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One More Kiss?
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"Duncan what are you doing here?"Bridgette asked again coldly.

Duncan smirks impressed at the blonde surfer girl."Ok ya got me I came to tell Court was sorry about everything,but she ain't home.You know where she is Malibu?"Duncan said in a fake apologetic tone.

"Yes but I'll never tell you're the last thing Courtney wants to see.Ever since you cheated on her,she's kept her distance from everyone even me!"Bridgette exclaimed walking up to him.

"Hey don't blame anything on me!I never made her run off to that fancy law school,she did that herself."DUncan said sternly trying to intimidate Bridgette....
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posted by tdilovestories
Sorry it has been so long since I last wrote..... Im just gonna rap up this story and move on to the next part. If you have forgotten what is happening, please just scan over TDILOVESTORY10C.




Its been about 3 months since the hole kidnapping thing and Solomon was sent to the nut house for a very long time. He has just gone crazy because he wanted a necklace that he bought for a friend of ours in 5th grade. She died that summer and her parents gave me the necklace because she wore it all the time and they said she would...
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50 things to remember about Courtney

By Duncan

There are some things you need to know about Courtney

1. Courtney is the one with brown hair, nice mocha skin, long sexy legs, dark onyx eyes........ and a hot ass

a) Touch her ass and you will die

2. Nicknames for her include

a) The A-type

b) Bossy boots

c) Miss know it all

d) CIT

e) Brat

f) Teacher’s pet

g) Stuck up princess

h) Bitch

3. Nicknames only I may call her

a) princess

b) babe

c) honey

d) sweetheart

e) darling

f) hot stuff

4. She is a CIT and will take every god damn moment to tell us that

5. Courtney is vicious when it comes to winning (and I believe she...
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I was babysitting the nest-door neighbor. He was 10, and a pretty good kid. But his brother was the one who needed babysat. His name is Duncan. He's 16, and an immature delinquent. No, I'm serious. He got out of juvenile 3 weeks ago, and could probably go back in any minute.

He's such an ogre. A green Mohawk, a lot of piercings, a punk! You know, if I was more like him, I'd find it sexy. But I don't.

“7:30, dinner,” I mumbled as I read the list. I pulled out my cell phone for emergency uses ONLY, and looked at the time. 7:29. Just on time.

I pulled the pizza from the fridge, and set it on...
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Nothing can make you forgive me,
I've already lost the race,
It still hurts to see,
Trent in my place,
I'll never be with you.

The kiss between Gwen and I was supposed to be a secret,
It still haunts me with regret,
I should have never sticked to it,
The mistake is too hard to forget,
I'll never be with you.

Courtney you stole my heart,
Ever since that first kiss,
We were world's apart,
You were my first love I will tell you this,
I'll never be with you.

I would give anything to kiss your lips,
What happened with Gwen and I was a mistake,
I didn't mean to wreck our relationship,
But what happened last year I can't remake,
I will never be with you.

Now you've fount Trent as your new man,
I don't know what to do,
You two together wasn't part of the plan,
Courtney, I will never be with you...
posted by Courtneyfan101
Courtney's POV:I couldn't believe Duncan was doing this,and it was all because of me.

Duncan's POV:I let Courtney go to Derek as Derek helped her to at least stand up.I faced Alpha as we just looked at each other.Alpha quickly turned himself into a werewolf as I did too.We started fighting and biting at each other.Then the real fight started.Alpha and I were tied.But Alpha had a secret weapon.

