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—🌸🌼🐞🐌🦋 —♥️— 🐝🐛🐜🌼🌸—

Whatsupbugs, or Bugs, as I like to call him is a very special member here on fanpop.
He brings joy and positivity every single day, and puts smiles on the the faces of us Random clubbers.
There are SO many reasons why we love him, but I can only name a few of off the top of my head.

Thank you for constant encouragement to those who need a little more hope

Thank you for being loyal, friendly, and always so respectful

Thank you for being kind and always showing love

Thank you for being so thoughtful and dedicated to your friends

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Postal is an interesting video game franchise. The first game being a janky murder simulator that’s far too edgy for my tastes, and then there’s Postal II, a satiracl sand-box first person game that deals with doing meneal chores while being attacked by protestors and rednecks and terrorists. It was foul, juvenile, crass, violent, disgusting, and insanely fun. Running With Scissors, the developers of Postal, have this self-aware humor that makes Postal II just a fun experience, glitches and all. But then you get to Postal III, the game nobody wants to talk about. But oddly, this was not...
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Well this is a game I never knew existed. Most of these games, I had minor knowledge of, but this is a game I never heard of, not a once. Terrawars: New York Invasion is a shooter all about playing as a soldier that must stop an alien invasion taking place in New York, obviously. The game was developed by Lady Luck Digital Media, this being their first and last game. Released on Xbox Original and PC, Terrawars was a game made on passion. The developers themselves went to New York City, Manhattan to be exact, in order to get the game to look as close to New York as possible. It’s kind of nice...
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Vroom in the Night Sky is considered by many to be the worst game on the Nintendo Switch, let alone one of the worst games ever. Developed by Poisoft, a studio that clearly doesn’t speak English, Vroom in the Night Sky was once a Wii U exclusive, but was able to crawl it’s way out of the bargain bin console and onto your Nintendo Switch. I want you to let that sink in. Trash like Vroom in the Night Sky was able to survive the Wii U and yet Wonderful 101 remains trapped on there. This was the game that was considered better than Vroom in the Night Sky. May god forgive us all.

So from...
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Zanhar1 is a Fanpop member and Fanfiction writer. She's a big of Avatar: The Last Airbender, Azula in particular and is also a devoted fan of Bellatrix Lestrange from Harry Potter.

Zanhar1 is a very kind person. In December of 2018, Zanhar made a shoutout on the Random club for me. I was incredibly grateful and touched that she did that for me. It led to my other friends writing wonderful, thoughtful things about me. It was a wonderful Christmas gift that helped me get into the holiday spirit. I still remember that day fondly and I have that post bookmarked, because it was a very emotional...
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You know, progressive house without a drop isn't that bad.
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Well, it’s nearing Christmas time, again, the end of the year, and the nearing of the new decade. Say goodbye to the 2010s and say hello to the 2020s. It certainly has been an interesting decade, huh? So much stuff happened. Like Dark Souls coming out in 2011 or how Capcom managed to spring back after their late 2000s debacle… also some stuff with actual history that I don’t care about. Yeah, so, to celebrate the end of the decade, as well as to celebrate the Christmas season, I’m doing two- count them. Two!- different special events. The first one is a review of the lowest rated games...
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Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory was one of my favorite films as a kid. A classic film starring Gene Wilder filled with adventure and whimsy… We’re not talking about that one. The Tim Burton remake, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, which felt more drab but at least the visuals were nice… also not what we’re talking about, technically. The video game, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory for PS2, published by Warner Bros. Interactive, who now own the Mortal Kombat license. Weird, mentioning Mortal Kombat in each article thus far. The game was developed by High Voltage Software, who...
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The year is 2013. Fresh off of the threat of the end of the world in 2012, the political climate is getting pretty hot, and Adam Sandler graced the world with Grown Ups 2. Truly a horrible time to be alive. But hey, at least we got Pacific Rim. That was a good movie. But worst of all, cartoons on TV were fucking lame. Nothing of interest was on, and it didn’t help that Adventure Time was on Season 6 and Gumball on Season 3, which were both just… ugh, a mess. Hell man, even Regular Show had it’s issues. But then comes a new challenger, Rebecca Sugar, with her own cartoon. A cartoon that...
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