The Lion King The Exciting Musical Show “Lion King”

onthebroadway posted on Jul 20, 2010 at 06:54AM
The exciting musical celebration is going on that includes several show-stoppers – such as the likes of Broadway production numbers that are being performed for almost three decades now. It includes several family favorites such as the famous musical named “High School Musical 2,” the famous “Peter Pan,” the hit “The Music Man,” the “Beauty and the Beast,” the emotional “Annie,” and the unforgettable “Little Mermaid,” and the all time favorite “Lion King.” All the aforementioned musicals are certain to be crowd pleasers.
The Pawtucket emerged successful yet again; this time took both the short and also the long programs at the national championships that were held last weekend at the venue of Troy in Ohio. Off the total 32 that were on the team, there were 28 that competed and they beat all 13 teams in their division for the title of the short and long programs. All in all there had been more than 30 teams and a total of 600 skaters that had been in the division.
The theme for the aforementioned short program had been a “surprise,” so Ocean State’s routine had been an expression of the emotion and the shock that had come right after the death of Beatles member named John Lennon. Apart from the short program the long program had been a 5-minute piece that had been about “Lion King.” If you want to see the musical broadway show lion king so you can buy the link and get the real fun.
Post the viewing of the awesome documentary “Waking Sleeping Beauty” I have been very eager to revisit some of the animated movies that Disney had released during the early nineties time period… especially The Lion King, that is definitely my most favorite movie of all times.

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