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The fans pick: I need more information first.
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The fans pick: an RP with everything
The fans pick: The f**k is a Bakugan?
The f** k is a Bakugan?
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puffer_fish said …
Hai. I'm new, but I am up to RP with anybody! Dont really matter what kinda RP. Posted 1 month ago
Firiel said …
Hi! I don't know if anyone remember me, but I'm back! ^_^ Posted 3 months ago
Firiel commented…
I'm open for 1x1 RP, if anyone would like to accompany me 3 months ago
sieluvzsoul commented…
i seriously remember you! But i don't remember why. 2 months ago
Firebird06721 commented…
I've seen your stuff it's really good! What kind of 1x1? 1 month ago
Hades_Shadow said …
Been a while, might jump back in. Posted 4 months ago
-Universe_COLA- commented…
Hades! Welcome back man :D 4 months ago
Hades_Shadow commented…
Good to be back, although it's usually the same two RP's going off all the time ... 3 months ago