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posted by anna0789
bella's pov

edward sigh heavily took my hands between his and started to talk

"it all started one day at the hospital a couple months ago.." he said slowly he look at my face my face was curious and interest in hearing more
he touch my cheek and continue more quickly
"so i lied at the party when i told you i didn't knew you "

" I was workin in the hospital as a helper of my brother i was organizing some papers when i heard that all of the young male thoughts turn excited and extreamly happy"

wait the thoughts he heard????
but i didn't said anything i thought that maybe if i interrupted he wouldn't...
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posted by surfergal
sorry its short. Hope ya like! please tell me what you think and rate it please

Everything was back to normal now that I had my memory back. I even could remember what it was like to not remember anything. Soon as I healed all my cuts and the muscle in my leg that I pulled, I went back surfing. Yes, I was freaking out when I went back into the water for the first time. I paddled out to the white water ( where the waves have already broke) and sat there for a little bit. I was trying to get the nerve to go a little bit further out and then again I sat there for a little bit. I started paddling...
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posted by anna0789
bella's pov

i quickly felt asleep when we arrive home

i was in the woods
i was wearing my favorite dress it was a white cotton dress i wasn't wearing any shoes and my hair was free the sun make it look like it had red in it and the wind make it move ......
this was my happy place
then i saw that edward was standing by a tree in the shadows
i run towards him and he open his arms
i jump and hug him tightly he hugg me by the waist also tighlty and sigh happily

"i love you edward" i said he smile brightly at me
he move clser until our lips touch when our lips touch i suddenly felt uncomfortable...
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posted by RATHBONE07
Sorry for taking so looong:((

All was done. We all strode out of the bar together. Of course I was ashamed of what I had just done. Killing others for my own survival. James held me tightly, hushing me silently every time I whimpered. Laurent and Embelline were on either of our sides, licking their lips, savoring the blood.
“Embelline?” Laurent stopped dead in his step and turned around to face Embelline. “Im going up North, get a few more, im still not full.” Embelline nodded.
“Ill come with you. It wasn’t the best ive eaten either.” And they left, hand in hand. It was weird though....
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1. You don't like your crush now because he doesn't have golden eyes.

2.You cover yourself in body glitter so you can sparkle like edward.

3.You're saving your allowance for a trip to Forks, Washigton, where bella lives.

4.You just realized how cuddly and cute werewolves are.

5.You refuse to visit a doctor unless he looks like Carsile.

6.You ask your parents if you change your last name to cullen.

7.You fall asleep to, "Bella's Lullaby", from the Twilight soundtrack.

8.When choosing a outfit, you always think, "What would alice wear?"

9.You used to love sunny days ,but now you'll only go out if it's rainy and cloudy.

10.You purposely trip over thigs so you can be as clumsy as bella.
posted by anna0789
bella's pov

james lead me to my mother

"o darling isn't James just a charming good looking man" my mother said and laugh her fake laugh she us when there was someone around

i just nodded and smile a little

A strange woman that i had never seen laugh
" Oh my good she is amazingly beautiful and modest ,my son, you are a lucky man" she said and padded james shoulder

"i know mother" james said stil hildong my waist and pull me even closer to him

i wish edward was here...

but then i realize what they had said james a lucky man because of me??? it sounded like he already own me ... what had my mother...
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posted by anna0789
bella's pov

"Would you like to dance this song with me miss?" a musical voice asked

i look around and saw it was the beautiful boy

james was holdong me tighter now it was not only uncomfortable but painful

"I think you are hurting her maybe you would like to loose up a little " the boy muttered his voice was low but it was full with force

"Im not hurting her" james said but he let me go

the boy look at my eyes
" So do you want to dance miss ? for me it would be an honor" he said and smile i laugh and nodded i was too excited to speak

james just walk away rudely and then
the boy was looking at...
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posted by surfergal
I was in the hospital for five more days before I got to go home. Alice and Jasper drove me home from the hospital and Nathen was already at home cleaning my room up for me. I was so sore from hitting the coral. I still hadn't remembered anything from my past at all. It was hard not to remember my family or my past. I walked into the house and I thought I would start to remember things but I was wrong nothing came back to me.
Whats wrong Addi? Jasper said
I thought I would start remembering things once I got back here but I was wrong. I told him.
Your memory will come back, I promise. Jasper...
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this is a story like twilight but different it is also about edward and bella but different the dates and places

bella's pov it is like in 1800

today it was my 17 birthday so i would have to go to what you can call a debutant dance and then i would have to go to many parties until i would find a "soutable husband" well that says my mother i sigh

i was already in my best dress ,my hair ( i like to leave it strait and natural ) but my mother make my hair look curly and elegant. i look myself in the mirror

my mom was so excited about the debutant dance... i was not... i felt like i was...
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chapter 16

"so meet me at my house at 10pm?"i said as we walked out of the plane
"yep i cant wait to see your house"alice said exsited,thety where all coming to my house to meet and talk with the pack
and as i walke doff the stairs i seen vickie and jake they ran to me like i have been missing for years in stead if half of the day it was like 6pm right now

"muma"vickie said as she reached me jake put his arm around me and vickie put her arms around my neck

"muma i missed you all day,can i stay up late to watch movie with you and jakey?"she asked me

