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HOT or NOT?-Game  makintosh 2374 111150 7 months ago
Harry Potter Icon Contest - *Round 1 Open*  FOREVER74 3 3375 over a year ago
Harry Potter Photo Contest  Hermione4evr 392 45427 over a year ago
Interesting details behind the Harry Potter blockbuster  blackstormy1804 0 5513 over a year ago
The Most Likely To  miss_orange 40 10503 over a year ago
Kiss,Slap,Hug Game  TheDream 2006 118615 over a year ago
Versus Game  makintosh 3013 149150 over a year ago
How to download game?  silverlombard 0 3968 over a year ago
I say, You think...  luckyPink 105 15742 over a year ago
Wrong Answer Game  GoodWitchesRAJA 397 17106 over a year ago
HP Time Game (Funny!)  Mel_52 875 47425 over a year ago
***Harry Potter Characters Elimination Game***  Emmanouela96 1098 49925 over a year ago
Has anyone heard about the rumour that jk Rowling has written a book called the game under the pseudonym Jim smart  davinci322 0 2013 over a year ago
The Magic Begins Harry Potter 30 Day Challenge  LadyAmortentia 42 7042 over a year ago
New Movie Idea? About Dumbledore and Grindelwad??  kami3924 0 1891 over a year ago
HP True or False  Hermione30 2406 113972 over a year ago
The Word Game  7bella3 13 4444 over a year ago
Does This Tom Riddle Game Work For You?  Spikefan74 1 3233 over a year ago
13 Things game  lauracullen66 986 52240 over a year ago
Ask a stupid question, get a stupid answer Game  KateKicksAss 1578 85274 over a year ago
Harry Potter Audio Book: From Spotify to Mp3  schlauerrechner 1 3416 over a year ago
fanart  Slytherinlife 0 3005 over a year ago
What do you think of the new 'Pottermore'?  ImAnEasel 0 2867 over a year ago
Things They'd Never Say Game  KateKicksAss 491 46798 over a year ago
The last letter is the fist letter game.  signesv 36 5049 over a year ago
Most Disturbing Scene in the Book?  PotterGal 24 6458 over a year ago
Harry Potter Role~Play  LilyWolf475 0 2687 over a year ago
Cursed Child Discussion Thread (SPOILERS)  ThePrincesTale 16 19645 over a year ago
Death throughout Harry Potter  Jenn_M96 2 2761 over a year ago
Create your Harry Potter character  hopestar1 2 3783 over a year ago
Parseltongue translator........................  mr-cullen 17 24124 over a year ago
30 Day Harry Potter Challenge!  KateKicksAss 541 48058 over a year ago
30 Day Harry Potter Challenge  zar_far11 40 6436 over a year ago
What do you love of the new wizarding world of HP?  dannybox 0 2257 over a year ago
HP tattoo piece  classicrockr 2 2381 over a year ago
Mystery Hogwarts brooch??  geosprite 0 2745 over a year ago
Xin mọi người giúp đỡ - tư vấn !!!  Joks 0 2501 over a year ago
Yet Another HP Role Play. Enjoy!  flabaloobalah 9334 369071 over a year ago
Quotes!  emmaisobsessed 2 3050 over a year ago
Harry Potter meme game!{OPEN}  karolinak1999 253 77042 over a year ago
HARRY SPOTTER! (Now Closed)  Elle-C 1 3540 over a year ago
Another 30-day HP Challenge  Popcornfan 25 5246 over a year ago
The Great Hall chat room  MattieWeasley 0 3235 over a year ago
Harry Potter A-Z  tubby2002 742 218270 over a year ago
S.P.E.W.  MattieWeasley 0 2747 over a year ago
Image Contest~Round 1~Harry Potter  MelzyGirl 2 2407 over a year ago
Your Life in the Wizarding World!!  kool123 14 3244 over a year ago
Photo competion  rosedawson1 2 3700 over a year ago
