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look for edward's reveiw of breaking dawn is hilarious really!!!
and i have a question are robert p. and kristen s. really dating now cause i saw some pics of them on a concert but im not sure????????????

Alice's pov

it had been 4 months since noah and i had join the volturi well not join force to join would be the right words.

they had been the most miserables months in my life.....

the only thing they make us do is practice our powers our fighting abilities and then go hunting
(noah and i had been teach sooo many thing about fighting that i think i could take jasper easily
i miss jasper

i hadn't...
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posted by Sk8bordNewMoon
Carsile's POV
I left the room and went to my office. Jacob was kind enough to let me go through Taylor's files. For some one so young, it sure was thick. This poor girl had been in the run for almost 8 years. I couldn't believe this girl was from Florida, I didn't know how she got here. This girl has been through a lot. She was put in juevy for running
away from the ophanage and running from the cops. Taylor, either didn't want to be adopted or didn't want live in the ophanage. It said that she wasn't allowed to live in the girls ophanage because she kept running away. Emmett came into the...
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Chapter One: Pressure
I always knew this would happen. Didn't know when, where, and how it would...but I knew it eventually would happen. To me, to them, and to everyone else that was around me here. They call this place THE RIOT! Cause many people fight here, get killed here, or get injured here. I was brought here over night. I was pretty much kidnapped after betrayed by my best friend. She sold me out to the Ramens! They are this orginization that goes after their bounty and wont stop coming till...
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hope you are liking the story

renesmee pov

i was having a baby of noah that made me so happy but jake

jacob already knew this he was so surprized but he wasn't mad with me he stay almost everyday with me and was the same he was fuirous at noah

noah noah was in volterra with alice it had been know almost 2 months

jasper was so miserable he wander through the forest missing alice so much probably as much as i miss noah.

i was pregnant just 2 months and a half.

i just had my babies, my babies they are the most beautiful babies i had ever seen in all my life they are twins my two boys i love them so...
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posted by teamalice_0
Hey, can you guys rate AND comment? it's kind of annoying to have like 4 rates and 1 comment. So I don't know who is actualy rating. Thanks! (also Mary meets the Cullens here.)


I watched the scenery fly by. So I could tell when she slowed and pulled off the road. Her eyes went blank, but still drove.


"Nothing, just put these on." She threw me some clothes, that looked just like the ones she had on. Were we going to confuse her coven. I had the same jeans, shirt, jacket, hat, shoes, everything matched to hers. We looked so alike....
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New pictures of Eclipse humans Jack Huston (Royce), Christian Serratos (Angela), and Justin Chon (Eric) around Vancouver yesterday!

And Vamp Daddy Peter Facinelli just arrived back in Vancouver. Apparently at the aiport he talked to a fan on the phone for 5 mins, who couldn’t be there to meet him in person! Cute!

Also, Lainey Gossip gives deets on Taylor, Rob, and Kristen, and Eclipse scenes -

The main stars have been hard at work this week. David Slade tweeted on Monday that he shot with Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson and I can tell you exclusively that Kristen has also been working with...
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posted by Rob_patt_fan
He turned off the car near a cliff and Got out himself. I opened the door and got off the car.

His face was in pain and he was struggling to talk. I realized his eyes changed color and he was coming closer to me every second.

-Edward, What are you doing?! Edward?!

But he wasn’t my Edward anymore! His eyes were wild and I couldn’t recognize him at that moment. His angel face was suddenly an evil one. Edward was coming closer and with every step he took, I took a step back where the car was. In a second, I recognized Alice, jasper, Carlisle and Emmet which circled me and were protecting me from...
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posted by RATHBONE07
This ones for you(you know who you are:))

“Victoria?” James looked up at me from his prey. His mouth was dripping with blood, his eyes were a stinking redder then they had been. “Eat.” He quickly went back to his food. The smell was so sweet. I very badly wanted to join James, but my feet wouldn’t move under me. Embelline stood on my right, tearing apart a women’s throat. Laurent was on top of the bartender, licking the blood that was smeared all over his arm, where the broken glass had hit. The bartender was screaming like crazy. Cursing, saying that he was going to call the police,...
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posted by Sk8bordNewMoon
Sam's POV
This was the second scarrest moment of my life. We had all ready gotten the blood sucker off of Taylor. I have never witness a bloodsucke biting a human before. She fell to the ground and wouldn't response to anything. I think we should take her to the Cullens. I told the pack. But that would be breaking the treaty. Jared said. Yeah, I know but we don't need another bloodsucker around here. I told them. I morphed into my human and carried her all the way to the Cullen's house, hoping they would be able to help. We got to their house, they heard us coming.  We need help, she has been...
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posted by surfergal
Tell me if you like it in Nathens POV or Addis POV better.

