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posted by DxC_lover98
Duncan's P.O.V.

I sighed and stared at the ceiling. She still hadn't answered my email. I'd sent it right after I got back from Geoff's. Which was three days ago. She hadn't texted or called either. In fact, every trace that Courtney had ever existed was gone. Except for me. But Bridgette hasn't been forgotten (mainly because Geoff can't stop crying for more than 2 hours). I picked up my cell phone again and stared at it blankly. No text.

So that's how the next three hours went. Then my phone started buzzing and vibrating wildly. I glanced at it. A text from Gwen.

hey! haven't seen u 4 awhile....
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posted by reyfan01
Duncan is dressed in a black dress shirt tucked into his black leather pants which are also tucked into his black leather boots with a gold chain around his neck. His green mohawk is gone and has gained a hairstyle [similar to Alejandro from tdwt]. He has a gold watch on one hand and a ring on the other. The dress shirt hugged his chest to show off his lean muscle. While his shirt left two top buttons unbuttoned to show off the gold necklace. His unibrow became two brows and his goatee was gone. His piercings also vanished.

The genie poofed up a mirror. "Here you're not so highness. You're...
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posted by Courtneyfan101
This goes out to soxfan89!

Duncan`s POV:I went into my room and saw the window`s blinds were open.I ran to the window shutting the blinds instantly.I rubbed my eyes to remind them of the dark.I don`t like light in my room.I don`t know why,I just don`t.I layed down on the bed and looked around.I`ve been in my room countless times before,I`ve just never taken the time to just sit down and see what on Earth my room contains.I saw posters of my favorite bands and icons.I saw newspaper articles of the so called haunted house.Every paper that showed up in my mailbox had an article on that house.Once,there...
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so here I am packing all my stuff to go to LA,California! ough! I dont get why my parents send me to Los Angeles when I already had my plans. In my plans I will go to College in Ingland and I already had the money to buy the passage but no! my parents want me to go to California.
Is not that I hate California... is just that I have already be there a lot of times and now its kinda boring. I want to experience new adventures, meet new countries, learn new cultures.
oh well... I cant do anything to change the plans. My parents already buy the passage to California and I already have...
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posted by tdilovestories
Duncan's POV:

Courtney is 7 months in now and everyone is getting very excited........

We got home from school and I had to go to work. when i got back it was around nine oclock. I opened the door and the lights were of... a soft glow was lighting the apartment. I looked around to see hundreds of lite candles. I started walking to our bedroom door when courtney apeard in the door. she was wearing a black night gown htat had lace trim and a hot pink bow inbetween her boobs.

I fallowed her to the bed amd as she layed down i dentally mounted her. I began to kiss her neck and bite at it softly. she...
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COURTNEY'S POV: I caught him staring at my cleavage, AGAIN! Is he a pervert? He saw me glaring and quickly averted his eyes. "So, where you going 2 skool then?" i asked. "Erm, Alec Hunter" he replied, uh, "Thats where I go to..." i told him. Im not sure y tho...WHY do i even care??? 'U lyk him' a voice in my head said, 'i DO not!' i argued with myself. 'DO 2!' 'DO not!' 'DO 2!' 'DO NOT!' "I guess it wont be so bad then" he stared intensly in my eyes.
"Why?" i asked. Y dus he care???
"Because then..."
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posted by court7
I was by Duncan’s side all time but my fears were growing because if he wasn’t going to wake up before the sun set the doctor will stop the machines so he will die.
The doctor was stopping the machines so I was sobbing because Duncan was dying in front of me and I just couldn’t do anything about it. Finally I decided to try to talk to him.
I took his cold hand in mine then took a shivering breath.
“Duncan, it is Courtney. I am really sorry; if I haven’t made you mad you won’t drive that fast and be in that situation. I am begging you to pardon me...
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posted by crazy-yanu
Hola, estaba escuchando esta canción en radio y se me ocurrió que podría hacer un dxc… Además les debo una porque mi último capítulo de las aventuras de Duncan y sus hijos no me salió muy bien que digamos.
Espero que les guste y dejen reviews.
Pov de Duncan
Estábamos en el Caribe, ya que después de lo que había pasado en Hawai y de poner en riesgos nuestras vidas, Chris nos recompenso con una estadía allí y Geoof había organizado una fiesta.
Su novia Bridgette, estaba surfeando en las inmensas olas y cada tanto venia y pasaba tiempo de calidad con mi amigo, que se entretenía haciendo...
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Courtney’s POV


This wide, ecstatic smile breaks out on my lips as I open the door wide. I’m not sure if it’s sincere, it feels somewhat forced, but I ignore that. I mean, I am happy to see Josh. Overjoyed, in fact! Yeah, yeah…

“Hey, Courtney.” Josh says and pulls me into a hug. I return it uneasily, then remember how glad I am to see him—

Elated, actually! Entirely thrilled! Because he’s my boyfriend.

—and hug tighter.

When I pull away, I see that he’s wearing a crisp button-down shirt and his hair has been gelled aptly. He looks…


“You must be Josh.” My...
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I stood with my mouth hanging open i shock. I swallowed before speaking, than choked out,"I'm sorry, I must be mistaken. Did you just say that-"

"We're moving, yes."He said, answer and finishing my question.

I looked at both crazy."What! We can't move, I-I have friends here, and I have adapted to this area so well, and ow you want to take it all away from me."I complained, as I became louder than needed.

My mother rubbed her head."Honey, it's not a option, your father's job has been getting very low service and his boss believes, that in Mississippi, they well have better work progress."She exclaimed....
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