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KataraLover said …
Well, so far this new semester isn't starting out very well. Unlike the dorm I was in last semester, this one doesn't have a private bathroom, I have to use communal showers (Which I HATE the idea of doing because I prefer 100% privacy when I'm naked in a shower), the dorm is located on the other side of the campus with a road between it and where my classes are at, I forgot my shower shoes, the air conditioner will be out tomorrow morning, *continues to type in comments* Posted 11 hours ago
KataraLover commented…
I have to drive to the other side of campus because it's too long a walk, and my room is on the 9th floor so I have to decide to either be exhausted with using the stairs or nervous being on a rickedy elevator. Hopefully things will get better soon. I know this is dumb to complain about but I had to share this. I miss the dorm I had last semester. Having to share a bathroom with my roommate and two other guys in the next room is MUCH BETTER than having to share a shower with the entire floor. Right now I can't wait until it's Friday, so I can go home for the weekend. 11 hours ago
wavesurf commented…
^Sorry, man. That really sounds like a huge bummer. At least, you get the weekends to go home, right? *Trying to find the silver lining in your situation* 10 hours ago
MaidofOrleans commented…
Ugh that sounds horrible. I'm so sorry you have to deal with that. At least if you decide to take the stairs you'll have killer legs all semester XD 25 minutes ago
MalloMar said …
Cheers to me being here (on and off lately -_-) for 5 years! Posted 1 day ago
wavesurf commented…
^Yay, you!!! Congrats!!! 1 day ago
MaidofOrleans commented…
Yay congrats! 1 day ago
MalloMar commented…
Thank you guys! 9 hours ago
Mongoose09 said …
Can't believe I'm saying this because I have never been a big fan but I rewatched Tangled after so long (with a more open mind) and I now LOVE it. It's now one of my favourite Disney movies and while they're still not my favs I like Rapunzel and Flynn a lot more than I ever did (both as a couple and individually), especially Flynn. I really enjoy the soundtrack too. Posted 2 days ago
disnerdtobe commented…
That's great! Yeah, Tangled wasn't my favorite either. I still enjoy it though and it's a decent and objectively good movie. :) 2 days ago
Sparklefairy375 commented…
I really like Tangled :) 2 days ago
deedragongirl commented…
Yea, you should really listen to Jackie Evancho's rendition of I See the Light, she sang it with her brother. 1 day ago
MalloMar commented…
Agree with with disnerdtobe. 9 hours ago