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It was a young night I was hunting a mouse
Me: Man That's good.

Then I saw someone running towards my direction. I asked the lioness if she okay?
She Replied With an accent "I'm Alright".
I Asked " Why Are You Running"?
She answered " Hunters they are chasing me I think I've them and I lost my pack and got separated from them".
She started Sobbing.
I answered "I'm sorry."
I asked "What's your name"?
She Replied" Desary."
I promised her "I'll help you get back to your pack"
She replied" Thank You, Thank you, Thank you.
I replied "Your Welcome".
Because this forum's purpose may have been misunderstood...I give you a rephrased info of what it's all about:

A new kind of forum for discussion about everything The Lion King, including the movies, the books, the comics, fan visions, personal canons and much more!

The difference to other forums on this franchise is that on The Lion King Origin Forums every member ought to have accepted the movies' creators' words as the truth for the movies, and all the spinn-off stuff as just alternate storylines that we can have fun with in discussions and art.

This means that on The Lion King Origin Forums...
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posted by Okami_Amaterasu
When the film was released there was a stir in Japan. The film was very similar to the well known anime series 'Kimba the White Lion'. First there is the obvious similarity in names (Simba and Kimba). Also, both had a baboon as a shaman. But the similarities don't end there, both had an evil uncle - 'Scar' in the movie and 'Claw' in the series - as well as henchman hyenas. Plus a pose by a king on a rock. The possible lawsuit was dropped, because Osamu Tezuka's (the producer's) widow said that he would have been flattered that Disney was inspired by the series.

The film's original opening was...
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In pride rock Scar is eating his full leg of a antelope as he gets flashbacks of him eating with his family or just his mother which Mufasa and his father was the ones to eat together. Scar stops eating and sighs Scar:"(sigh) why must sorrow flashbacks haunt me now" he says to himself not having the appetite to eat anymore. Scar then sneaks to the very top of pride rock where the only way up is to take a slanted path behind pride rock, once he got up there he takes a look at the very slowly drying up kingdom then at the grey colorless sky. Scar:" (sigh) mother if your up there watching I hope...
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It was a nice day in the Pridelands, Omati was not seen. The Lion King felt good. Not for long. After 4 months Kiara had a new cub girl. Her name was Nishia. It was the ceremony for Nishia that day. "Kiara,it is time!" Rafiki said. "Bless her." Kiara commanded. Mufasa and Sarabi were watching over. "Well done Kiara!" Sarabi said. Meanwhile Kodonah and Sheekra were watching. They were teenagers. Kodonah and Sheekra were best friends. "Sheekra,wanna go somewhere really cool!" Kodonah said. "Not until the ceremony is over." Sheekra said. "Fine." Kovu was exited. The ceremony was over. "Wanna go...
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"The cub at the end was/is a male/Kopa because the official books say so!!!"

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

1. Most of the official books from 1994 state it's a boy, but it matters not because link is equally official and states it's a girl!

