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posted by iluvtwilight123
Ok i know i havent writen in a long time but i have been busy!! And this chapter is short but ill right more every week and read all my other stories to keep you fresh in mind please!

"Seth! what are you doing here?" i was so surpised i havent seen him or his sister since my birthday "Well jacob wanted me to tell you to forgive him but since your out here insread of at you house then your not taking this very well." He said this hurriedlly and awkardly, but i understood.

"seth im not going to forgive him, hes hurt me toi much. Also i just dont want to see him." Tears started to trickle down...
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posted by EdwardCullen604
This is the first story i've written so please tell me what you think

I was in the worst pain imaginable.

I was burning.

There were people talking but i had no idea what they were saying, their voices were too quick for me to hear no matter how hard i listened.If i was on fire then why weren't they helping me?why didn't they put it out?the pain was too much too bare, thinking about it only made it worse so i tried to remeber how this burning had started to help keep me pre-occupied...

The last thing i remember was walking out of the jewellers, i had just had my ring resized and i was...
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posted by edwardlover1231
ok so this is my first stoy so please comment and tell me if you want me to continue and if you have any ideas it would help.plz.=D

(bellas pov)

I was studying for the dartmouth finals when edward walked in and through my book across the room.the next thing i knew he was on top of study to much he whispered in my ear his lips traced along my jaw and back up to my lips.then there was a knock on the door.go away alice!edward said angry.i pushed edward off me and sliped into my defenive crouch. its ok bella its just its not i said through my teeth then the door slamed down.a girl walked in and edward started screaming so i put my sheild around him and he stoped. who are you and what do you want!?!i asked name is jasmine im from olimpia.then i relaxed my crouch because i knew of olimpia.jasmine smiled your from olimpia to right.i nodded im a telapath just like you,am i correct.yes i said guilty.edwards eyes were confused and in shock.
posted by Cullen_Freak
Bellas POV

He looked up at me, his face hard.
"Edward?Whats wrong?" He pulled out one of his books, and pointed to a picture.
"I was just thinking, I know its a long ways away but, what if Jacob and Nessie decide to have children?" I looked at him, i had thought about this over and over again, but it had never stuck.
"Ive thought about it, but what if they dont? I mean they know that what theyll creat would be someothing that i think has never exsisted." Edward looked at me again, and then looked down at the book.
"I as studing legands, you know like how we did with Nessie? And i found a monster,...
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posted by TwilightNerd6
Hey Guys!!!
This is my first so dont laugh (please)

I was lying as I thought to myself that I would be very upset if Edward left,even for a week.
Then suddenly I heard a bang on the door Bang!Bang!Bang!
"Daddy!Daddy!Daddy!"Renesmee screamed from outside.
"You'd better get that"I said sarcastically to Edward.Then he was off the bed in a half of a second.
"Three,Two,One"He said then opened the door slowly.
"Hey little monster"He playfully said to Renesmee as he caught her in his hands.
"Daddy, Do you really have to go?"She asked with pain in her voice.
"Yes I do because i'm going hunting because I need...
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posted by rose_emmett
Okay so I think the next 2 chapters are going to be in Renesmee's POV. I dont really know what else to say so ENJOY!

Renesmee's POV:

Since I still had an hour until I had to meet him at the beach I didnt rush. I walked slowly through the forest listening to the birds and admiring the trees and other plants. As I walked I came across my dad and Carlisle walking back towards the house. I didnt pay any attention to them, I just kept walking.

When I finally made it to the beach it was about 6:45 and I didnt think Jake would be there already but he was sitting on the sand facing the ocean.

As I walked...
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posted by Cullen_Freak
Starts right after the end in BD,,,,

Bellas POV

Nessie twirled around in her pink tutu. She was showing it of to Rosalie and Jacob, laughing while they clapped for her.
"She sure is good. Dont you think Bella?" Jacob asked me as he admirred Nessie, his eyes filled with light.
"Shes better than I was." Rosalie laughed and then Jacob joind in. They had learned how to get along, finally. They both knew that if they ever wanted to see Nessie, the other was sure to be there. Admiration came with its consicuences.
I stood up, leaving the three of them, to go look for Edward. I passed Jasper and Emmett...
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posted by patrisha727
Hey you guys, I decided to make ANOTHER new story! PLz rate and comment You can read more of my stories at the link. Ok then, enough of the introduction, I hope you guys enjoy! ^_^

"Bells!" my mother, Renee yelled, before I went out the door.
"Yes?" I asked her. Did I forget anything?
"I hope you have fun in college." she said while giving me a hug.
"Mom, it's not I'm going to leave forever. I'll be back for Christmas and for Summer." I said.
"I know Bella, it will be hard for me to be alone again. I'll miss you." she said.
"I will too mom. I'll send you an email once I arrive." I assured her....
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posted by team_robward
Chapter 15.

We walked to our lunch table.
“So how was bludge session?” Gemma asked me.
“Huh, oh social studies? Umm good” I said.
“Oh my god! Bella who’s your pen pal? I don’t even know!” Gemma smiled with intrigue.
“Well his name is Edward Cullen...” I began
“Edward, that’s a strange name” Gemma interrupted. Caitlyn stared straight at us, her gorgeous eyes beaming.
“He lives in a small town, he has lots of siblings and they’re all really close in age” I continued. Caitlyn was still staring. I looked at Gemma.
“Oh his dad is a doctor and his handwriting is...
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Chapter 2 Home

The doctor was right, today Is tomorrow and I'm out! What am I going to do now? I tell you what I'm going to do nothing.
I closed the front door behind me with my bag full of clothes on my back.
“If you need anything honey just ask” worry was in my mums eyes... I was going to reply don't worry then I suddenly thought why she being so stupid for I'm fine.
“I'm fine OK jee back off will ya” anger burst through me. She your mum for crying out loud what's wrong with me. I started walking up the stairs I looked at mum she looked hurt... she needs to get over herself I thought....
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posted by rose_emmett
Okay so heres the second chapter. I had a lot of fun writing this one! I hope you enjoy!

