My Chemical Romance Weird Dream (Help me out)

DarkestZsusanna posted on Aug 01, 2011 at 08:32PM
So I had like the weirdest dream ever last night. I was in the back seat of our car and Idr what was happening but like my mom was talking to someone and then we started to drive and then we stopped and picked Mikey Way up. It was awesome at the same time that it was weird and freaky. Cuz then I turn toward him and I'm like "Oh, Hai!" at the same time that I was like "O...Hi..." then he looks at me like I'm crazy and then the dream ends. WTF!!! somebody please calm me down I'm pissed cuz it was only a dream. Mikey is awesome. >:(

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over a year ago emilyroxx said…
Umm, shouldn't this be in the Answers section instead of the forum section?
over a year ago DarkestZsusanna said…
Rofl, I fail! I didn't even think of posting it in the answers section. I never post anything there so I didn't really think about it.
over a year ago Gerardwayluvr97 said…
it's totally fine 2 post it here. u seek advice...i thnk... and as gee always says "...U all need to be there to help pick eachother up..." So we're here 4 u always!

Answer 2 Post: i've had the same thing b4 and i dream of it again but i change it a bit then just continue. I've had the same dream (slightly modified) 4 a whole week now!
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