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Amazing quiz  AzisDoICare 3 6291 over a year ago
FOR GIRLS Transformers Personality Quiz  AzisDoICare 0 5555 over a year ago
Transformers REMIX (ELECTRO VERSION) :)  maur0 0 5467 over a year ago
"The Media Club" is being established as Sony Pictures' partnership with Disney & Hallmark, as of July 5, 2015!  DDD1988Redux 0 5144 over a year ago
Transformers fan tattoos  nekoashido 0 6293 over a year ago
Create your own Transformer! YOU SCARED BABIES!!!  BLAMargera123 22 9952 over a year ago
Transformers 4?  BlondLionEzel 3 3861 over a year ago
Best TF game (in your opinion( and best killstreaks/kills you've ever made!  Fairstepshaven 5 3689 over a year ago
Is Megatron a Cute Robot? Apparently So...  wojkwasi 7 3264 over a year ago
how to build  brent1313 1 2994 over a year ago
TRANSFORMERS: FALL OF CYBERTRON  Autobot9991 0 5981 over a year ago
Transformers RP: War on Iacon  BLAMargera123 3 3990 over a year ago
transformers role play  guilmon2149 9 2509 over a year ago
Transformers Art  khopson 12 3145 over a year ago
Beast Wars/Beast Machines  jotaese 2 3258 over a year ago
Michael Bay - good or bad choice for Transformers?  michael 6 5320 over a year ago
Transformers 2 rewatch  BatCountry9000 0 3214 over a year ago
Transformers: The Opera  Giovanni_wasto 1 3796 over a year ago
Why you won't be seeing Transformers 3 in 3D.  iamrogue 3 3509 over a year ago
how to watch Transformersy online?  rojarfeder 0 2804 over a year ago
Favorite Transformer  Saphira333 6 3732 over a year ago
PICTURES Rosie Huntington-Whiteley! substitute of Megan Fox in "Transformers 3"  montoro_7 0 2903 over a year ago
name of black marine  GTAFREAK 2 2396 over a year ago
Slag-A-Con 2010  transjazz 2 2921 over a year ago
John Turturro's sunglasses in Transformers (2007)  FromBeyond 2 5327 over a year ago
Found the Transformers Emblem  lucus 0 1783 over a year ago
Amazing Optimus Prime Discovered on Earth!  NewOptimus 0 1900 over a year ago
Anyone played the game yet?  Kokoyasu 4 2786 over a year ago
Interview Clips with Megan, Shia, Josh, and Tyrese  optimusprime416 0 2960 over a year ago
Transformers Tuesday 6/23 at Kings Island (Mason, Ohio near Cincinnati)  JekyllandHans 0 2564 over a year ago
Transformers 2 Bot Debut  Stalkme 0 2899 over a year ago
Be on Spike TV Show AGE CHANGE  abreality 0 3241 over a year ago
Need Biggest Transformer Fan for TV SHOW  abreality 0 3580 over a year ago
Official Hasbro GRIMLOCK HELMET on eBAY  dysaan 0 2740 over a year ago
CYBERTRON BECOMES REALITY  eayzie 0 2732 over a year ago
Transformers 1/10 RC  ImperialRC 0 3971 over a year ago
Cool transformers article.  nixnax 2 3579 over a year ago
Help on Episode  Saphira333 3 3626 over a year ago
Transformers-Movie  naaila 9 2785 over a year ago
anyone completed transformers autobots or decepticons  death-car 0 1942 over a year ago
Botcon 2008  Decipticharge 0 2174 over a year ago
Transformers II (Possible Plot Spoilers)  ChrisCTD 1 6203 over a year ago
transformers 2?  jenoufan 2 4088 over a year ago
Transformers  Scorponokking 0 3082 over a year ago
A good character guide?  harold 5 7190 over a year ago
Season 1 of the Transformers Cartoon  lemming 7 13324 over a year ago
Transformer Videos being deleted..  megloveskyle 1 3882 over a year ago
The film I'd like to see  harold 0 3619 over a year ago