Renesmee’s POV:

Before I left the shack I watch Jacob walk back to the beach. It was nice to see him again. I hadn’t seen him since we left to go to New Hampshire six years ago. I was looking forward to coming back to Washington so that I could see him. I was worried that he had changed but I guess I have changed more than he has.

I didn’t run I just slowing walked back down the hill. I wanted to go back to him, but he was right if some one saw me then I would be in huge trouble. I started to run, but...
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posted by stepphy-rox
Chapter 2: Zane Fletcher.
I was waiting in my car reading over some notes I made -it was just a cover as I waited for the girls- I put my head and saw Zane standing at my door. I got out and looked at his chalky beautiful pale face, he stared back the same way.
"Hi I'm Zane Fletcher" he said formally, his voice was so beautiful like an angel. I swayed on my feet but quickly snapped out of it.
He smiled and quickly left back to his Saleen S7. I hopped in my car, fantasising as I stared into space.
When I got home I layed on my bed and wondered off into my thoughts. I wanted to tell Zane that...
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posted by twilight_lover9
"well,when i came here i thought of you as my mother and father" i said bravley studding a a photo hanging on the wall, edward frowned with confusion "and well, i was wondering can you um adopt me legally?" i asked, bella cryed tearless sobs edwards face sofened, more tears fell from my eyes, bella got up she hugged me "ofcourse brittany we'll adopt you" bella said she patted my hair, edward reached for me he hugged me "yes we have also thought of you as our daughter" i looked up at him i smiled "we can arrange for you to move in here if you like?" bella asked "of course" i said my face was...
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Chapter 1
The Story So far
Sam Devine is a Human living on the Planet Earth he met a race of Guardian angels who turned out to be an evil race who destroys planets and races and nearly destroyed Earth if it wasn’t for the help of Tridoamon a part of a Jurassic race whose planet got destroyed along with the Guardian Angels and unfortunately the Whole race of Aggronians. Now Sam is looking for a race called the Asurans for more information along with Tridoamon to figure out Sam’s Destiny

Chapter 2
Old + New friends

After the Assault on Solaris Tridoamon and Sam went back to his home to start a...
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The old pub in the town of Oakleyeast was a fairly popular spot, and so hosted a whole hoard of varying characters- ranging from the young, strapping farmers of the fields nearby, to the old vicars from Oakleyeast St. Patrick’s Church. The middle-aged landowner was used to the differences in characters and had become accustomed to odd patrons, but not a lot could have compared with the customers that appeared in the doorway on the night after Daeht and Eyran knocked the old cottage down on Barrier’s Way.
Silent as snow- and just as cold-looking, Daeht and Eyran stepped through the doorway...
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posted by Cullen-wannabe
Okay, so basically, I think that the way Stephenie Meyer finished Breaking Dawn, the story could be carried on. So this the first few pages of the next book in the series, that I wrote last night, Called Crescent light.


Crescent Light


    The past two years had been very; very different to the route my life had decided to take ever since I moved to Forks four and a half years ago. I had to admit, I was getting used to the terrifying, yet some how glorious turn my life had taken. Terrifying due to the many dangers Edward’s...
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Maria, tired of tripping over the same entanglement of brambles every single time she walked through the front gate, reached down and forcefully ripped the twisted plant from the soil. It came loose reluctantly and left Maria with numerous cuts and scratches on her palm. She wasn’t worried- she was used to that kind of thing.
Brushing her hands, Maria made her way up the path and opened the peeling front door.
“Grandma?” she called. There was no answer. It was likely that her grandmother was working in the garden. Maria wondered if it was something all old people did. Her grandmother, certainly,...
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K.Stew and R.Pattz Forced Apart in San Diego?

John Shearer/Getty Images
Is Rob Pattinson's off-camera romance with Kristen Stewart again being quashed by the Twilight studio suits at Summit?
First, there's no doubt the New Moon crew stole the Comic-Con show yesterday. Despite even Johnny Depp making a surprise appearance, he was still no match for R.Pattz and his awkward charm, not to mention the sexy Brit's real-life romantic interest, K.Stew.
There was some unexplained tension going on between Robsten yesterday, since the real-life...
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posted by surfergal
The following morning Alice woke me up for school. I was putting on perfume when cody knocked on my door.
"Come in". I said.
Hey, You Ready ? He ask
Yeah, Old on I have to brush my teeth I told him.
Ok. He said as he went towards my bed to sit down. Once I was done brushing my teeth, Cody grabbed my bag and put me on his back and toted me down the stairs. My cruches were downstairs because Carlisle didn't want me to go up and down them. Cody help me out to his car, my was totalled sadly. When we got to school cody walked me to class except he didnt leave my side when we got there. It was still...
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posted by rose_emmett
This story is about Renesmee and Jacob's relationship. Renesmee is full grown now and of course Jacob hasnt aged. There is still a treaty so the cullens cant go on la push. The cullens left to go to college and Jacob and Renesmee havent seen each other in a long time. This is my first story so it might not be all that good, but i still hope everyone will enjoy it.

Jacob's POV:

I walked down to the beach and found the old piece of drift wood Bella and I used to sit on. I sat there for a momment remembering all the things we had talked about, but then my mind traveled off to thinking about Renesmee....
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