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Thanks for all the replies, theyre really appricieted. I have the next installment (which is in JACOBs POV =]) already written out and will post it as quick as possible. Thanks again =]
My whole body ached to be with her. My anxiety must have been showing because even without Jasper present Alice leapt lightly to my side and thought softly towards me.
"Dont worry the DOGS" she thought fiercly "will be gone soon and you can see Bella." she added hoping to placate me.
I sent Bella a quick text, i knew how bad anxiety was for her.
"Problems with dogs. Will be late. Love you, E" i smiled knowing that...
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posted by Cullen_Freak
Bellas POV

The light traveled across the bed, and finally reached my eyes. Edward was lying next to me, humming to himself, as always. We both were silent, enjoying the quiet, listening to our souroundings.
"Time to get up?" I asked Edward. What do i mean by get up? We hadnt even sleept well obviously for the fact that we couldnt. But we had had other things in mind.
"If you want to?" He said smiling down at me. His eyes were a buttery yellow, that always seemed to melt when he caught sight of me. He reached down and pulled me up on him. His eyes traveled around my face, touching where his eyes...
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posted by EdwardCullen604
"Cora why are your eyes...oh!" seths face went blank what did he think? did he still care about me i hoped so. What could i say to him, Surpise, it definitely was that but the word just didn't fit.

"hello i'm Elena this is my coven, Antonio and Charro...and now also Cora" her eyes lookedlike they were trying to burn a hole through ofcourse that was not the case she was just using her gift, willing him to accept this.

"Seth are you okay i'm so sorry about all of this i..." i didn't continue there was no point he was shaking so much that i doubted he was even listening to my words. As seth phased...
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Chapter 8- Big News

January 1920

I had been feeling very under the weather lately. I was surprised... Charles hadn't hurt me at all since his arrival home. To tell the truth everything about him had changed. He seemed to truly care about my well being. Something I'd never thought I would see. This morning I told him I wasn't feeling well. He made an appointment with the doctor. Again... this doctor was nothing like the one human being I truly longed to see. Dr. Cullen. My personal angel.

I sighed at the moment I was at the doctors office waiting for the results of my many tests. There were a...
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Chapter 7- Return of my Nightmares

May 1919

I approached the train station slowly. Abigail and Tom were accompanying me. The past two years had actually been quite peaceful without the constant stream of beatings and disapproval of each movement I made.

We waited as the train came to a complete stop in front of us and women and children all around us flooded around the doors to greet their loved ones. I was one of the few who stood still staring at the train. All the others were elderly, too old to rush forward or I was sure they would be doing so. The crowd slowly cleared and I spotted Charles...
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Chapter 6- Relief

After I was done at the hospital Abigail and Tom took me home. Charles' car was waiting in the driveway. “Oh no,” I breathed. “Just drop me off here. If he sees you with me he'll know I told you and it will only be worse than it will for me not being here. Thank you both for your help,”I smiled gratefully and sprinted back to my house. I smiled back at Tom who look angry, sad and slightly amused that I could still run as fast as always. The whole time I was running I was praying that somehow Charles wouldn't be angry with me.

I opened the door slowly and slipped inside....
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Chapter 5- Refuge

The next morning I woke up, unaware of where I was and not knowing what I was doing there. All I knew was I was sore everywhere and I had a splitting headache. I sat there for what seemed like hours in pure agony, when everything came rushing back. It had been Charles... again.

As soon as I could gather the strength to stand I changed clothes, wrapped a scarf around my head and headed to the home of the only person I felt I could trust, that was in the area anyway.

“Esie? Is that you?” Tom asked as he opened the door and took in my probably horrific appearance.

I nodded....
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Chapter 4-The Demise

I heard the front door creak open and then slam closed. “My dinner had better be ready,” I heard the rough voice of my husband as he walked inside.

“Yes sir. It is,” I said pulling out his chair for him. Then sprinting to sit at the other end of the table before he could sit and yell at me more. We ate in silence then after dinner, much to my dismay he headed off to the bar with his 'drinking buddies'. I took this opportunity to clean the dishes and pray he didn't get too drunk.

A few hours later I was upstairs reading. The house was spotless and I couldn't think...
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Chapter 3-- Dinner with the Evensons

January, 1917
Columbus, Ohio
(Esme is now 22 years old)

“Esme,” my mother poked her head into my bedroom. “Lily and Thomas are here to see you, make it a very short visit. The Evensons are coming to dinner.” she seemed very excited by that fact.

“Alright mother,” I stood up and walked down the stairs. There at the bottom stood my two best friends. Lily and Tom Bentley. I smiled as I went to hug them both. “I haven't seen you in two years!” I told them.

Tom leaned down to kiss me on the cheek. I blushed. I knew he had a crush on me but he was married...
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Chapter 2- The Doctor

It was a ten minute drive to the hospital in Columbus, I sat and stared out the window of my father's farming truck that was for emergencies only. My mother had stayed at home to finish dinner and tend to the younger children.

