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posted by callejahLUVSed
next chapter should be up tomorrow.. I HOPE! XD comment!

CHAPTER FOUR- Who are they?

It was a day, just like any other day. I was walking down to the shopping centre, along the beach on the sand, not for any particular reason, but just to feel the morning sun on my skin. But of course, being me, I started daydreaming about the upcoming Saturday, our hunting day, when I bumped into someone. I knew that I could continue walking and pretend like nothing happened, but I acted disorientated just so I could get a good look at the person I knocked into. I started at his feet, slowly moving my head...
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Hey...This is like some sort of twilight fiction...yeah. For those who read my Kayla series this is what I was talking about...For those who didn't...yeah just read it...and my Kayla series if you want lol...Woo.. Enjoy!

11 years ago….

All of the furniture was pushed against the walls and my mom sat in a chalk circle she had drawn on the wooden floor. I sat at the edge, watching her. She was writing on a piece of parchment with a quill and ink. In front of her was a cauldron that she had brewed a simple protection potion in. Next to the cauldron was a lighter. She finished writing her spell...
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posted by scarlet13
Sorry for the wait everyone I've not had time lately, but I hope you like this and please comment!!

I frozein my seat ( a habit I picked up from the cullens) and stopped breathing for a few seconds and then I let the air escape my lungs all at once, realization hit, I was dreaming.
I had to be because he would never come back for a petty human like me.
I stood up takig another deep breath and turned to my dream character. The rest of my dreams hadn'y done him justice, he was breath-takingly beautiful.I felt something cold and wet slide down my face, I wiped it away in a hurry and looked at the...
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posted by renesmeblack
Ok, as you know, Tanya and her clan had found Mark dying in the snow in Denali. What happened to Renesmee?

My eyes opened. I was covered in quilts, and the room was really warm. A strawberry-blonde woman knelt beside me. I saw her golden brown eyes and freaked out.
"You're one of the Cullens, aren't you?!" I asked, fearing for my life. The woman looked shocked.
"The Cullens? You know them? This is great news!" she said seriously. I recognized her voice. This woman was Tanya.
"Well, yeah, but-"
"They called me and said Renesmee was kidnapped. You haven't seen her by any chance, have you?"
I stammered....
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posted by rachel-rathbone
chapter one
"oh please mum ellie is my best friend please let here stay" renesmee begged
"nessie this life just isnt a place for a little girl to be"i hated it but it was true i even called her nessie. she looked at the floor her long black eyelashes cating a shadow on her cheeks, her long bronze hair falling on her face.
"ask our dad" i said sighing pushing the question on to someone else i couldnt stand hurting here.
"nessie you cleaned your room write sheel be her in 5 miniutes i can here the car" the tyres rubbed against the gravil path emmett and jasper had laid so ellie and her mum...
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posted by VAMPirella1997
Part 5:
Jacob's POV:
Bella was gonna kill me. I'd forgotten to tell her that I was taking Nessie to La Push today so she could play with Quil and Claire. Bella was probably panicing right now. And I was in for it when I get back to the vamp's pad. Oops.
We were all in Billy's front room-Quil, Claire, Nessie and me. Nessie was playing scrabble with Quil. And she was winning. Well, to be fair, Quil was putting down the words that Claire told him to, so... it wasn't really a shock. I laughed. "Quil, you're 18. And you're getting beaten by a 1 year old girl!"
"She might be 1 according to her birth...
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posted by team_robward
Chapter 14.
New Arrivals:

I just sat there for a couple of minutes, reading that last paragraph over and over I was truly mesmerized by it. I couldn’t really get over how sweet it was no one ever talked to me like this and he’s handwriting also helped.
“When you’ve finished reading the letter please write a reply, this is the third last reply we’ll be doing in class” Mrs Anderson announced. The class began groaning. The noise woke me from my dazzled state.
“Well you honestly didn’t think we were only writing to pen pals for the rest of the term did you?” Mrs Anderson asked the...
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posted by callejahLUVSed
next chapter should be up tomorrow !!!


So that’s my story… are you in tears yet? Well, it’s the saddest story in my family. Yes, family. You’ve probably gathered that Emmett isn’t my biological brother but Carlisle turned him so I think of Emmett as my big brother. And there’s my other brother Jasper. Carlisle didn’t turn him, but Carlisle found him as a newborn vampire and he lives with us. Carlisle never talks about how he was turned, but Emmett at age 18, was being mauled by a bear when Carlisle saved him, and Jasper, 19, was turned by three girls who...
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posted by edwardcullen865
as soon as Nessie was out of Felix's crasp she ran to us .she gave me a hug then edward a mure hug and ran to embrace jacob.
jane ran to felix's side.she looked at him with hopeful eyes hoping he will forgive her.
"let's go!!" i said in a low harsh voice. everyone followed me .Nessie was first hand in hand with jacob.then alice and jasper , followed by emmett and rose.the rest of us followed behide quickly.
we made it into the time was still dark so we cut through the middle of the way.we made to the two cars we had took.we all gathered into them and drove off.
we stopped at the airport...
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posted by VAMPirella1997
End of part 3:
I walked slowly, even by human standards, as we rounded the corner to Charlie's street. I walked to the door, took a deep breath. "go on, Bella," Alice encouraged,"Get it over with." I knocked the door...

Part 4:
We waited a whole minute. The suspence was killing me. I just got more and more nervous, instead of being more prepared from the time to think of what i was going to say. Finally, Charlie opened the door. A wide grin spread across his face when he saw me. It grew even larger when he saw Alice standing there, instead of Edward, who he had expected. "Alice! Bella!"
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posted by callejahLUVSed
okay, so chapter two is up! last time i didn't get a single comment so if you think this story is crappy comment and tell me! i'm gonna post one more chapter anyway.. so please comment!!!

