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shootcotton gave me props for my images
I love your icon :) Posted over a year ago
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Merry Christmas! =) Posted over a year ago
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you're icon is freakin' amazing ;* Posted over a year ago
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Thank you for the add! Posted over a year ago
big smile
HuddyJoy0524 said …
Thanks! :) Bette rocks! Posted over a year ago
House34 said …
biiiiiiiiig hug !!! Posted over a year ago
oldmovie commented…
OOOOHHH I'll happily accept a big hug! To what do I owe this honor? :) over a year ago
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Hkiara gave me props for my images
Love your icon! <3
What's your favorite shippings on Glee? Posted over a year ago
oldmovie commented…
Well Thank you! My favorite ships hhhmmmm......Rachel/Puck, Finn/Quinn, Sam/Quinn, Kurt/Blaine, Jesse/Rachel and Santana/Happiness...that's probably it :) over a year ago
Hkiara commented…
Haha, go the last on! My favorite shipings: Klaine, Quick and Bartie ^^ Oh and I like Rachel/New York! Rachel becomes so annoying when she tries to get a boy, so she should be with NY :3 over a year ago
oldmovie commented…
LOL I agree with the last statement, she does that's why I really don't like Fincehl. So yes Rachel/New York is my OTP LOL. over a year ago
Hkiara commented…
Yay ^^ I think the shipping should be called New Rachel ^^:P over a year ago
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All your icons are Hot .
First Lisa and now darren ♥ Posted over a year ago
oldmovie commented…
Thank you! I agree, both are super fine :) over a year ago
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For the Cuddy and Rachel fanart you posted on the House M.D. spot. It's beautiful. Posted over a year ago
oldmovie commented…
Thank you so much! :) over a year ago
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*randomly pops in* Hi ♥
I hope you're doing well :) Posted over a year ago
oldmovie commented…
JASMINE! *tackles her* I'm doing really good, how about yourself!? over a year ago
Cuddles commented…
Same :) I'm done with uni for this semester and enjoying my holidays :) I'm hardly online here anymore, though :( (And I'm still not completely over how House ended :/ And Lisa leaving, though I am glad that she did. After this final, it was right thing to do. But yeah, besides that, I am fine :) over a year ago
Cuddles commented…
I miss you, btw! But I am really glad to hear that you're doing great! :D over a year ago
oldmovie commented…
I'm not here much anymore as well, but I'm so glad you found me on Tumblr! Oh I'm not at all happy with how House ended but Lisa appearing on the Good Wife somehow made it better for me. I miss you too!!! over a year ago