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What Are You Expecting for Christmas ?

12 answers | my answer: a Wii U and a few games.

Post a picture If You Earned A Medal For Contributing A Club.

19 answers | my answer: One of the fanatic medals I have it's Monster High ...

What did you get for Christmas?

8 answers | my answer: A Wii U with MArio Kart 8 and an amiibo

Do you collect anything, and if so what do you collect?

10 answers | my answer: I collect Monster High dolls and also now I'm colle...

What is Something You Really Like? And List All The Things You Have of It x3

14 answers | my answer: VideoGames! .. .. I'm not gonna say all the vid...


14 answers | my answer: -No -Never tasted it -Colored -No -Regular -It...

How did you spend New Year's eve?

16 answers | my answer: I went to a dinner. ^^

Does it annoy you when kids and/or teens call themselves things that they really aren't and support things they know nothing about?

7 answers | my answer: I hate it much -.-

Do you drink alcohol?

17 answers | my answer: Drink isn't the thing i tend to do, rarely I drink....

╰☆╮post the last picture you saved ╰☆╮

20 answers | my answer: Sexy ;3