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my pov.
ok so you know that i made a mistake and preassed publish with this so heres the last part again sorry for that ok enjoy!and yes this has SEXUAL CONTENT,YOU HAVE BEEN WARND!!

courtney's pov.

I was about to leave duncan but then he had grabed my wrist and pushed me up against my locker.
"duncan stop and leave me alone,i said trying to move his hold.
"nop" said duncan pining me harder.
"if you don't let me leave then i wont help you with your math!,i said giveing a smirk.
"Alright fine,but not cuz i need help i can really care less about,but becaues i want you over at my parent free house to...
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Courtney was lying on the couch, her socked feet propped up. Duncan was sitting next to her feet, and Alex and Daniel were sleeping soundly on the loveseat.

"I'm gonna take them up." Courtney spoke up, her eyes leaving the television screen in front of them.

"I got it." Duncan interrupted, as he pushed Courtney back down on the couch, and went to pick up Alex and Daniel from the chair.

Courtney raised a suspicious eyebrow as to why he was being so nice all of a sudden.

"Mhmm." was all Courtney could mutter before letting her eyes follow Duncan up the stairs with their kids. She couldn't help but...
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