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New Band for you Bieber fans!  tomshirm 0 563 over a year ago
Justin Bieber - Beauty And a Beat (Cover By: Chai Manor)  ChaiManor 1 1087 over a year ago
I love you Justin Drew Bieber!!!!!  lexilovesmattyb 0 841 over a year ago
jb  haylevsn 0 926 over a year ago
dear justin  zona121 0 1276 over a year ago
BELIEVE TOUR 2012-2013  emjewel 0 1439 over a year ago
Justin Bieber Fan Pic Contest! Win Concert Tickets and Meet Justin!!!!  FanPicContest 1 2068 over a year ago
RIHANNA UNAPOLOGETIC FULL ALBUM LEAK - DOWNLOAD LINK (Deluxe Edition) 2012  hulkshare 0 44196 over a year ago
Hater -_-  IRepJB 3 1613 over a year ago
hy  desi59 0 833 over a year ago
10 Justin Books to give away  daniellehandel 2 811 over a year ago
Selling Biebs MEET AND GREET and tix, St. Louis  benjikane 3 1247 over a year ago
Pic Contest! ♥☼♥Closed♥☼♥  rusher29 1 1234 over a year ago
Sharing my justin pics!!  mizz_brit1991 1 940 over a year ago
New Justin Bieber Fan Page for Android  scandal892 0 770 over a year ago
Justin bieber I LOV YOR MUSIC!  zona121 2 1031 over a year ago
Justin Bieber Fever Radio Show Video  Joshalo 0 832 over a year ago
justin bieber and selena gomes are go together  ikamyers 0 693 over a year ago
Justin Bieber cover!  martyajackson 0 955 over a year ago
As Long As You Love Me - Cover by young, male, British singer!  martyajackson 0 786 over a year ago
An As Long As You Love Me Paraody by Obama  AwaysSmiling 2 1701 over a year ago
Vote for Justin on YouTube!!!  yaray0 2 950 over a year ago
i love him  nilaja0120 0 1020 over a year ago
He kissed me  hottstuff410 1 1093 over a year ago
Justin Beiber almost dies horray  justintimber12 2 880 over a year ago
Don't Give Up (Video)  GospelRapper 1 1095 over a year ago
NOOOOOOO!!!! AS LONG AS YOU LOVE ME MUSIC VID MADE ME CRY NOT IN A GOOD WAY!!  dancingchick13 3 1246 over a year ago
He kissed me  hottstuff410 0 1085 over a year ago
He kissed me  hottstuff410 0 661 over a year ago
THIS CAN NOT BE HAPPENING!!!  TotallyHannah 1 1145 over a year ago
Amazing Justin Bieber  Nyie 0 865 over a year ago
Friend  Ritita 0 854 over a year ago
He kissed me  hottstuff410 1 1109 over a year ago
As Long as you love me 15 year old guy cover AMAZING  thatssotoasty 5 1183 over a year ago
True OR False Game.  rizwansait1 5 956 over a year ago
Your Top Ten JB's songs List!  rizwansait1 3 1309 over a year ago
Justin Bieber *FOTM* July {Nominations are open}  rizwansait1 5 1125 over a year ago
jelena </3  jdbfanforever 2 1081 over a year ago
*FOTM*round 2 please nominate  jdbfanforever 2 1186 over a year ago
RIP Belieber Ellie  dancingchick13 2 3292 over a year ago
J Bieb's song you'd want him to sing to you more:  KyrKyrSTAR 1 513 over a year ago
JB Community, I need your help!  norien59 0 977 over a year ago
justin and selena (jelena)  jdbfanforever 0 909 over a year ago
Biebs photos tweets & more...  JanJeffries 0 965 over a year ago
Every song on "Believe" in 4 minutes! (a mashup)  laurelelizap 0 2197 over a year ago
Amazing Alex - Do you Like !  friv4 0 858 over a year ago
Justin Bieber Tickets  philippina 0 968 over a year ago
Sean Kingston/Bieber mixtape finally coming???  tipper 0 858 over a year ago
