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thesnowqueen said …
Where Elsa? I not see picture of queen Elsa on page. She is best Disney girl and no one good as her be. Posted 1 hour ago
thewitchqueen commented…
Twin say what I say. 1 hour ago
BB2010 said …
FOUR MORE REPORTS???? SERIOUSLY???? Posted 5 hours ago
gitanita commented…
I think you should talk with the administrator of the club. Meanwhile you can listen to El Farsante Remix, I am sure it would relax you a little 5 hours ago
emeraldwarlock commented…
You leave sparklefairy out of this. She is innocent. This I know. 1 hour ago
Winxclubgirl202 commented…
@Sparklefairy you know, trolls being trolls 1 hour ago
deedragongirl said …
Hi guys, remember Gary Beach, the guy who originated Lumiere in the Broadway Version of Beauty and the Beast passed away yesterday! We had lost 2 Lumieres now! Posted 1 day ago
wavesurf commented…
Aw. So sad. May they both rest in peace. 4 hours ago
emeraldwarlock commented…
Gitanita would claim that she does not believe in God so she cannot bless. 2 hours ago