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Its early in the morning at Camp Wawanakwa everyone is in their old caibns.IN the Killer Bass cabin,Courtney sneaks off for a quick shower before there's a line.Little did she know that her ex was up after doing his early push ups.He followed his ex until she closed the door behind to the washrooms.He didn't follow inside because well HE WANTED TO LIVE!

So he waited behind a bush outside till she walked out.wHEN SHE CAME BACK she was in her sleepwear,but of course Duncan didn't mind.He walked behind her and tapped on her shoulder she jumped and slapped whoever touched her.When she looked to...
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posted by Fallintomyarms
Courtney's P.O.V : I will not cry anymore. I will not weep. I refuse to argue a pointless arguement with myself again. I will not sit here and waste my life over a pointless, stupid, jerk, pig, waster of precious air of a man. Its time for action. Now.

Next morning at school.

I tried to ignore the kissing duo across the side to me. "It. Doesn't. Matter. Anymore." I told myself. After my throwing things into my locker. I made my way over to chemistry class, "Hey Courtney? When you're done weeping over me, why don't we have a chat?" Duncan yelled loud enough for the entire school to hear. Thats...
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posted by Lollipop97
Hiya folks! I know i normaly wait with the oneshots, until i'm done with my current story, but i was reading a story on fanfiction.net and it was great! So i decided to re- write it in DxC mode. I relly hope you like it! The realstory was wrote by RadiantBeam, so all the credit to her!

Okay, well, let's start! Oh, just a sec! Make sure to have some handerchiefs, in first place it made me cry! Songfic about DxC, song used: Allysa Lies, by Jason Michael Caroll.

Okay, again, start.

Courtney frowned as she carefully pressed a Band-Aid to a fading bruise...
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And hello again guys! Hope ya're all doing well, cuz it's going good with me! My sprained ancel has gone blue again, but it does'nt hurt so much anymore! And the omework. . . Well, that's boring but it has to be done!

Aaaand we have a special guest artist todaaay!

No, it's not Miley Cyrys, buuut it's even better!
Iiiiit's Lulu! (aka TDItwin) Yaaaay!

So, all the credit for the pictures go to her, the most amazing OC make i know! And i could'nt make this part without her amazing pics, and you guys would hate me if i did'nt update, so this part is dedicated to her!

So if ya like the pictures, message...
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MY pov.
Sorry it took long just school...man i hate it...anyways heres the 3rd chappie enjoy!

Courtney sat there watching the movie Vampier suck,even if she was a twilight fan she still had a scens of humour.She look over on her right to find her cusion and her boyfriend makeing out...No srpruise.She look over on her left to see her cousions boyfriends best friend,duncan,.She scoffed at him,not only was he a pervert,but a criminel,she hated people like him she would never be couaght dead with him,Pluse she wasen't stupid,she was FAR from that,so she knew that all he wanted was to get in her pants,and...
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posted by Miss_Got_Swagga
ALrite this is my first song fic so dnt start putting me on blast if its bad. The song is Mad by Neyo(one of my faves #2 nxt to Find ur love) any wayyyys i was getting my hair did when someone turned up the radio in the salon and im like wait ive heard this song before and wait a minute this is mad by neyo i love this song so then im thinkin y dnt i use this so damn here it is.
SQE Swagg Qween Enterprises

Duncan's POV

"You know what! Why can't you leave my stuff alone!"
I stand up.

Courtney yells back,"No!...
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i was in my house getting ready to go to the movies when my mom wouldent stop bothering me to help her with some stuff, wich made me late to go to the movies, and at the same time alejandro wouldent stop calling me to see if i was near the movies.
courtney: dont worrry ill be there!!!!!
alejandro: please hurry up!!!!!!!!
courtney: ill be there :)
at that same moment duncan calls......
courtney: ohhh hey duncan.
duncan: courtney i forbit u to go to the movies with this guy.
courtney: and y is that?
duncan: u dont know him like i do, i know hes gona steel u from me, and i cant let that happen.
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i was getting redy to go out to the beach wich geoff and bridgette invited everibody from tdwt. sudenly i heard a nock on my door, and my dad comes and answers it.
kevin: uhhh duncan!!!
duncan: uhhh kevin!!!
my dad is still not use to me dating duncan sooo he comes and looks at duncan really badly lucly i rush into the door and said:dont worry daddy i got it from here.
kevin:well ok have fun princess, and u, if u do enything to hurt my dughter ull be more then happy to meet my phist...
duncan: what ever u say pups!!!
courtney:duncan be nice.
duncan: ok MY princess. and then he puts his arm around...
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posted by tdilovestories

In this movie based on the real life campers of TDI/TDA/TDWT Courtney Gomez and Duncan Meyers star as themselves along side Bridgette, Geoff, Gwen, Trent, DJ, Katie and much more. In it, the campers reenact there days after TDI when they all were sent to the same High school. This movie focuses manly on Courtney and Duncan’s relationship and how Duncan effects Courtney’s behavior and how she effects his.

RAITED: PG-13 for language, some violence, sexuality, and crud humor


In this movie TAMMY WHITEFEILD (Bridgette Johnson) has it all. She is one co captain...
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posted by lolibarbie
Courtney's POV:

"RRRIIIIIIIPPPPPPP!" The sound of a ripping photograph filled my lonely apartment.

He just had to break my heart didn't he?

Every second chance I gave him, he finished with it. He just ended up losing me, or breaking me.

Tear up the photographs,
But yesterday won't go.
Every day, every day, every minute.
Here comes the emptiness.
Just can't leave lonely alone.
Every day, every day, hey, hey.

And he just had to do it this week. When I was graduating from Law School.

