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Captain Underpants (Mr. Krupp)
Super Chocolate Lover (Anna)
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JungleQueen13 said …
Hi all :) it's been a while since I've been on here! Not sure how many of you remember me but I was active a few years ago under my current account, and before that as milky-way. Have I missed much? I feel so much older now than when I was last active - I finally graduated from university, bought a car and made the transition to full time work in a new town away from family and friends.

Anyway, in terms of Disney - I enjoyed both the new Beauty and the Beast and Moana! Posted 12 hours ago
Sparklefairy375 commented…
Hello, nice to meet you, although I never seen you before :D 11 hours ago
Starfox2000 commented…
Hi! Nowadays a lot of old users come back thank godness :) 10 hours ago
BelleRose829 commented…
A real-life accient fanpopian! I remember your old posts, they were lit! It's cool to see old users and how much their lives have changed. WHOOP WHOOP I'm glad you like Moana, hopefully she'll become a Disney Princess soon :3 4 minutes ago
BelleRose829 said …
Big Summer Blow Out Icon Contest: Round 2 - Beat the Heat is misscindyspice! Congrats girl!

Round 3 is now OPEN! Go check it out!

link Posted 2 days ago
Funfums said …
It's my birthday toooday~! I had a lot of fun at school, and I'm looking forward to seeing my new headset and iPad case! I guess this happens when you're spoiled rotten by your own older siblings haha. Posted 2 days ago
hajirah4 commented…
Happy Birthday :) I hope you're celebrating well! 2 days ago
disnerdtobe commented…
That's exciting! Sounds like you've been having a great birthday! 2 days ago
Funfums commented…
Thank you all! ♥ 5 hours ago