I tackled Alpha to the ground as he made one move of his head and bit my neck.The noise a dog makes when it's hurt filled people's ears.I knew that the sight of me getting hurt killed Courtney on the inside.I...
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Duncan POV
u know why i was not at school well my bros kinda abandon me so i got lost but a dog catcher catched me and was going to expose me luckily i locked him in his cage and escaped i catched up with my bros and we were at our house a abandon werehouse so kool there but we saw this goth girl wearing a full moon shirt and we kinda turned into werewolfs after sombody shined the flashlight in r eyes we turned human then i saw courtney and her friends but she fainted so we had to put her on a couch

Courtney POV
when i saw them from werewolf to human i fainted everything went black for a few minutes then when i woke up

Courtney-ok was i dreaming
Gwen-sadly no
Duncan-um haha surprise??
Courtney-oh my god i-i
Trent-see i was right
Duncan-whatever dorkius
basically trent and duncan were argueing for an hour
posted by DanixxDumb
_________ 9 ________ 
  I couldn't believe it; Bridgette was gone. 
It was only 2 days after we buried her body. We had to leave before someone discovered our hiding spot. 
 After letting down my tent; I felt a hand on my shoulder. "Courtney, Its time to go." Duncan said, lightly.  I nodded and stood slowly. "Duncan.... Thank you." I whispered. 
   A flash of confusión swiped over his face. "Why aré you thanking me? I did nothing worthy for your thank you." I sighed and embraced him. "Thank you, for being here for me; and The Flock." He siged and pulled away a little to cup my face...
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"Duncan..NO!!!" I screamed, I stood up from my slumber and looked around. I was sweating like Mad ! I dont know why i was dreaming about that neanderthal. I could easily remember the dream like it was real.
We were on top of the Statue Of Liberty. Duncan was looking down at the 50,000 ft. jump he was about to take to save my life."Courtney ! Get out of here !" He yelled, His voice sounding strained. Behind me was the Bull that was at my home looking for me. His red eyes looking intently at me, He charged at me. Duncan pushed me out of the way and soon fell 50,000 ft. into the depths of the...
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posted by reyfan01
after the movie thing in the morning-

Courtney is on her PDA sitting on a the step of the girls trailer. She growls and her eyes grow angry.

Courtney:I can not believe Lindsay went out with Duncan...ON A DATE!!And i also can't beleive he accepted!!!!What does he see in her!Or was he jsut donig it tho spike me!Uh not that I care[snorts] not that..i...care.[looks nervous]

Duncan is looking out the guys trailer window and sees Courtney. He smirks at Courtney's anger.

Duncan:Man is this sweet!!I got her back this time! She's so into me!

"Hey princess ya better watch your jealousy...
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Antes de seguir con la historia, se me había olvidado describir a Sunny y Megan.
Sunny tenía tez clara y su pelo era marrón claro y tenía unos grandes ojos cafés y Megan tenia una tez oscura, pelo negro y ojos azules
Todos: ¿que?
Courtney ya había dejado a Sunny en su cuna y cuando escucho la noticia se desmayo.
Duncan corre en su auxilio gritando Honey!! Y los trillizos y Megan al ver a su madre caer desmayada, comenzaron a gritar mama y ha llorar y como esto no fuera poco, con el escándalo Sunny se despierta y comienza a llorar.
Viendo todo este descontrol, Chris le dice al Cheff:- lo...
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posted by lolibarbie
hey yes i am making yet another DxC thing so here it goes:
Courtney's POV:
Duncan gets on my very last nerve sometimes you know!? And what is wrong with him i mean HE should've been the fighter and i should've too! that way i could punch him in the face! well when everyone was still at the kung foo set i went into the guys trailer. Call me a snoop but i looked through his stuff and i found 2 things a picture of me under his pillow and a peice of paper that said this:
i need to say this: i love courtney: there i got it off my chest.
then i found...
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posted by Courtneyfan101
I'm back from vacation,so I'll update more often.Enjoy!

Courtney's POV:I put my cellphone down as Duncan asked,"Is everything okay?"

"Yeah.But why do you care?"I said.

"Like I said,I like you."Duncan said.

"No you don't.The last guy I had sex with wanted nothing to do with me the next day."I said.

"But I'm still here with you right?"Duncan asked.

"Yes and that's what makes me think.Why are you still with me?"I asked.

"Because I like you,alot.You're beautiful,smart,and you definatlly know how to have some awesome sex.My type of woman."Duncan said.

I chuckled.

"What?"he asked.

"You're just different."I...
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