Photo Contest!  MattieWeasley 1 2809 over a year ago
Last Letter Game  Gred_and_Forge 583 33217 over a year ago
When I hear ______, I think of...  Lunalovely 820 50630 over a year ago
Harry Potter Spell Game  BellatrixFan 215 39630 over a year ago
The HP shipping game!  MattieWeasley 0 1952 over a year ago
Name for 7th book  snoznoodle 3 2678 over a year ago
HP Would You Rather  hplover321 13 3852 over a year ago
Harry Potter's Chit-chat room  hudka 11 5479 over a year ago
Potter picture hunt  loverocks 26 6730 over a year ago
After Harry Potter Rp  heart-of_love 1315 56523 over a year ago
deatheater roleplay  tigergirl100 51 8301 over a year ago
5 In 5 Icon Contest [Round 3]  queen-seli 45 5077 over a year ago
Funny Quotes from HP  QueenofthePika 3 3178 over a year ago
After the boy who lived RP  Goldenliz 128 9353 over a year ago
HP Roleplay(HP Generation)  Roleplayer 4883 192640 over a year ago
harry potter roleplay (for anyone)  mimillama123 62 6135 over a year ago
Guess the quote game  mooimafish17 4186 193938 over a year ago
The Actors GAME!  Tigerlily888 184 71949 over a year ago
Character discussion  Fangirl521 4 2409 over a year ago
Favorite Harry Potter game?  Itachi_Boy 0 2388 over a year ago
Yet Another HP Roleplay: The Sequel  dragonsmemory 632 30464 over a year ago
Question Quotes  Kitcatcmp 0 1744 over a year ago
Harry Potter  adriatomy 0 2315 over a year ago
Social Network RPG site needs you!  Jane_janey 1 2439 over a year ago
character elimination  narniafreak12 25 3660 over a year ago
* ρнσтσ ¢σηтєѕт *  iva098 44 10959 over a year ago
What's Your Reputation at Hogwarts? Quiz  BellaCullen96 365 129696 over a year ago
Photo Contest  GoodWitchesRAJA 85 14862 over a year ago
HP RP ((i know its getting a bit old more for good luck?)  LetsDuel2012 235 14684 over a year ago
PLZ CHECK THIS OUT  dqwert 0 2637 over a year ago
Harry Potter Picture Contest!  blingz_13 3 2145 over a year ago
Join have fun club!  Stya 0 2635 over a year ago
Harry Potter RP  GoodWitchesRAJA 1222 41348 over a year ago
Harry Potter Role Play; For everyone!  superDivya 6 2675 over a year ago
One Word Game  BellatrixFan 400 24824 over a year ago
Would You Rather.....?  PEZ-sweets-rule 1091 67581 over a year ago
HP Role play game!  Flora_Swift 4 2114 over a year ago
the best book  EllieSparkles 0 1418 over a year ago
Thoughts about the ending...SPOILERS  bceagles11392 5 2871 over a year ago
Harry Potter Pickup Lines  smoore23 301 624538 over a year ago
۞5th House Challenge!  karolinak1999 0 1913 over a year ago
"Actor's" Photo Contest  LadyAmortentia 71 7840 over a year ago
Photo Contest  rebecaleia 321 27790 over a year ago
Hogwarts + Durmstrang + Beauxbaton (Under a single roof) Role Play  superDivya 6 4694 over a year ago
Next Generation Role Play  Ron-Mioneluver2 4 3614 over a year ago
Harry Potter RP!! {For Everyone}  superDivya 329 17934 over a year ago
Harry Freaking Potter RP  yoloswagpotter 700 24121 over a year ago
harry potter pic contest  teacupitty43 33 7631 over a year ago
Harry Potter RP ((Please join! :3))  oodango 642 24894 over a year ago
Picture hunt game;)  KaterinoulaLove 645 141224 over a year ago
"Harry Potter and the Icon contest " - Stage 1  karolinak1999 6 5569 over a year ago
Why didn't Voldemort have children?  silver93 0 1852 over a year ago