"yes you can"i said then jake kissed me...
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posted by BuffyFaithFan1

Chapter Two: We'll Find A Way Through The Storm
Nothin was more worse then the fact that Ramens were behind us! Well, also the fact that they were loaded with armor, and we were loaded with defense tools and a stolen Ramen backpack. We slowly turned around, hands raised in surrender, hoping our deaths would be fast and painless. But then again, they never were.
"What!?" One Ramen asked the other, obviously ahead of the group. "What is it, boss?"
"It's a rag!" He said, holding it up for everyone, including us, to see....
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posted by WritenOnTheSand
The school day has gone by quickly and I think back to my entire day. As soon as I returned from school, Grandma Esther has been watching me like a hawk. It's like her eyes are looking straight into my soul for no apparent reason. I am guessing that she must think there is something seriously wrong with me. But I am not surprised. Like always, I am once again being read.My entire life I have spent with the impression that you can never play your cards if everyone has seen your hand.

You know that feeling when you have finished your homework and have nothing to occupy your mind? That strange...
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hey im back, i had a brilliant holiday and i thought you would all like to have the next part. i apoligise i've just had an injection so im not feeling that good so most of it isn't edited and it short too so it's not as good as i want it to be, but please comment and rate anyway. heres the next part!

reminder of part 9
“Cally will you tell me what happened to Alice?”

“As much as I know anyway. I was born on the 3rd of March 1900. I was told that you and my family died in a house fire.” Cally broke of and nodded in Alice’s direction. Alice’s face was a picture it was full of confusion...
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posted by Rob_patt_fan
- I know… I’m late! Sorry…

With my eyes closed, I searched for his Ice cold lips and as I found them, he came closer to me so I could kiss him easier. After we kissed, He chuckled and I opened my eyes.

-I was getting worried! Where were you?

He pressed his lips together and said:

-Alice was not in a good mood… I needed to talk to her! You know how she gets when she’s upset! She would probably like a shopping time with you!

-Of course. I’ll talk to her about it.

Edward grinned and hugged me. After playing with my hair, He started humming my lullaby. I leaned closer to him and placed myself...
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posted by surfergal
The following morning I woke up to a really big guy sitting up against the wall. He sorta scared me he was big as in strong looking. Nathen had his head beside my hand.
Nathen. I wispered.
Hmmm. He said.
Who is that? And why is he here? I ask really frighten.
That's Emmet he's not really asleep just pretending be. Nathen said.
How do I know him? I ask.
Carlisle and Esme adopted him as well. He told me.
Oh. Do we like each other? He sort of scares me. I said.
Yeah, you told me once that he was the closest to you and you felt like he was your older brother that you never had. Nathe said.
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posted by teamalice_0
I enjoy this chapter, hope you do too.

He stared at me in shock.

"Carlisle?" My aunt called.


"Where are the others?" There was more?

"They went hunting, they should be back sometime soon."

I only wanted to say this once, so I had to wait 'till they got back. We sat in silence, but the Dr. looked like he was thinking.

Minutes later I snapped my head in the direction of laughing. The first guy to walk in had my binder, I forgot I had it out there still. He was huge. A bronze/ brown hair girl, followed by the rest. I skipped toward...
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posted by surfergal
That was the last thing I remembered was being put in am ambulance. I was scared because black dots were coming back I to my vision and I couldn't stay wake like the nice man that was taking care of me ask me to. My vision was black I couldn't hear anything or feel it. Life was gone or it had just disapeared. I remember when I was first waking up that I heard voices and I heard beeping noises and then everything came back at once.once vision I could see that I was in a room and that two men were standing by my bed talking and then my memory of it husband came to me Nathen was staring at my...
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posted by Sk8bordNewMoon
I am so so sorry, I have no intire clues of what happen to chapter 21!! Thank you for telling me, I am sorry again. Sorry!! I hate that some of yall have read 22 before 21 because I has ruined it for yall but I will do me for this one to be good.  It is probably short, I cannot remember what I had in the chapter I am truly sorry!!

Taylor's POV
Why are your eyes so black? Jake asked me as I got ice water. I just gave in a weird look. Tay, I am being serious! Jake said. I went to the mirror in his bedroom to see what he was talking about. I was shocked, Jake was right! All the sudden waves...
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posted by surfergal
Sorry for the wait on this chapter. I have major writers block. Sorry if this isn't that great I'm trying to get through it.

Once we got off of the plane we got into a car and drove to a small airport. I don't even know if it would be classified as an airport. I saw the plane that we would be flying in. It was a small plane, although it was bobbing up and down I couldn't quite figure it out. I turned toward Nathen and I was about to ask why but he seemed to know my question already.
It's a float plane, Addi don't be scared. Nathen told me.
Oh, okay. I said looking up at him smiling.
Nathen leaned...
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posted by joe-edwardfan
3 days later (Cullen's house)
The pain was toooo much and it was getting worse every second I wanted to open my mouth to scream it out but that wouldn’t be probably a good Idea . suddenly the pain got worse and my neck was on flames and I wished I was never born then my body started shaking , what's going on? Should this happen? Am I going to die? Million questions ran into my mind like always then I figured out the shaking had stopped and I started to hear voices someone was talking down stairs, the TV was on and I could hear cars passing, cars? Wow I could hear the high way from here! I...
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