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Dear Twist of Fate Fans,

THANK U GUYS ALL SOOOOOO MUCH! for all your comments and messages!...School is done for me and i got over the flu(NOT swine thank god!) so i have not been able to write lol. the next one will be out later today or at the latest Monday b/c i will be busy tomoro!...thanx for all the support....just_bella....renesmeblack...
patrisha727 (the reason i wrote this message cuz shes getting ansty lmao)
..Bella_Cullen902...nataliespn...and to everyone who likes the story and who has commented!! thanx everyone!!

PS: Dinosteph if you read this cant wait for the writing competition!!!

PPS:sorry for the grammar cuz i wrote this reaalllllyyy quik!
posted by MiaCullen_x
Sorry it's a bit short :S

Chapter 3 - A Meeting - Edward's POV
"Hey Bloodsucker," Jacob started, as soon as I answered my cell phone. "You guys need to get down here. Now."
"This doesn't sound like a social visit,"
"It isn't." He said, seriously. I closed the phone.
"Everyone. Could you come down here please?" I asked quietly, wondering what was wrong with Jacob.
When they entered the room, they were all thinking the same thing.
What's going on?
Sound's serious,
One person's thoughts stood out from the rest.
Why can't I see? It's those stupid dogs again...
I laughed and Alice looked at me and stuck her...
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Rob in Cannes
Rob in Cannes
Today, a new interview with Rob from Cannes, France was released. It's only a couple minutes long with Rob talking about New Moon, but, something Rob said really stuck with me.

Before I talk about the interview, I would like to make something clear. And I will keep it brief. Alot of people think that New Moon is Jacob's book. But it's not. It's still Bella's book. She tells the story. We experience everything through her words. Jacob happens to be in the story more, and we get to know more about the werewolves, but other than that, Bella is the main character. Edward is still present, not...
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Just so you all know, this and maybe one more chapter will be the last of the chapters all be posting on this spot. I will be posting them on my spot only. It's called Edward_Bella234 if you want to join and continue reading these. Here is the link:


Any way, onto the story...
End of Chapter 6

“Oh yum,” John said reaching for a cinnamon roll “That looks delicious, Carol!”
    “Thank you, John” my mother replied. “Esme, can you go get some eggs from the hen house?...
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posted by Twilight597
ok im not sure if i should post this on here or not, so if you like it then i'll write more, well either way, i'll write it but just not post it here. just tell me if i should keep posting here. i have chapter 1 done already, but im not sure if i want to post it, just tell me what you think.

Zodiac Pendant


My name is Gabriella Swan, but most people call me Gabby. I live in Forks, Washington with my 16 year old sister, Bella, and my dad Charlie. My mom died when I was born, so Bella has taken care of me since. We are really close, and don’t fight much. The only thing we make fun...
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posted by Twilight597
eek! i havent written this in 2 months! because i had MAJOR writers block. i asked my friend on this other website and she gave me some ideas. i finally got it done. i might take a break from this story because its hard, and i want ot post this story i've had for a while, like it was my first one i wrote, i stopped at like chapter 9 becasue i had writers block, its called Zodiac Pendant, and im going to post it today also. Dreamnapped is almost done too. im not writing Friends Dont Let Friends Scoop Poop anymore, well i will but not now, i will wait until im done with another one and The Supernatural...
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posted by leisha4
hey ive done the next part. i think that carrie ann said that sue and charlie got married in the book which would be carried on from the end of BD. i hope you enjoy this and i isnt too long but it was all i could write in half an hour.

part 4
Jacob called 5 minuets later “what was the rush?” I asked.
“Bella?” he asked. “Yes?” I responded. “Edwards going to kill me.”
“Probably depends why?”
"Nessies has been kidnapped by the Volturi.”
“What?” I shouted, and then abruptly ended the call and rushed out the house. I needed air...
could my day get any worse??

Part 5
I didn’t...
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posted by Bella_Cullen902

Sorry i haven't wrote in a while it's just that i think people dont like my stories and i dont want to write things for no reason.

I just think it's better this way and i might start again but dont count on it. i know you guys are gonna be mad but i dont think that i'm gonna write anymore cause i'm not any good:(

Sorry again!!

If you want you can give me ideas that you have and ill make a story for you but thats 'bout the only way that i'll be writing stories.

*~Sad and Sorry~*
*~Sad and Sorry~*
posted by KrystenPeres
Dylan (Matt Dallas) and Gianna (Krysten Peres)
Dylan (Matt Dallas) and Gianna (Krysten Peres)
2. The In-Laws

The rest of the 'Cullen Clan' lived down the road. Their house was the largest, by far. It was almost 6 times the size of Dylan and my house. It was modern and new, with its boxy shapes and its glass walls, it didn't belong here. It seemed like it belonged in the hills of L.A..
"Wow. It's beautiful..." I gawked.
"My parents built it when we moved her a year ago. My mother, Esme, designed it." Edward explained.
"She designer it!?" I gasped.
"She is very talented..." Bella added.
"Alright, alright, let's go inside now." Edward said quietly.
"Okay." Bella said softly. She grabbed...
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posted by KrystenPeres
Dylan (Matt Dallas) and Gianna (Krysten Peres)
Dylan (Matt Dallas) and Gianna (Krysten Peres)
1. Hello Past

