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posted by xXxNinjaxXx
Courtney Granger hated Malfoys. No, not hate, loathe. Not only were they stuck up and vain, but they would every one of your buttons until you burst into flames.
This was another half reason why Courtney only stuck to herself. Well, not really alone since she usually had Ginny Weasley and Luna Lovegood by her side. Yup, being Hermione Granger's baby sister really had its perks. Not only was she second best to Hermione on everything, but Hermione was always considered a hero since she would assist Ronald Weasley and Harry Potter on their adventures.
It wasn't that Courtney hated her sister,...
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The next morning I was laying in bed until I heard coughing and retching.I trudged over to the bathroom to see Courtney throwing up and coughing uncontrollably.
"Hi Duncan."
Courtney tried to say happily with a fake smile.She thrust her head forward and went back to puking.I tried to put a positive spin no things by saying;
"Throw up all the junk from last night,I'm taking you to dinner this evening."
Courtney glanced up,washing her mouth,she mumbled;
"Because you deserve it."
I replied with a smirk.
She suddenly scowled,running into the kitchen.She grabbed a Snickers bar which I had layed along...
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*phone rings*
"hello."said courtney sleepy."hey wats up?"said duncan very happy."oh is u duncan,look i going to talk to u later u know that if my mom wakes up and sees me talking to u she will kill me!luv ya!"said courtney hanging up."omg is so early why will duncan wake me up at 5:00am?'courtney asked her self.
*at bridgette's house*
"geoff get up!geoff!geoff!!!!!!!(bridgette slaps geoff)""wat was that for?"said geoff."courtney want me to go with her to the club.can u come with me?"asked bridgette."no!im too sleepy and duncan and I r going to watch the football game that tyler is playing tonight."said...
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posted by cb0104
Courtneys P.O.V.

This game has gone way too far, but I was gonna end it one way or another. It has been days since Carla and Aaron were taken away. I know it seems a little rash but I was gonna kill duncan. My plan consisted of timing, silence, determination and 1 butcher knife. At 10:00pm my plan will go into action.

To prepare I put on black make up, tied back my hair, and wore my black long sleeve shirt and black long pants with black army boots. I rented a get away car for the night.

. . . . .

It was time. I drove to duncans house. I grabbed my knife and walked to the side of the house....
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posted by shellgirl54
Gwen-ok guys this is it Bridgette-hey kool vampire theme Lashwana-this is kinda creepy i'm gonna go Gwen-fine seeya Courtney-hi Bridgette-hi whats ur name Courtney-courtney Gwen-kool nice vampire theme Courtney-thnx can i speak to u guys in private Gwen-sure but we just met Cody-uh-uh do u have a boyfriend Courtney-sadly no here follow me they go to a room Courtney-its so nice to meet u Gwen and Cody Wolf Cody-wait how do u know r names Courtney-cause im from the wizard world and i looked u guys up Gwen-wow so ur a wizard too? Courtney-no im a vampire Bridgette-u know im human n this is creepy...
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posted by agtimm
Sorry i havnt updated this earlyer

*Courtneys POV*

"Hey Mommy! Kindergarten is going to be SO much fun!" The over-excited 5 year old says. "I'm So glad that your excited." Her mother replys. "Lets Go! Lets go!!" The little Girl says. "Okay Courtney, Calm down, We'll be there in time!"

Courtneys mother starts the car and Courtney jumps into the backseat. "I cant wait!" Courtney says squeeling. Courtneys mom smiles as they drive out of their driveway.

About 10 minutes later they arive at the school. "Come on Mommy!" Courtney says while Unbuckleing. Courtney jumps out of the car and courtneys mom...
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posted by dXcFan14
"Princess, is it your time of the month or something?" he smirked.

"How dare you! You don't even know what I've been through this past week, so just leave it" I practically screamed.

My father burst out of Officer Steeles' office and saw me crying.

"Sweetheart, calm down, tell me what's wrong" he tried to calm me down.

"Ask. Him!" I seethed, pointing to the punk who'd pissed me off.

"What did you say to my daughter?!" my father bellow.

"Duncan, come with me" Julie, his mother, dragged him through to Officer Steeles' office by his ear and slammed the door beind them.

I then heard some shouting but...
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posted by tdilovestories
This is a short Duncan and Courtney story. I got the idea from the song: I RUN TO YOU by LADY ANTEBELLUM.


I was lying on my bed listening to my parents have another fight about me and my brothers. I couldn’t take it anymore….I had to get out. I hoped out of my bedroom window and headed across town to her place.


I was all alone in my room. I had gotten a B+ on my last test and was being forced to study in my room for the rest of the night….without dinner. ‘You’re not trying hard enough!’ they had shouted at me. I was trying as hard as I could, but...
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posted by TDItwin
this is set after the challeng and elimination in ep 15 note i changed who gose out sorry

courtney pov

"are you sure your ok?" beth asked me
"yes of course im fine! i snapped back i didnt want to talk to anybody at the moment
"well you dont seem alright" heather spoke up why did leshwana have to go and leave us stuck with heather "courtney for the last time are you ok?" heather asked me why did everybody want to know if i was ok i cleched my fists
"yes of course im fi-" i didnt get to finsihs because i ran out the door to puke i luckily made it to the toilets i could here them running after...
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