I swear, the worst thing I ever did was go on Total Drama Island.

This second-chancin's really getting me down.
You give and...
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Courtney's P.o.v.

I drove, i drove right past bridgette's, the place i was going, and just drove. Drove and drove and drove. It's my fault... Im not a good enough girlfriend to Duncan and thats why he did it.... Im no sexy enough, not good enough, and not stong enough to let this go. If i let him go, then, what do i have? I have me, and the babies. I dont want them to live with me, a terrible person. I feel like a whore...Im just not a whore like Gwen, and if he wants a whore i'll give him one. I pulled into a biker bar. Men whistled at me a circled my car. Maybe because of my outfit. I was...
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posted by TDItwin
note : this is 1 year after t.d.w.t.

"how could he just how could he" courtney thought to herself as she scurried along the high street "i thought he loved me and now i hate him!! the dirty little slime ball" you see her boyfriend justin had told that he loved her yeah right it was always "courtney could you help me with this homework" "courtney could you do this for me" and he had been dating some exchange student from italy lucia her name was. it was never just about courtney was it ?

duncan was flipping through the music channels but everything remined him of her you know about yay tall buetifull...
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posted by rubberduck2
ok so i got really really bored...nothin on tv, no one on fanpop so i decided to write this, this is my first fanfiction EVER so tell me watcha think k here goes nothin:

Duncans POV:

I woke up on Geoffs couch with a major headache,
I looked around and the place was trashed with toilet paper hanging down from the chandelier, and empty cups spread throughout the room. I didnt know why I couldnt remeber anything from last night...that was until i saw the giant pile of empty beer bottles at my feet. I slowly got up and ran my hands through my hair.
"Hey Malibu whats for breakfast?" I yelled out....
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I gazed absentmindedly at the television before me. I was currently on the couch, laying on Duncan’s lap while he was stroking my big bulge of a stomach. Normally I would have treasured this kind of moment but I was too distracted with a piece of information I had recently acquired.

Today I went in for an ultrasound, Duncan would have come, but he had to work. I found out with much shock that I would be having twins instead of one child. How were we going to handle two babies around the apartment? We cant raise two kids in an apartment. And how was I going to break it to Duncan?

I guess the...
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I woke up in bed and felt a cool cloth on my forehead. I gingerly lifted it off my face and greedily drank the cup of water that was beside my bed.

“Courtney, you okay?”

I held my breath until I saw that it was Bridget walking through the door. I exhaled, and sat up.

“Is Duncan home yet?” I asked nervously.

She shook her head no. I sat up and hugged my knees to my chest.

“Bridgette, what am I going to do? How am I going to tell Duncan?”

She came and rubbed my shoulders as the waterworks came down.

“Courtney, Duncan’s not that heartless. Sure, he might be upset at first, but after he...
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posted by milorox18
Courtney sat in her bedroom on Halloween Eve, with her bowl of half devoured candy corn in her lap, purusing the internet for new sources of scary reading entertainment- a newly made tradition of hers. So far, she had read about suicides that led to ghosts in barns, war stories where the soldiers still walked the battlefield, and insane, escaped criminals who had become mass murderers.

The scariest one so far had been a story about a family who kept hearing footsteps in their kitchen at night. When they asked the previous owner about it, they had been shocked, as well as frightened, to find...
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I ran out after that disaster. Mark better be glad he got revenge.

I could just STRANGLE him! I guess he got revenge. I am NEVER babysitting Mark again.

I passed the music shop. They always played music in the store. A lot of the time, I would go in there and listen to the music while I was working on homework or studying.

Since I didn't want to go home yet, I went in. The ending of the song 'All Around Me' by Flyleaf was playing. I liked that song. Then, after that, the song 'When You're Gone' by Avril Lavigne played. I loved that song. Once it came on, I realized how much it related to me....
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I finally got over writers block after about....idk how many hours but here: ONLY A FEW LIKE 2 MORE PARTS LEFT AFTER THIS PPL I MUST SAY!

That face, where was it from!? They decided to ignore it and just continue with their day, then it started following them, they knew it had to be someone from the island, so Courtney got a picture from everyone on the island to her phone.

There was the process of elimination, well it was a dude so it couldn't be any of the girls, Duncan was there with them at the hotel probably so he's out, that leaves 10 people left.

It was too skinny to be Owen so he's out....
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posted by lolibarbie
how they woke up except their eyes are closed, well courtney's are :P
how they woke up except their eyes are closed, well courtney's are :P
Duncan's POV:
That night we talked and talked and talked forever it seemed like. And when we woke up i was laying in the grass, it wasn't even dawn yet, i checked the time on my ipod and it said 3:21 A.M. And it was tooo perfect, it happened again! She fell asleep cuddling up to me, it was so sweet, if i wanted to i could've told her i loved her, but that would've meant waking her up. I didn't want to, she looked so pretty, the lights of the eiffel tower shining on her beautiful hair, then i saw her onyx eyes open and look straight into my eyes. "Mornin Princess!"

"Duncan? Really? AGAIN?" excapt...
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courtneys POV

i spent the holidays at duncan,and he asked if he can see my family.
"ok,"i told him,though,i wasnt sure my parents would like it.
we walked into the house. rang the bell.
"who is it?"called the voice of my father.
'its me,daddy,Courtney,"
"ok,"he said. he opened the door. but,he didnt say anything,he just stood there.
"hunny,whats going on?"asked my mom,who then was now standing in shock.
"whats going on?"asked samie,who i as not glad to see.
"samie?"i asked,inm sohck.
"hi,cousin!"she sadi"whatcha been up to?done anything with your boyfreind?"
"yes,and you dont need to know exactly what...
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