Nathen's POV

I was glad Addi was finally healing. I knew when she could surf she was fully healed. When she was surfing you knew that nothing was bothering her or she was just careless about everything. I don't mean it in a bad way or anything but she is so natural in the water, its like thats what she is ment to be around. I know Addi loved all of us but when she was surfing she fogot all about her troubles. She was amazing and I couldn't believe that I was getting married to her. A beautiful, loveable, sweet caring girl and she was...
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posted by Sk8bordNewMoon
Sorry it's so short!
Before I knew it, we were heading to the field to fight against the Volturi. We have good fighters, we might acually win. I hope because I don't won't to lose! It's not fair, there the ones who wanted me to become a vampire! I'm greatful for it but I won't have been in this sitution if I was a human. Sawyer this is our battle, I don't won't to lose anyone over, I don't think they need to fight for us. I told him. Well, I'm not going to stand on the side lines and watch my favorite little sister be taken my the Volturi. Emmet said. Thank you but I don't know about this....
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posted by Sk8bordNewMoon
A wekk has passed and I haven't seen Jake at school or anything. It was weird usually I see him every day since I parctially live him. Well, I live in the shed and he lives in the house. He went to the movies with Bella and Bella's friend. I saw him pull in the drive way and go sraight in, usually he came to the shed and we would hang out for a while before he went to bed. I couldn't go back to school any more, since I got fired from my job. The reason for me getting fired was because it was getting winter and they couldn't pay me since they didn't have enough customer in the winter. So I didn't...
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Alice's pov

***in the way to volterra

Noah,aro, elezar,jane, and i where on the plane to italy
Noah and me were very quiet. the volturi were quiet but jane and elezar were touching aro's hands
i wanted so much to look into my family's future to see them again but i knew i couldn't becuase aro would know.....

i hate this i thought

noah was looking at nothing he look so miserable probably the same way i was

"we have to be strong noah" i muttered and patted his shoulder

noah just nodded
"i know alice but i just hate this " he muttered

me too i thought but i didn't say anything jane was looking into...
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posted by RATHBONE07
Hope you all like this one:)

All was quiet. Embelline stood in back of Laurent crouched by the ground.
“You always want to attack from the position that they least expect it.” She demonstrated by pinning Laurent to the ground and biting his neck. “See, Laurent expected nothing.” She started laughing. Laurent got of the floor and brushed the dirt of his knee. “You got it Vic?” I looked once more at the hole on the ground, the one Embelline had just tackled Laurent through.
“Yeah. Seems simple enough. “ She stood up as well, towering over me, her blonde hair sticking out in every...
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I starting writing this story a while ago and stopped to write something else but I have started it again. If you haven't read Chapter 1-4 here is the link. If you like them, I will be posting Chapters on my spot so join if you want to continue reading.

Link to an Article with Chapters 1-4:

Link to my spot:

[/b]End of Chapter 4[/b]

“What can we do?” Grandma Esme asked. She didn’t want a fight and that was quite clear.
“Why don’t we do what we planned to do before?” Uncle Emmett responded. “Why don’t we just fight them?”...
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Chapter 15
waking up and leaving

When i woke up jake's arms were around my me,like i was his pillow,i started to get up,vickie was going to be up very soon and i needed to get dressed.
jake groaned"what time is it?"he asked me not letting go
"jake its 9:30 so i got to get up,get dressed, pack,and talk with vickie,so let go"i said and kissed him
"i dont want you to go"he said and sounded really sad
"jake come on let go"i said and tickled him till he let go he laughed and laughed
"fine"he said and let go with a pout

i got up dressd in my favorite pair of jeans,on the left back pocket it says stuborn...
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posted by teamalice_0

I hesitated, she told me about them, there was alot of vampires. More tha I liked, actualy. Alot of guys too. Girls I could deal with, I grew up around them, guys... I was dead scared of. A man, hurt me so emotionaly, I could never get over it.

I cringe near them, I shook if I touched them. Just touching them was bad enough. I nodded. I couldn't be afraid of them forever now could I? I would have to get over it soon. Anyways she wanted to know more abput me. Since she was done describing what little she knew. But her gift surpirsed...
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Jake's POV

School was so boring,me and Quil where walking to are locker's when Candy Ling a blounde who was really tall who had blue stripes in her hair,who quil used to go out with but dumped when he became a wolf, came up to us
"waz up candy?"quil asked her i was getting my stubid books
"i was wondering if you wanted to go to the last dance f the year...with me?"she asked him,i chuckled and turned around they were both glaring at me
"what and you giggling about?"she asked me rudly she was raising her eye brows
"nothing"i said and smiled at Quil
'sorry im not going...i have a party to go too"he...
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posted by surfergal
Nathen's POV

Once Carlisle called Alice and told us about Addi being in a wreck, were all getting in cars and heading to the hospital. I was so worried about her. Carlisle hadn't gave us any detail about how bad she was, but I figured sinse he called and told us I thought it was going to be bad. Once we got to the hospital and Carlisle got her stable he came out and spoke to us. He said that she was in a coma and that he didn't know when she would wake up and she was doing good right now.
Once Addi finally woke up I went in to see her. I knew she was fine but seeing her all helpless just made...
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