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I was just thinking about the fairy tale characters' real world counterparts, and I noticed that most of them had names that tied into their "real," fairy tale selves. So I decided to throw together a list of their names, with meanings and explanations, just for kicks. First I will say what the character's name is in fairy tale land, then in the real world, with meaning attached. All name meanings come from the website Behind the Name, with help from Wikipedia.

I will add more characters when they are introduced and edit existing characters when we know their full names and/or know more about...
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Nearly a year ago I made a list of my top 10 most beautiful women on the show but now my opinion has changed. It's changed even more because now we have some new beauties that we didn't have before. Please comment and if someone you think is really beautiful isn't here it doesn't mean I don't find them attractive, it just means they're not as beautiful as the others. If you're wondering how I feel about a certain character's looks who's not here feel free to ask me. Anyway, enjoy!

The only Once Upon A Time In Wonderland character to make this list and boy she's a knock out!...
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He never fails because the writers won't let him fail until the mid-season finale
He never fails because the writers won't let him fail until the mid-season finale
I'm not very surprised that I have a very unpopular opinion about Peter Pan, who I absolutely DESPISE! I've always hated the character of Peter Pan, even before Once Upon A Time came into the picture, although at least this one portrays him the way he deserves, as a villain. This article is actually inspired by two articles that my friend, zanhar1, wrote about why she hates Bloom from Winx Club and the unfair biasness that Winx Club has for the good guys, which will inspire a lot of points on why I hate Peter Pan. Also, considering how zanhar1's article about why she hates Bloom ended up getting...
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The latest plot development of ABC's "ONCE UPON A TIME" has left me in a state of frustration. This plot development . . . or twist has to do with the relationship between the characters Mayor Regina Mills aka the Evil Queen and Robin Hood aka Robin of Locksley. And the ironic thing is that my frustration is not centered on the actual plot twist, but has a good deal to do with the fan reaction to it.

I guess we all know what happened. In a previous episode called (4.17) "Heart of Gold", Regina learned from her former mentor, Mr....
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