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Press "SHUFFLE SONGS" or shake your iPod if it's that kind. What is the first song that comes up?

13 answers | my answer: breathe by taylor swift featuring Colbie Calliet. x...

Can someone please give me a solid answer, to why everyone makes a big deal over Louis Lane in Smallville?

13 answers | my answer: Well maybe ur the only person who thinks that. Cuz ...

whats you favorite episode of season 9 and why?

4 answers | my answer: my fave is...idk!!! i love them all!!! but if i hav...

Was there an author that inspired you to write, and if yes, who?

9 answers | my answer: yes, um Stephanie Meyer, but also Melissa de la Cru...

what is your favorite book???

12 answers | my answer: my fave book series is Mortal Instrumets by Cassand...
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I need some really good books to read. I like fantasy and adventure books. Any suggestions?

42 answers | my answer: U should read the Blue Bloods series is very cool. ...
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Who knows anygood books

6 answers | my answer: 1.Blue Bloods {about Vampire in NYC} by Melissa de ...
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What is your favourite mythical creature to read about?

20 answers | my answer: I luv 2 read about vampires, any kind of vampires (...
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who is yours fav autor?

23 answers | my answer: My fave author has 2 b Cassandra Clare (Mortal Inst...
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How old were you when you read your first book and what book was it?

29 answers | my answer: i was in the 5th grade, i was 11 years old. and my ...