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As you can probably tell from the title, this is a collab article! As you can also probably tell from the title, this is a collab article between disneygirl7 and princecatcher93. Me and princecatcher93 have written a collab article on our favourite couples. I did my pictures and princecatcher93 made her own pictures. Please remember that this is our own opinions, so it's absolutely fine to disagree, as long as you don't be rude. Warning: We did include Anna and Kristoff, so there could be possible spoilers. (Depends how much you know or whether or not you have seen the movie.) Enjoy! :)


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We all know Ariel isn't really the most favorable Disney Princess. Albeit all her adoring fans, there's also a tremendous amount of hate to come with that. There's no need to explain why to both, many fans already established that, so why bring it up again?

Yes, the character hate is understandable...at least to a point. Up until the flaws have overshadowed the good in Ariel, or have been somewhat exaggerated.

So here're a few traits Ariel have, but seem to always go unnoticed

Ariel's caring nature

While this may seem a bit dubious, Ariel really does care. And it's a trait highlighted on her...
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*~DreamyGal Productions~*
*~DreamyGal Productions~*
After seeing Tangled, I decided that I needed to update the ol' list. The last time I updated my list was about 3 months ago. My list has changed quite a bit since then. I've watched all of the Princess movies over the past week, and came up with a brand spankin' new list. To mix things up a bit, I've included my favorite scene from that Princess' movie. Hope you enjoy!
*Spoiler Alert* Skip over Rapunzel if you haven't seen Tangled yet!

10. Princess Aurora
"Oh, dear. Why do they still treat me like a child?"
"Oh, dear. Why do they still treat me like a child?"

Nothing has really changed my opinion about Aurora. She was #9 on my last...
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After a hectic few weeks of travelling, working and illness I decided to take a duvet day for my self and had little to do, so I thought in celebration of the theme of this month being Disney Princess Couples I should do an article detailing the 9 couples in order of how much I like them. Like every detail in my life I find things very hard to decide on, so please bare with me while I make what seems to be the difficult decision in my life.

9. The Iconic Couple
Cinderella individually is pretty high on my rankings for my favourite princess,...
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Aurora appears in "Holiday in Enchancia" episode of "Sofia the First."
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At this point it is safe to conclude that the music is the most prominently outstanding aspect of Frozen. Moreover, the soundtrack, score and presentation of marvelously spectacular and masterfully performed songs are objectively and noticeably superior to those of any of the other movies pertaining to a so-called “New Era” of Disney such as Princess and the Frog, Tangled, Brave and Wreck it Ralph. That undoubtedly have their merits and are exceptionally competent and engaging in terms of using music to set up a necessary mood. However, are nowhere in the neighborhood of the breathtakingly...
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I DON'T agree with everything Shannon says but you know different perspectives are always nice.
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So this had been hilariously enjoyable and challenging for me! Doing a silly article can be totally fun, but be sure to respect my opinion, okay? Admit it or not, we all have some guilty pleasures. What if Disney princesses lived in the MODERN day world and had some guilty pleasure? It would be hella awesome to know about it! P.S. = Those memes are JUST FOR FUN

Snow White – Sneaking into food and being a comfort lover

Yup! Ah, taking a tid bit out of refrigerator is something pretty naughty and silly and mischievous! I think Snow would hate being on a diet, just a wild guess lol! She...
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