieber's Songs! ♥  DaniKatZ 9 1102 over a year ago
T R U E B E L I E B E R < 3 youtoo?  xxCheeeey 0 860 over a year ago
Video from new album recording studio!  RealJustinBB 0 664 over a year ago
Win Justin memorabilia  wilmasetta 0 735 over a year ago
New Look- Icon & Banner Suggestions!  DaniKatZ 0 766 over a year ago
Justin Bieber Press Conference in Manila  technohive 0 913 over a year ago
Justin Bieber ScreenSavers  awesomess 0 1451 over a year ago
Recorded Justin Bieber NAKED  justin_naked 0 6634 over a year ago
To the Fake justinBB user - i'm the real1  RealJustinBB 2 954 over a year ago
miss teen usa  jacklynlaureen 0 469 over a year ago
New Music Bieber Video!  Rafaela19 0 551 over a year ago
Justin Bieber and Rascal Flatts CMT nomination  bellossom 0 479 over a year ago
Meet Justin Bieber . we need you !!!  yeah123123 0 484 over a year ago
Meet Justin Bieber . U will make my life  yeah123123 0 646 over a year ago
New Music Bieber Video!  Vanesa11 0 471 over a year ago
dear justin bieber  heoconmenny 0 691 over a year ago
PRIVATE TWITTER JUSTIN BIEBER !  bieberjfan 3 4132 over a year ago
"Baby" Video Guitar Lesson with Tab!!!  jtlessons 0 579 over a year ago
Justin up for award!!!  luvnmyrascaljay 0 678 over a year ago
Justin never say never check it !  Josh5272 0 546 over a year ago
Justin Bieber new video  Josh5272 0 834 over a year ago
Just Bieber Screensaver?  awesomess 1 596 over a year ago
Justin Bieber FanFic - Love at First Sight - Chapter 1  jbfanfic 1 1348 over a year ago
Free Wango Tango Tickets!  brianngo 0 445 over a year ago
JUSTIN BIEBER  fruit_piggy 0 589 over a year ago
<3 Justin Bieber <3  fan_n1_of_jb 1 528 over a year ago
Can We Get A Big Well Done for Justin?! xo  xoAnniexo 1 569 over a year ago
I'M THE REAL JUSTIN BIEBER (Seriously, stop saying you people are me))  onejustinbieber 1 863 over a year ago
Justin Bieber!!!  fan_n1_of_jb 0 471 over a year ago
Justin Bieber Lastest News Updates  JustinBieberMax 2 764 over a year ago
Justin bieber in real life.  Percysclique 6 4050 over a year ago
WIN JUSTIN BIEBER MYSTERY PRIZE  beckytee 3 1662 over a year ago
AMAZING JUSTIN BIEBER CONTEST TO WIN VIP TICKETS :D  shamzabelieber 10 2069 over a year ago
BEST FANFIC EVER?!  reb1009 0 978 over a year ago
Justin Bieber Forums » Bieber News ALL THE BELIEBERS NEED TO VOTE FOR JUSTIN IN THE VIRGIN MEDIA MUSIC AWARDS!  xxxEllaCxxxx 4 1069 over a year ago
BieberBooth New Justin Bieber iPhone App  Toliver182 0 1105 over a year ago
JUSTIN BIEBER IN YOUR SCHOOL, MAKE IT TRUE!  stevenbieber 0 639 over a year ago
New Justin Bieber Fansite  rougebaby 1 469 over a year ago
INCREDIBLE PIX from Justin's Tel Aviv performance HERE!  gwyntyme 0 672 over a year ago
Justin Bieber's new single 'Digital'  nakrul 1 1045 over a year ago
JUSTIN'S PRIVATE TWITTER  bieberjfan 0 1678 over a year ago
jacklyn  jacklynlaureen 1 800 over a year ago
jb  mindlessgrl 0 734 over a year ago
jacklyn  jacklynlaureen 0 830 over a year ago
J~U~S~T~I~N  Dorito23 0 563 over a year ago
video Justin Bieber-Never Say Never download  alexx_91 0 952 over a year ago
My poem for Justin Bieber  coolkatstar 3 5847 over a year ago
justin fans  jacklynlaureen 0 532 over a year ago
Justin Bieber made a TRANCE SONG!!!?!?!?!?  bieberleaks 0 982 over a year ago
Great Justin Bieber Contest!!! Free to Enter  Altshack 1 857 over a year ago
SECRET SECRET!!! Fans must read!!  TylerS 1 869 over a year ago
Justin Bieber in Australia.  comeatme 0 603 over a year ago
Justin Bieber quiz on my sitee  tamzidmicro 1 898 over a year ago
Win a trip for 2 to see Justin Bieber, OVER SEAS!  Z100Elvis 1 990 over a year ago
U SMILE i SMILE  ILUVJBBAY 2 624 over a year ago
JB'S hair!  logan789 0 400 over a year ago
AWESOME! Justin Bieber SCREENSAVER :P  Kendralewis 0 1108 over a year ago
Make an amazing pic of Justin from YOUR pics!  justinsuperfan2 1 890 over a year ago
Would you pay $5000 for Bieber's shoes?  kingofspain 2 682 over a year ago
Let's start the countdown of Justin Bieber 50000 fans.  ShinoyAP 23 1491 over a year ago
Talentless git he is!  Xandra_De_Paepe 0 922 over a year ago
could Justin be sending Selena this secret french tweet  logan789 1 1034 over a year ago
a guy at my school knows justin!! i stole his ### :p  missgeorgia 7 1482 over a year ago
New Bieber Website with Silly Bandz  ozcam 0 555 over a year ago
Justin Bieber is Dating Selena Gomez :D  Anjellfan4ever 1 704 over a year ago
Ryan Butler's new song delusions  rybutler444 0 776 over a year ago
JB'S hair!  logan789 0 1419 over a year ago
JB'S hair!  logan789 0 2091 over a year ago
The mystery girl from Justin Bieber's Baby video  cici1264 4 97771 over a year ago
Justin pointing at YOUR PHOTO !  amberwilliams 0 2164 over a year ago
YOU on Justin Bieber T-SHIRT !!!  amberwilliams 0 1672 over a year ago
Is this Justins Ex GF?  JBiebsLuverJ 0 575 over a year ago
Hott Justin Bieber photo competition <333  jbieberluver94 12 4207 over a year ago
Help support JUSTIN BIEBER!  jbiebervidivu 1 519 over a year ago
Celebs With Real accounts...  kmyer 4 984 over a year ago
oh nooo :o  tiarabieber 0 601 over a year ago