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House M.D.

What episode is it where House is ill and in a hospital bed? If so is this the one where he also collapses?

4 answers | my answer: Um not entirely sure what episode you are talking a...
House M.D.

I'm looking for a picture/screencap of House such as this one

4 answers | my answer: Oh I can help you! If you want one similar to t...
House M.D.

Is Cuddy House's doctor or she was only in the past (episode three stories)?

3 answers | my answer: hhhmmm I'm pretty sure she is his attending now mai...
House M.D.

i heard a lot of good stuff about the show and im planning to watch it...but whats so special about it....i wanna know

8 answers | my answer: Okay I'll try not to write an essay on this. To...
House M.D.

In which ep did Cuddy say to House "You are a part of my life?"

2 answers | my answer: Unfaithful :)
House M.D.

Can someone please tell me how you make your own icons?

5 answers | my answer: I use photoshop (which unless you find someone to g...
House M.D.

Are there any Shakespearean references in House?

2 answers | my answer: The only thing I can think of is the episode title ...

What is Cuddy's age? (don't know if this has been discussed before)

15 answers | my answer: hhhhmmmmmmmm I don't think she's ever been given a ...


7 answers | my answer: LOL like Fab said House MD has never called Cuddy C...

What are the best Huddy episodes?

3 answers | my answer: I'll add my own list and why for each, sometimes an...