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posted by dxcfan
'What so god damn special about her?' The brunette thought to herself. She watched as he whispered something into the girl's pale pierced ear. Her fist tighten, making her pencil break in half.

She sighed, as she reached in her bag pocket for another one, than returned to glaring at the duo. She could hardly pay attention to the professor, better yet, she could hardly breathe. The air felt thin and toxic, like it was contaminated. Every breath she took was followed by a small whimper.

"Stop crying." She told herself. Her eyes twitched. "Stop looking!"

No matter how much she didn't want to see,...
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“Well, ask her out,”said Geoff. As if it is that easy. Asking out Courtney is like asking out a bear. One minute they can be friendly, the next vicious. Staring at her gave me goosebumps.
“Why can't you?” I ask. I stare at Courtney at the far side of the beach. Her hair. Her eyes. Her legs. She is so beautiful, but she is very hard to get. She turns down any guy, so the chances of her falling for me was pretty low. But I got a secret weapon.

“Nah, Courtney is not my type. She is ok, but us together is impossible," Geoff replied.
“Then why do I have to ask her?” I asked while checking...
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posted by i_love_music
"Team Flying Gophers, I'll be seeing you at the bonfire tonight," Chris just announced to Courtney's team.
She couldn't take it anymore. It was the 5th season now, and her team was on a losing steak. Courtney snapped.
"Why can't you guys do anything right?! I'm always the one who has to do EVERY SINGLE LITTLE THING around here! It's been that way since the very first season! But luckily for you guys, I was a CIT!" she proclaimed with pride at that last sentence.
Gwen sighed. "Not that again."
"SHUT UP. Why don't you go and steal someone else's boyfriend while you're at it!"
"You're still mad about...
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Courtney's hair, and wedding dress
Courtney's hair, and wedding dress
Once there was a Princess, and there was a peasant. Her name was Courtney, and his name was Duncan.....

Crappy start, yeah I know, but define the odds. Imagine yourself falling a delinquent like Duncan. A punk-attic, juvenile neanderthal. A royal punk that has green Mohawk-which Courtney despised most-a few piercings here and there, and a spiked dog color. Now that you have that disturbing picture in your head, let's begin the story now shall we....

-At Your Service-

Courtney sighed deeply, and glanced at him one more time, than gave her farther a pleading look. She didn't love him, nor did she...
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posted by lolibarbie
Chris's POV:

"What are you trying to pull, Chris?" Duncan asked.

"I'm trying to simply tell you that you should be with Courtney, through my wife," I said.

"It's not that simple," Courtney even said.

"But isn't it?" My wife said.

"Look, if this is all we're talking about then I'm outta here," Trent said and walked out, Gwen following him saying, "Trent! Wait! Let's actually work this out."

They ran off, I said, "Look, guys, after this you'll never see my face again. Happy? But only if you guys get together this will happen."

"It would be good to never see you again, Chrissy," Duncan said.

"I guess."...
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[okay,this is not gonna be long but i planned for it to be juicy and there are going to be more chapters from here so don't think its the end!]

Courtney is walknig off the stage with Caleb and they are laughing together.Duncan is watching them and getting the courage to finally talk to her.Courtney and Caleb walk pass him with their things and as they walk away from him Duncan speaks.

"Alirght Court!This is it!I'm tired of waiting!You want an apology and a reason well here it is in front of everyone!"Duncan screams out waving his hands in the air.Everyone looks at him astonished.Caleb and Courtney...
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posted by sugarsweet076
It's been 4 months since gwen stole duncan away from em.I don't care anymore in fact i could care less.

tonight the school tanent show.I'm singing a song that i think willbe perfect.

Duncan's p.o.v

i parked the car in the lot Gwen is dragging me to this tanent show.I didn't want to go but I'm here.

Harold went fisrt then goeef and bridgette who made out the whole 5 minutes.Then walked princess on the stage with a dress on.it was a puffy dress she looked hot.

we were sitting in the front row so i could se her really good.

"Lets go courtney!" yelled bridgette.

Twinkle little star started.she made them...
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posted by sugarsweet076
In the morning i got up and got dressed.When Gwen come over.

"Hey Gwen"

"What's wrong?"

"nothing i just got to see princess and she doesn't even rememebr me."

"..Do you want me to come with you?"

"Do you want to?"


"fine lets go"

no body was there.

"Hey courtney how have you been?"

"Who is this Josh"

"Gwen started to look around.

"Josh..wjo is that?"

"Josh you know him...the dude with the green mohawk..duh"

Gwen pulled me out of the room.

"JOSH! she lied to her..."

"Gwen you don't understand..the doctor said not to bring up bad things..and you merory will come back slowly..and i don't want her to freak...
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posted by james55
Ok I decided to make a new series so here it goes............

Duncan's pov..............

Ugh I am so angry right now my mom and dad say I have to leave home and stay at an apartment for the hole sumer it isn't fair I'm 17 I should be able to stay if I want. Stupid parents that say I have to stay at a stupid apartment. To make worse I have to share the apartment with this girl I don't know who it is but I don't care if she is pretty or ugly I have my on beautiful girlfriend gwen we met on this tv show I chested on this other girl. But don't get me wrong I admit cheating on someone isn't right...
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