It's hot. I loved the weather in Arizona for that reason. Rain and cold are as scarce as an ace of spades. The windows of Carols, my mother, mini-van were rolled down. The air was slowly but surely getting colder. I inched towards Dylan, my boyfriend. He wrapped his arms around me causing my heart to race. He was looking out the window. I stared at his face lit by the sunset. The contrast shadows from the sun on his fair skin are beautiful; making him look like an angel.
"I still don't know why we're moving to Massachusetts...," my little sister Marcie announced; drawing my attention...
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Chapter 16: Unspoken Favorites (Jake's POV)

As I was about to take my anger out on Edward, a crushing thought came into my mind.
My voice was unsteady. “I told her she would be ok… I knew all along that this was a bad idea and I went along with it. It’s all my fault… and here I am blaming everyone else. I’m sorry.” My head was spinning I had to get out of there. As I headed for the stairs a strange beeping started up in Amore’s room. A strange heart began to beat furiously. I paused where I stood about to head down the stairs. I slowly turned around ignoring everyone else as...
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Bella’s POV

“I can’t believe Tech won” I said while jumping up from the couch.
“Hey Bella since when do you watch basketball” Emmett asked me amused
“I have no idea, it just happened, now excuse me, an old friend is going to call” I said back to Emmett when suddenly Edward stood in front of me.
“Can we talk” he asked me calm
“Later I ...” but I was interrupted by my cell phone. “Sorry” I said to him while picking up my phone leaving the room and walking into the bedroom.
“Hey darling” I said amused
“Hey Bells, where are you. I’m waiting at your house but nobody’s...
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ok so i have it up quicker, i hope that makes everyone happy. this is dedicated to littlemiss_ME for commenting first. same again for this one. plz plz plz plz plz makes me very, happy. i dont know if i've been putting disclaimers on here but i always froget, i dont own Twilight, i only own Keith. and this one is quite long. thanks for reading!!

Chapter 9 Finding Treasure (Edward’s P.O.V.)

I ran up the trail as fast as I could, leaving Emmett and Jasper in my dust. It spread out about 25 miles up and then just all went separate ways as if she was torn into a bunch of pieces and...
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Chapter 14 She Who Giveth Can Also Taketh Away (Jakes POV)

She was like a feather in my arms as we walked down the staircase. I couldn’t tear my eyes from her face. She looked just like herself again, well minus the swollen stomach. She was cute pregnant when it wasn’t killing her. Something about the fact that she was carrying my child made her all the more attractive to me. Se was glowing with happiness and it was contagious.
As we stepped into the living room there was a burst of applause and shouts of happiness. Everyone had thought that she and the baby were at deaths door, immortal...
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posted by Whiskey37

Blood trickled down his face from his paralysed victim,
Her body pale white and completely oblivious to what had happened,
His eyes, red as rubies,
Hers, totally lifeless,
His teeth were as sharp as razorblades,
They sliced threw flesh with ease.
The trees nearby whispered and mumbled,
And the stream glistened like glass.
He watched his victim,
The one and only love of his life,
He remembered to well what happened that night, the kicking the screaming,
The mistakes he made.
The clothing around her neck was crusted with her own blood,
He studied his hand and own clothing with the same result.
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posted by CharmedVamp101
Sorry, to all my fans, I haven't had the time to write, so I hope you like this chapter.

I slowly opened my eyes to stare into the world's most beautiful eyes. They were sparkling with joy. The plans were settled and Edward was going to question me and I was full of joy. I couldn't stop picturing it in my head. He smiled at me. I couldn't wait to walk down the aisle. I'd already had the final fitting for the dress and Edward was going to a bachelor party with his brothers tonight, while I was going to a bachelorette party with my soon-to-be sisters-in-law and mother-in-law.
But there was a...
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ok so i finally got this one done, the fight is next in edwards pov then the next chapter is the fight in bella's pov. this is dedicated to     
1twilight_lover for commenting first, same for this one, plz plz review, even if u dont like it, just lie to make me feel like people actually like it, lolz jk but plz review it really makes me happy. i will get the next one up by thursday in america. thanks to everyone who supported me while i was writing this, there are only 15 chapters, and they are all done, in a notebook, but im happy to post them on here. now read and be happy...this...
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posted by dinosteph
Hey guys!!
So I kinda let the idea sit around for a couple days and now have a total of 7 people who would be interested in writing a piece for the contest.


I am going to give this list another 24 hours and then tomorrow night I will post word limits, themes, and how judging is going to work. I'll let you know right now that we're going to keep it short, probably around 1500 words.
posted by renesmeblack
2. Problems

The bell rang to lunch. Jacob sprinted to the cafeteria doors. I sprinted to the wall. Only a few minutes. Gotta make it quick. I desguised myself as Jacob and ran to Renesmee. There she was, looking like a goddess, her hair twisting freely in the autumn breeze.
"Boo," I whispered romantically in her ear. She jumped and started to laugh. Then she grabbed my hair and started kissing me. It was perfect. I removed the flask from my pocket and placed the potion in my fingers. Then I wove them through her silky hair. She pulled away and I took off my desguise. She gasped.
"You're not Jacob!...
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New Moon in theatres November 20, 2009
New Moon in theatres November 20, 2009
As the New Moon Movie is getting closer, and seeing all the set pictures from Italy and Vancouver, and seeing the trailer, alot of people are speculating the differences of the movie and the book.

And, not that I have anything wrong with that, but what I do have a slight problem with is the negativity. The movie has not even reached theatres yet, but there is so much doubt. The minor changes such as: the wardrobe, the gift wrappers not being silver, the kiss in Italy and not in her bedroom, etc. Those are a few examples, but the point is, the movie has not come out yet, so why all the judgments....
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