2. The official book "A Tale of Two Brothers" wherein Kopa first appears, tells a story of Rafiki arriving to Pridelands for the first time when Mufasa is already a teenager. But link is equally official and states that Rafiki had met Mufasa when Mufasa was a cub. As the last mentioned is equeally possible truth and contradicts Kopa's family history, the cub in the film is...
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posted by Lionkingarts
Nala looks out to her home, Thinking about her mother. What if her first hunt failed? What if she got herself injured? All those thoughts were really distracting on the hunt, So nala returned home without a scrape of the dinner she really needed. Sarafina saw her starved daughter come home without any food. 'Nala? Did you even hunt?" Nala coughed. 'I'm sorry mother, But my thoughts have distracted me from the hunt. and they were really bad." Nala explained to her mother. Sarafina put an angry look on nalas centermeters. ''Nala. I am not letting you go home emptypaws. You have to fill you're self up!' Nala looked in her mother's eyes in sorrow. "But?'' Sarafina yelled. ''No buts! Now get out there and hunt! Remember nala, You're the lead huntress and the pride needs to eat. Your loyalty and experience in hunting can help us. If you would just stop thinking those thoughts and do it!" Sarafina watched as her daughter left to redo the hunt, Nala yelled back to her mother. "Got it!'
posted by lol12345678101
It was a sweet warm day in the Pridelands. Everything seemed just right."Kovu have you seen Kopa?" Kiara said. "No,and we still have not figured who will be king." "We have voted it with the lionesses and it was equal it can be possible that you both will be king." Kiara said. " That looks fair I think we should try it and see how it goes."Kovu said."Hey you guys. I need to tell you something......Vitani is pregnant!" Kopa said. "Kopa congrats! So are we!" Kiara said. 9 months later. It was going well with Kovu and Kopa being king. There was a slight scream by the gorge. "Kiara and Vitani are down there! Simba said. They ran as fast as they could! It wasn't what they thought happened,Kiara and Vitani had their babies. "Kiara what should we name him?" Kovu said "Kodonah,Kodonah it sounds right.
posted by CoolNala
Queen of the Jungle

Chapter 4 – Wild Instincts

    “It’s so hot out here! We got to find some water!” Crane griped, as he walked slower and slower along the jungle path. “Don’t be a baby, Crane! You can survive without water for three days.” replied Tigress, as she continued to look ahead for the next landmark. “Come on, Tigress.” Crane continued, “We’ve been walking all day and found nothing.” Meanwhile, Monkey swung from tree to tree above them. “I have to agree with Crane on this one. We need water, and I don’t see any source anywhere nearby.”...
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posted by tecna535
From the day we arrive on the planet
And, blinking, step into the sun,
There's more to see than can ever be seen,
More to do than can ever be done.
There's far too much to take in here,
More to find than can ever be found.
But the sun rolling high
Through the sapphire sky
Keeps great and small on the endless round.

It's the circle of life.
And it moves us all
Through despair and hope,
Through faith and love.
Till we find our place
On the path unwinding.
In the circle,
The circle of life.

It's the circle of life.
And it moves us all
Through despair and hope,
Through faith and love.
Till we find our place
On the path unwinding.
In the circle,
The circle of life.
I have this on VHS for about 10 or maybe 15 years and I absolutely love it. The story tells the tale of a young cub who is framed for the murder of his father Mufassa(actually Scar killed him with the stampedes) who runs away and befriends Timon & Pumpaa. From the opening scenes to the break taking music and music by Elton John who did the song Can You Feel The Love Tonight, The Lion King was the best Disney movie of our time, winner of 2 Oscars back in 1995 I highly recommend all Disney lovers to watch this but if you have any children then beware because some scenes may make them upset especially the part where Mufassa dies as well as some scary scenes otherwise than that it’s a great movie.
. Zazu
. Nala
. Both
. Simba, Nala, Chorus

I'm gonna be a mighty king, so enemies beware!

     iI've never seen a king of beasts
    With quite so little hair

I'm gonna be the mane event
Like no king was before
I'm brushing up on looking down
I'm working on my roar

    Thus far a rather uninspiring thing

Oh, I just can't wait to be king!

No one saying do this        
No one saying be there         
No one saying stop that
No one saying see here        ...
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posted by karlyluvsam
From the day we arrive on the planet
And blinking, step into the sun
There's more to see than can ever be seen
More to do than can ever be done
There's far too much to take in here
More to find than can ever be found
But the sun rolling high
Through the sapphire sky
Keeps great and small on the endless round

It's the circle of life
And it moves us all
Through despair and hope
Through faith and love
Till we find our place
On the path unwinding
In the circle
The circle of life
[Timon:] Hakuna Matata!
What a wonderful phrase
[Pumba:] Hakuna Matata!
Ain't no passing craze

