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The fans pick: Platinum Edition 2-Disc DVD Release (2006)
The fans pick: Aurora
The fans pick: Jasmine (8th Favorite DP And 8th Prettiest DP)
The fans pick: Mulan (11th Prettiest DP)
The fans pick: Tiana (10th Favorite DP)
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deedragongirl said …
Hi guys, are any of you are watching the Crown? I just started watching it. Posted 2 hours ago
AudreyFreak said …
So I'm a little confused. sweetie-buttons PMd me to insinuate my Anna/Elsa's DP lists were biased like I said PL's Esmeralda list was and I answered. But Adelital is the one who replied back.

I thought Sweetie looked like someone's sock account. Guess that true. Posted 15 hours ago
phalangeregina commented…
That's quite shocking if that is true. Adelital is a long-term member. I am not sure who sweetie-buttons or PL are though. I have not seen them around but I will be on the lookout now. Thanks for the warning! 14 hours ago
cruella commented…
There are so many accounts it gets hard to tell which ones are “real” and which are sock puppet ones. 14 hours ago
deedragongirl commented…
Fanpop is getting really a sad place now. 5 hours ago
deedragongirl said …
My goodness guys! I'm now reading Dan Brown's Origin and one chapter has a reference to Frozen and the song Let It Go! Posted 1 day ago