CHAPTER TWO- Why I'm like this ..

I was 16 (and in that respect, I guess I still am!) and it was 1917. I wasn’t born into a noble family but my family weren’t slaves. I had a mother & a father. Mother had been trying to set me up with one of the noble boys, Patrik Novala, but she thought I was to ‘immature’ to be with a man like him. But it didn’t bother me as I was infatuated with his younger...
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posted by VAMPirella1997
End of part 2:
I dashed to Carlilse's office, not even pausing to knock in my haste."carlilse," I said, the words flying from my mouth with such speed, they would have been inaudible to human ears."Carlilse, we have to leave. We've been discovered. We have to go.NOW!"
He rose from his chair, fluidly and quickly. Nodding to me, then leaving the room. I heard him call out to the rest of the family. They conveined in the dining room.

Part 3:
I trudged through to the dining room, all my panic evaporated leaving me feeling emotionless, with no energy. I sat beside Edward. he took my hand beneath...
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posted by edwardcullen865
i would try to get her back through talking but if that didn't work i would fight for her .emmett said he would help me and edward probably would to but as for the rest i'm uncertain about.
we landed in vancouver at nine o'clock ni the evening . we stole a fast car a red one .i wasn't to happy on the fact that we stole it as everyone else was confortable. Nessie wasn't far away now. i was so worried and scared for Nessie and for all of us.i wondered if we would have to go in the way we did last time a was in Italy. it all flashed before my eyes ,and i think Edward's too because he kissed me...
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hey guys. just letting you know that i felt really ill last night so its kind of a mericle (see i cant even spell right) that i managed to come in to school today, espesally to post this article and to get my £30 for EMA. but i managed it. because i felt and still feel ill/weird, i havent managed to put as much detail into the story as i wanted to so ill change a few things around on monday probably. but anyway heres the next part.

part 6

“Hello?” I asked.

“Mom? Where’s Alice? I knew I dialled the wrong number.” Reneesmee said when I froze.

“Reneesmee, oh god where are you?” I asked...
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I had fallen to the ground, scraping my hands in the dirt gouging little trenches. I flipped around and sat up, wiping the dirt off my hands and onto my jeans. It was then, while I was looking at the dirt smeared on my jeans that I remembered why I had fallen. I looked up slowly and saw that whatever I had fallen over was still lying on the ground. I forgot about my now dirty jeans and crawled over to the mass on the floor. I saw that it was human. There was a human lying on the forest floor.
"You ok?" I asked the person. "Are you hurt?"
The person refused to answer me but curled up into a tight...
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posted by VAMPirella1997
End of part 1:

By the time I pulled up into the garage, I was hyper-ventilating, and shaking form the sobs that racked through me. It hurt very much, but i had come an obvious conclusion. I hated to accept it, but we had to leave. as soon as possible.

Part 2:

I eventually pulled myself together enough to get out of the car, and run into the house. I ran upstairs, calling to Edward. He appeared outside the door to our room. His expression changed from calm and curious to one of worry the second he saw me. "Bella?!" He called in alarm. I must have looked terrible. He moved towards me, wrapping...
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posted by callejahLUVSed
new fanfic, brought to you by the same author of me and the cullens! LOL so.. read it, enjoy it! new chapter should be up by tomorrow.. COMMENT AND REVIEW!


"GAME ON, BROTHER", I whispered, so quiet that no human would be able to hear it but loud enough for Emmett to understand. We always did this, had sprinting races, 10kms long. Jasper (my older, older brother) never bothered racing me.
"Game on, little sister", he whispered back. We held these races in the forest, because if any human saw our races, we’d make the front page. So I guess it’s a good thing we live Forks,...
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I apologize beforehand that this article will probably most likely not be formally written.

Since Twilight, Rob and Kristen have been in countless magazines. The headlines pertaining to:

-"Rob and Kristen: The Hot Hook-Up!"
-"Rob Dumps Kristen for Co-Star Emilie!"
-"Kristen Pregnant with Rob's Baby!"
-"Rob's Family tells Him to Stay Away from Kristen!"
-"Rob Tells Kristen to choose between Him or Michael!"

All headlines pertaining to those above are rumors. Every headline is different and the "sources" in the magazines are never named. And for all the questions asking about Rob and Kristen...
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hi, please tell me if you like this poem.
and also please write comments. ^_^ thanks for reading it.

bella i need you to know
I will never be a foe
even if you go back to him
and all them even after
us we were best friends
but i hope one day the wound mends
but you hurt me so bad
i was so sad
i almost never got over you
but now that i see you'r haveing a baby
do you mind if she loves me because i want her
to be my renessme.
and she replaces you and all you used to do she is so sweet and when she talks to me I love her
and sure i'll take care of her because she belongs with me she is my renessme.
posted by edwardcullen865
"okay let me see.we go to the Italy and try to negotiate a deal to get my daughter back?" i was calm thank to Jasper .i owe him so much.
i looked at mason lying in my arms .he looked just like Edward and a little of me thrown in there.
"well Bella we don't want to hurt Renesmee at any circumstances." Carlisle said.
"i do feel for Bella so much has happened in the last year."Carlisle thoughts touched me.
i tried to focus in on Edward's thoughts.
they were appointed to Jacob .
" I'll kill him if we don't get her back. he is dead.she is not going back to him i don't care how much she loves him."...
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