JB's ONLY BAD THING1111  epix_JB_4_ever 7 810 over a year ago
What does Scooter think about Justin and Selena's relationship?  dancingchick13 0 983 over a year ago
Tell me what you think about JB and SG being together.  dancingchick13 1 574 over a year ago
justin bieber is my boyfriend  irene3095 3 873 over a year ago
FOR BIEBER FANS ONLY!!!  dancingchick13 14 1242 over a year ago
Bieber finds another internet star  tipper 0 723 over a year ago
I Love Justin Bieber!  Zoey002 0 576 over a year ago
Please Help Me!  JustinBieberEva 1 896 over a year ago
hey  ahlynn1998 2 885 over a year ago
Who Do You Like More  NiabellaBieber 0 692 over a year ago
song for selena???  fanrainbowgirl 0 657 over a year ago
people think selena changed justin  jdbfanforever 0 584 over a year ago
justin bieber  k1e2l3s4i5e6 2 795 over a year ago
justin beiber  vickycurran 1 818 over a year ago
OMG Justin bieber's father insulted him and a secret camera in Justin & Selena's bedroom'  mrhamdi 6 1821 over a year ago
Justin Bieber  ZWAGG 5 851 over a year ago
Justin coming to Birmingham  priyaa2001 0 603 over a year ago
Vote justin bieber for teen choice awards  belieber3190 1 366 over a year ago
Die in Your Arms AMAZING COVER!!  Lilly27 0 530 over a year ago
justin bieber  justinbieber94x 0 378 over a year ago
"As Long As You Love Me" electric guitar/vocal cover :)  musicassi 0 998 over a year ago
JUSTIN FRIEKING BIEBER  ALA200 1 416 over a year ago
I feel bad for Justin  dancingchick13 1 798 over a year ago
OMG! Im getting an ipad cuza justin bieber!  jb727 0 621 over a year ago
i am a beliber  cheyanna 1 793 over a year ago
Need contributors for a new Justin Bieber fansite!  tokyotenshi 0 768 over a year ago
IM A BIEBER FAN  SWEETDIVAH 1 790 over a year ago
Wide Awake - Katy Perry  snowiner 0 424 over a year ago
Best video for As Long As You Love Me  landlala 0 476 over a year ago
Obama Asks Bieber a Question #AskJustin  baracksdubs 0 593 over a year ago
Hot JB wallpaper pictures  jennymissu95 1 802 over a year ago
Justin Bieber vs One Direction  Simmeon 0 647 over a year ago
whose going to jbs believe tour??  jbiebs4evajb17 1 725 over a year ago
Hello Beliebers ))) i'm Russian Belieber <3  Helen_Belieber 0 1206 over a year ago
Justin Bieber T-Shirts  justonce94 0 866 over a year ago
Justin Drew Bieber I <3 U!  LuvJustinBeeb15 0 2975 over a year ago
Justin bieber  lilericka1 1 777 over a year ago wholesale gucci shoes,prada shoes  bagshoes2009 2 4789 over a year ago
Justin's Stepmoms New Twitter  ilovejb3121 0 486 over a year ago
Gay or not  ashbula 4 768 over a year ago
my cusin loves u  cheer2003 0 504 over a year ago
i hope its not true:(  rebeccaj 5 1371 over a year ago
Pre-Sale Tickets  sweenyrocks 0 822 over a year ago
Justin Bieber show in MONTREAL  Massey_P 0 828 over a year ago
why?  JBgirl123456 0 666 over a year ago
Justin means everything  1D_JB_brynja 0 899 over a year ago
Nobody rocks like Justin bieber! facebook timeline cover <3  95ashley59 13 4433 over a year ago
Justin Bieber's changing face..  hollyannxo1 0 1081 over a year ago
jb luv <3  nae1234 1 1221 over a year ago
Jeremy Bieber Joins the Big Brother in UK  great002 0 1307 over a year ago
New Person  Jbsawsome 0 831 over a year ago
Amazing Opportunity  jessehoog 3 1118 over a year ago