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What's your favorite monster?  RIVKA321 3 5129 over a year ago
Incest?  NepetaSenpai 0 3378 over a year ago
RP Monster High  NaomiWinx 16 5335 over a year ago
Ask Cupid!  carlie445 26 6280 over a year ago
Monster High; Re-opening!  carlie445 2457 85758 over a year ago
Monster High Roleplay!  MonsterHigh147 21 4657 over a year ago
Original Monster High Character ideas here.  OmegaFan 88 24827 over a year ago
Create your own MH character!  WinxRocks 1 1941 over a year ago
Create your own MH character!  WinxRocks 1 2574 over a year ago
Create a fanfic character for Monster High!!!  MissAirBender15 2 895 over a year ago
Would you  nugget14 161 9737 over a year ago
Ever After High RP!  NaomiWinx 6 4460 over a year ago
Monster High | Role play |  Kira_Mizuki 2 1413 over a year ago
Monster High/Ever After High crossover RP!- No Surrender  Unicorns123 0 1342 over a year ago
Kiss, Slap,  nugget14 66 7658 over a year ago
Roelplay: Monster high!  pandawinx 18 8928 over a year ago
Just ask Cupid ( Roleplay)  RavenSparrow5 1 1765 over a year ago
This or That  nugget14 36 6163 over a year ago
monster high ilimnation game  holy-hyde 4 1545 over a year ago
When Dreams Collide (MH RP)  RavenSparrow5 4 1344 over a year ago
Monster High- Wrong answer game.  Thegirlunic 74 6500 over a year ago
Monster High Roleplay  RavenSparrow5 5 1197 over a year ago
monster high roleplay  clawdeenlover1 10 1780 over a year ago
The Monster High advice blog!  charmtayla 8 1240 over a year ago
Monster High Picture Hunt Game  Thegirlunic 102 41578 over a year ago
Canon Monster High RP  Frostees 1 803 over a year ago
Roleplay, Anyone?  lovebaltor 10 2941 over a year ago
New Students Of MH (Use your OCs)  koolkat909 13 1553 over a year ago
A Trip To Scaris (Paris) {Monster High Role-play!}  xMiss-IceQueenx 1789 49862 over a year ago
Monster High Roleplay!  RegisterAgain 5 3203 over a year ago
C.A Cupid's Lovers Place!  Kim-Reaper 4 3467 over a year ago
Monster high RP  Frankiestein65 14 1405 over a year ago
who's your fave monster???  muffincake55 4 4770 over a year ago
moster high  clawdeen564 0 1028 over a year ago
OC CONTEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Extended!)  Frankiestein65 1 1602 over a year ago
Dawn of the dance  i-am-draculaura 9 2067 over a year ago
Monster High Roleplay  xMiss-IceQueenx 4518 106403 over a year ago
who should go out with who???  muffincake55 2 1471 over a year ago
Monster High (Clawsomer!)  RocksLikePie 134 7617 over a year ago
Monsterhigh new year Amy  bratzdolly11 119 6598 over a year ago
new person on monster high  kelseyj1 1 3632 over a year ago
Create your own MH character!  WinxRocks 3 3521 over a year ago
role play monster high  nathensykesboo 6 1319 over a year ago
M-O-N-S-T-E-R. H-I-G-H!!!!!!!!  Frankiestein65 0 860 over a year ago
Monster High  Operetta_Music 1 1701 over a year ago
OC Contest  VampireChild320 0 1467 over a year ago
Escape From Skull Shores *Monster High RP*  xMiss-IceQueenx 1580 53552 over a year ago
/~*Camp Spookie *~\ {RP}  xMiss-IceQueenx 32 3950 over a year ago
Spy vs Spy (Monster High Roleplay)  HelloKitty_Love 2128 47613 over a year ago
The new girl(RP)  Firegirl1015 69 4739 over a year ago
help me please!  LaYLaMuSa 2 1399 over a year ago
^*\\ Galaxy Ghouls //*^ {Role~Play}  HelloKitty_Love 47 4364 over a year ago
Monster Mansion Vacation (RP)  xMiss-IceQueenx 4331 107853 over a year ago
I love Lgoona  Monsterhigh707 0 1690 over a year ago
Hi  Monsterhigh707 0 778 over a year ago
Monster High Picture Contest (Round 1)  VampireChild320 0 1756 over a year ago
spec week  monsterhigh77 0 916 over a year ago
monster high Romieo and Juliet  ToralieRox 1 1125 over a year ago
1 ticket for sale gaga in Brisbane 16/6/12  pkra 0 1039 over a year ago
Monster High (Roleplay)  charmedphoebe46 3 1567 over a year ago
~*.Four Kingdoms.*~ (Monster High Medieval Role-Play)  xMiss-IceQueenx 345 9838 over a year ago
Monster High Wave 1 for sale (Sold Out)  DracuAngel 4 1605 over a year ago
Come chat, have fun (=  Inyaphobia 1 1154 over a year ago
Monsterhigh Role play Ski Trip  bratzdolly11 553 16761 over a year ago
The Emerald Role Play....  Clawtina 421 12964 over a year ago
School Dance MH RP  Cookiesmyname 457 12691 over a year ago
Rochelle, Jackson, and Abbey $31  DracuAngel 0 970 over a year ago
Monster Beats Give You Best Enjoy of Music  monsterbeats 0 1412 over a year ago
Billy & Clawdeen's Wedding Day...  Clawtina 248 6350 over a year ago
Monster High Love Strikes  Clawtina 471 13308 over a year ago
/~*Night of Mystery*~\ (Monster High Roleplay)  xMiss-IceQueenx 628 16468 over a year ago
Open RP!  Rox_My_Sox 46 1878 over a year ago
Monster High Rp Gloom Beach :)  CuteBlossom123 330 12778 over a year ago
Post Your Original Characters!  November99 7 1706 over a year ago
Which "Monster High" character is your favorite and if you want to you can put down why :).  RainDrop154 3 7087 over a year ago
Create your own MH character!  WinxRocks 0 822 over a year ago
Create your own MH character!  WinxRocks 0 2431 over a year ago
Howleen Wolf  ashleyfox1 0 1114 over a year ago
SPOT UDATE: New Icon. (CLOSED)  lovebaltor 2 1312 over a year ago
Monster High Television Show Petition  LagoonaBluefan 0 1273 over a year ago
NEW  AZALEAS 0 750 over a year ago
monster high  wolfie923 1 1058 over a year ago
monster high dollhouses  monsters1 1 2163 over a year ago
Very beautiful customs for sale :) with links  MHCustoms 0 4189 over a year ago
Monster High version of The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen  Alaxr274 0 1194 over a year ago
My Monster High Life (intro)  Demona_Moon 0 1247 over a year ago