My father carried me inside and sat me down on one of the hard wooden chairs. The emergency room was empty apart from the two of us and a mother and her screaming infant. I tried to focus my thoughts on something other than the horrible pain in my leg. I thought about the grand adventures Tom, Lily and I had gone on in the past few days. My father...
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Rosalie hesitated before she began speaking. I could tell she wanted to just plough into an entire hour long speech but she considered her words carefully. She didn’t want to upset me which was weird but good.
“First of all,” she said. “I don’t hate you, Kayla. I never have and never will.”
I nodded. “That’s good. I wouldn’t know what to do if you did hate me.”
She smiled. “Probably run in terror, I think.”
“Probably,” I laughed. Rosalie even managed a tiny laugh.
“But,” Rosalie turned serious. “I do have to stress that I do not approve of you marrying Edward....
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posted by EdwardCullen604
just then Antonio and Elena turned up.

"how did you do that?"Antonio asked looking amazed.

Charro answered him "I think Cora can use other peoples gifts" when he spoke he sounded so sure and confident. I loved the way he said my name in his accent.

"ahh, like a sponge like a sponge i knew her gift would be something good" Elena responded with just a hint of smugness in her tone.

"Did you just call me a sponge?" i asked puzled.

"yes you absorb other people's abilities like a sponge, sorry i'm just so used to categorilizing talents, from when i was with the volturi" she gave out a hushed growl at...
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Before I could walk over to my door Alice burst in, always full of too much enthusiasm.
“You will not believe what Edward told me.” She immediately launched into a conversation without so much as a ‘hello’. I was right to say it was about the wedding. “I was just on the internet browsing for flowers when he walks in a little earlier than usual. I knew he was going hunting with Emmett and Jasper so it didn’t throw me.”
I nodded and smiled as she spoke. It was best not to say anything when Alice was speaking or you got an evil glare you never thought someone as innocent looking as...
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posted by twilightfantic1
Hey im just going to writ this one to.(no harm done)

“Wow how long has it been sense they been gone”I asked. Edward started smiling and said “a month”.

“whats taking so long then I....” I was interrupted by a knock on the door. “Were home!”

“We have good news” I started wondering what other surprises Nessie & Jacob had for me & Edward this time, they were already married .

We got up and dressed. “momma,please don't get mad but..... I'm pregnant.” “Edward hold me.” Nessie walked to me and asked “why did you ask tell daddy to hold you...
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i party like vampere,parying pricher. walkin down stiars in my hundred doller snikers.

word word word
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Summit Entertainment announced early this morning that actress Rachelle Lefevre would not be continuing on to play bad vampire Victoria in the third installment of the Twilight Saga. Instead, actress Bryce Dallas Howard (seen in The Village and Terminator Salvation) will be replacing Rachelle in Eclipse, the third film to be directed by David Slade. Summit announced this:

Summit Entertainment announced today that Bryce Dallas Howard will take over the role of “Victoria” in the studio’s upcoming production of THE TWILIGHT SAGA: ECLIPSE. Actress, Rachelle Lefevre, who portrayed the character...
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Apparently not only fans are shocked at the news of actress Rachelle Lefevre not returning to the Twilight Saga for Eclipse, because apparently it was news to Rachelle herself!

“I was stunned by Summit’s decision to recast the role of Victoria for Eclipse. I was fully committed to the Twilight saga, and to the portrayal of Victoria. I turned down several other film opportunities and, in accordance with my contractual rights, accepted only roles that would involve very short shooting schedules. My commitment to Barney’s Version is only ten days. Summit picked up my option for Eclipse. Although...
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posted by Emmett4ever
Hey all your wait is over. I decided to post Ch.2. ENJOY!!! :)

Bella's POV

I got in my car and drove to school. All eyes were on my car. I was so excited and then I remebered I was 18. That's when I saw him. An angel,my angel,I couldn't beleive that I was so lucky to have him.To see him waiting for me with that heart stopping smile. My Edward. And next to him his sister,Alice (they weren't related.The buzz around here is that all the Cullen sibilings were adopted by Dr.Cullen and his wife.But they looked alike with their golden eyes and the bruise like shadows under their eyes). In Alice's hands...
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hey all i forgot to post this yesterday.All my friends say its amazing so...Im gonna stop talking and let you read :)


She tried to get passed me but all i did was push her as far away as possible from the people I love. How do you keep the people you love safe? When you have to keep yourself safe first? How do you keep the person you love safe? When that person doesnt love you anymore? How do you keep your love safe when your whole world changes?

So what do you think? Hope ya like it!! :)
posted by callejahLUVSed
sorry i took so long, i got grounded.. LONG STORY! anyway, hope this chapter is okay ! comment!!!


“Hey, Edward, can we sit next to you?”, I asked.
“Sure, sit here”, said Edward. I sat down next to Alice but Edward stopped me.
“Steph, sit here”, he said, as he patted the seat next to him. Jasper gave me a look and then my thoughts weren’t my own anymore.
Sis, Jasper thinks that Edward likes you.. want me to tell him anything? Emmett asked.
He thinks? I asked back. I waited a few seconds until Emmett grin.
He knows replied Emmett, and I saw a smile hiding in the...
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