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Its Not A Fashion Statement, Its A Death Wish Or Cemetery Drive?  XxMCRfOREVERxX 4 1164 over a year ago
The 'HOLY CRAP! WTF?! BOB HAS LEFT MCR!' Forum  misanthrope86 11 2177 over a year ago
whos the hottest member of mcr?  EmoSixx 23 4444 over a year ago
Mikey Way divorced?  sierra4eva1 3 26551 over a year ago
does anyone know how you get into gigs and stuff which arn't anounced to the wide public?  laspanglish 3 997 over a year ago
MCR filmed in HD - see the vids...  CloX 1 928 over a year ago
my sister hates MCR!!!!!!!!!  pmjlover1997 8 1350 over a year ago
new song  sahian5 2 640 over a year ago
desolation row yay or nay  darklegion 4 1017 over a year ago
Blood  sunnyhoney 0 1069 over a year ago
***MCR Spot Banner/Icon Change***  misanthrope86 14 4173 over a year ago
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Hot Topic Facebook take over!  Roblazarte85 1 980 over a year ago
Great pics of MCR live in Amsterdam  annekeruys 0 758 over a year ago
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Info on the new CD!!  iluvedwardc13 3 1026 over a year ago
New album rumor  xxXsk8trXxx 4 2054 over a year ago
when are they coming back from break?  kekemg 8 2596 over a year ago
Double Shot - My Chemical Romance  isdaatfufu 0 730 over a year ago
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mcr saved my life  asleepordead 21 2669 over a year ago
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