[Timon:] It...
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Nala started humming queen undenied. "Queen undenied. Yeah.'' Nala looked around to see if there was any gazelle or buffalo, and saw nothing. "Wow! How does mother expect me to hunt when there is nothing?' Nala suddenly saw a small figure, Scurrying around in the savannah grass. She crouched down to see more of its figure and found out it was a hare. She pounced on the hare and killed it with her bare sharp claws. She licked blood off her teeth. ''All in a day's work.'' She picked up the hare in her teeth, And runned to look for more prey. ''Oh so the prey must be in the grasslands having their...
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posted by deedragongirl
The King has Returned.
The King has Returned.
Hi guys, since my Beauty and the Beast: Film vs Musical made it on the front page. Now, it's the Lion King's turn to write about, since I only got the movie soundtrack version. I will also write the musical version too.

The Movie Version

Okay, I grew up with this movie since my childhood days, I love the song and got the soundtrack for the film. My favourite score is 'Under the Stars', because the music is soothing before gradually becoming more inspirational, African style!
I love the story very much as it introduces me about African culture, that I had always wanted to go to South Africa one...
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posted by deedragongirl
Hakuna Matata.
Hakuna Matata.
Hi everyone, I just want to say before Frozen came into the picture. The Lion King had a number of things that taught me while I first watch this movie many years ago, here they are.

Let it Go!

Yes, the Lion King had actually taught us to let go of our past. It also taught me to improve my future along the way while learning from my mistakes in life, our life is full of ups and downs.

Parental Love

It also promotes about loving your parents like Simba and Mufasa did, I really love my parents despite that we do not agree on a number of things, especially with my relationship with my mother.

The Circle of Life

5 years ago, my favourite dog pet died unexpectedly and I was really sad over it. But I managed to let go of it because it's part of the Circle of Life, and I truly understood this line.

Thank You Simba!

These are the 3 reasons on why the movie will always cherish in my heart. So, do you agree?
Splendid View.
Splendid View.
I was answering a question today under Forums because someone had asked "how we know so much about the characters and their back grounds?" Well I gave a pretty lengthy answer but it's worth mentioning again I think.

You see when you're as passionate about something as a die hard lion king fan you can understand where I am coming from. You see these characters as real, even though you know they aren't. It's about the extensive research into the minds and hearts of the characters we've come to know and love. I can't tell you how many what if? Stories and scenarios I personally have come up with...
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After nala shouted got it, She looked back as the pride was counting on her and sighed and sang a little song to help her feel better. ''What am I? What is this?'' Her beautiful voice reached the meadows silky wave. ''Why am I starving myself. What am I doing? My pride is counting on me, And I'm counting on myself.. Simba is gone, But really.. I am aware... He's out there all alone.'' Nala kept padding along as she kept singing the song. ''Really? Am I just a lead huntress or am I scar's reign? Heck no. Let's show.. That I'm a lead huntress and very brave!" Birds flew around nala, As it made...
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posted by KingSimba4Ever9
(I love songs that give me the chills or gosse bumps.)


1.Be Prepared

2.Can You Feel The Love Tonight

3.Circle of Life

4.Just Can't Wait to be King

5.Hakuna Matata


1.He Lives in You

2.He is Not One of Us

3.My Lullaby

4.We are One

5.Love Will Find a Way



1.Be Prepared

2.Can You Feel The Love Tonight

3.He Lives in You

4.He is Not One of Us

5.Circle of Life

6.My Lulliby

7.Just Can't Wait to be King

8.We Are One

9.Love Will Find a Way

10.Hakuna Matata

posted by lol12345678101

It was a terrible day in the Prideland rain poured almost
everywhere. The antelope had died....... all animals died. Simba went for a walk. "Father the son of Kovu has died. What should we do." Simba said. "It is time Simba you are my son and Kovu is now the one true king to save us it is time for you to know your destiny and become a star it is time that the sun set on your time and rises with a new era. It isssss TIME!!!!" Simba was gone in a flash. Many years had passed and Nishia was becoming a great princess she was very careful and fell in love with...
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