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The fans pick: Calliope
The fans pick: Anastasia
The fans pick: Sparklefairy375
The fans pick: no
The fans pick: Esmeralda
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princesslullaby said …
What's the WORST animated movie you guys have seen? Mine has to be Food Fight. I don't think you guys will see anything worse. Posted 13 days ago
UnholyNoise commented…
the dingo pictures versions of most animated movies 12 days ago
Lavendergolden commented…
I hate Food Fight more than anything. It is so....terrible, not even worth spending a dollar 12 days ago
JaDangerz commented…
The emoji movie 9 days ago
MissCinico said …
What's everyone's favorite animated movie for all time? Partially because I'm curious and partially that it might be for an article! Posted 21 days ago
PrueFever commented…
Hello, my favorite Disney Movie of all time is The Little Mermaid <3! 18 days ago
AdelitaI commented…
Pocahontas! 12 days ago
wavesurf commented…
I'll go with The Little Mermaid, because I've loved it, and Ariel, technically for all of my natural life. 7 days ago
Mongoose09 said …
Omg the new spot look is amazing <333 Posted 1 month ago
Sparklefairy375 commented…
Yes I agree ♥ 1 month ago
Lavendergolden commented…
I somewhat disagree. But this club is more active 1 month ago
Mongoose09 commented…
^but you just said below that it looks beautiful, I'm confused. lol 1 month ago
Lavendergolden commented…
No, I said it is beautiful as The club is more active and so many fans are creating lovely graphics (Eg : Sparklefairy375) 1 month ago