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Statement of Intent: If you read to the end, you'll notice that I do not advocate against reading Twilight, just putting it into context for young readers. This was originally written for a Facebook audience of friends until I decided to post it here as well. It was not intended to offend Twilight fans or readers, but to simply give a little perspective on why I believe Edward Cullen is a poor character to respect/admire. Should there be enough popular demand, I'm willing to write a similar article about Bella Swan.

Personality Traits in Abusive Relationships [link, link]

Note: The ones in bold...
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Last year I put together a list of books that I read coupled with my opinions on them, using my reviews from good reads. I decided to keep it going.

Avatar: The Last Airbender (Smoke and Shadow #3)

I got to read this one like way back in March thanks to tumblr lol. But I decided to wait until I actually got a physical copy to review it on here.

Any how 10/10 *was satisfied with the amount of Azula*
As always, I really enjoyed the comic as a whole, I really liked this story line. The whole fear based theme and the Kemurikage were wonderful. I'd really love to know more about those ladies.

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