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Fairytail RP: Your magic, your character, your world  Othyrword 1 0 4 days ago
CREATE YOUR OWN FAIRY TAIL CHARCTER !!  wolfmaster3000 88 31747 1 month ago
Make your own Fairy Tail wizard  Blaze_of_Ares 10478 457960 3 months ago
Create your own magic !  DragonSlayer765 92 119242 3 months ago
Fairy Tail shipping meme  Jade8422 16 27932 9 months ago
Jobs for Make your own Fairy Tail wizard  Blaze_of_Ares 295 21411 11 months ago
Why do you think Hiro Mashima didn't tell us Natsu's age yet?  itachi90990 3 1797 over a year ago
For all Lucy & Lisanna haters- your reason please !!!  princess_lucy03 8 3152 over a year ago
Fairytail Roleplaying: Create your own character and magic!  SkittleJerky14 228 16161 over a year ago
Fairy Tail Couples  gosakurago 87 90610 over a year ago
create your own magical weapon  DragonSlayer765 11 3818 over a year ago
when do you think natsu will make lucy his girlfriend?  SSAS 14 6364 over a year ago
Debate - Lucy's Love Life  NotSoPerfecMe 37 5942 over a year ago
My Fairytail couple's  Grayoriginal 16 7470 over a year ago
What would you do if.................  starprincess7 7 17057 over a year ago
Generation Fairy Tail RP  yumiyukifan1 27 2136 over a year ago
Make Your Own Celestial Spirit!  greenslime28 17 4454 over a year ago
Ghost's Fairy Tail RP (Remake)  TheAdventGhost 921 26697 over a year ago
Someone tell me why I dislike Lucy..  xomgcupcakes 4 3023 over a year ago
All Make a Fairy Tail Wizard Together! ( Comunity Crafted Wizard )  MacarovsMyMan 1 1283 over a year ago
The Hug,Slap,Kiss game  mcterra 173 19395 over a year ago
Hug, Kiss, or Slap  pokefreak26 14 2576 over a year ago
Anyone else seriously want Natsu and Lucy to get together?  MaskedSpyro 4 674 over a year ago
New Banner For Fairy Tail  KaterinaLover 0 1342 over a year ago
Is it just me?  nu3st 6 2971 over a year ago
6 Unwrite Rules of Fairy tail  Kirito88 0 1282 over a year ago
your favourite out of erza's armour  erzascarletfan 12 7850 over a year ago
fairy tail RP  LucyHeartfilia- 3 1345 over a year ago
Fairy tail RP anyone? :3  pinkiepie213 1736 39158 over a year ago
How To Join Fairy Tail Guild.  FairyTailHeart 1 1956 over a year ago
Is there anyone else who thinks there could be a relation between Doranbolt und Romeo?  ZeiraCastle 1 1820 over a year ago
Difference between ANIME and MANGA  shozab 6 36733 over a year ago
what is the blue pegasus ost the jazz  giraffetickler 0 2398 over a year ago
What Do you think will Happen When Lumen Historie is released.....??????????  KEISUKE_URAHARA 1 1208 over a year ago
Fairy Tail RP  ShiverStar 20 1860 over a year ago
Fairy Tail Rp  Charlios 88 7426 over a year ago
Fairy Tail Guy/Girl Date  mitchy101 0 855 over a year ago
who would you ship these characters with?  cherrysweets 1 1290 over a year ago
Who is the strongest Fairy Tail member?  Playgod 2 1447 over a year ago
(Create a Wizard, I'm making a Guild) StarFall Guild  yumiyukifan1 4 1851 over a year ago
Dose anyone els think that Marde Guille is Acnologia?  GaLe_aded_FTW 5 1383 over a year ago
Fairy Tail RP  Taiwan01 31 5162 over a year ago
Fairy Tail RP!! (FULL!!)  sieluvzsoul 2264 47748 over a year ago
Create a wizard for my guild Rain Feather  coasterrider 4 1534 over a year ago
-FAIRY TAIL- (ROLEPLAY)  natcy08 10 2982 over a year ago
Fairy Tail confession page  princess_lucy03 52 14698 over a year ago
Is fairy tail coming back in april 2014?  helynn 3 1352 over a year ago
New To The Guild (RP)  melodypony3 0 974 over a year ago
Ghost's Fairy Tail RP  TheAdventGhost 5805 173732 over a year ago
New wizard guild!!!! [ Dragon Claw ] RP Lets be # 1 in Fiore!!!!  Palin_X765 26 3592 over a year ago
Is more fairy tail coming out ever?  helynn 2 730 over a year ago
lame icon  WarriorHero 0 480 over a year ago
Jobs for Ghost's Fairy Tail RP  TheAdventGhost 714 26432 over a year ago
Fairy Tail Happy Desktop Wallpapers  Simmeon 0 2387 over a year ago
Lucy Heartfilia Wallpapers - Fairy Tail  Simmeon 0 774 over a year ago
Collection of Natsu Dragneel Wallpapers - Fairy Tail  Simmeon 0 952 over a year ago
Fairy Tail Cosplay  losira 1 1844 over a year ago
Ongoing Manga Discussions (spoilers included)  akina_blaze 367 34233 over a year ago
Fairy Tail New Generation  AceDarkwolf17 601 36565 over a year ago
Fairy Tail Role Play  AceDarkwolf17 503 21251 over a year ago
ROLE PLAY:)  AnimeOtaku48 5 972 over a year ago
Collection of Fairy Tail Doujinshi  Simmeon 1 86436 over a year ago
Fairy Tail Rollplay (open to everyone)  Celestial_Mage 0 811 over a year ago
need advise  rteker 0 1146 over a year ago
Fairy Tail AMV  RUNVS 2 1347 over a year ago
Is Lucy gonna be a stronger mage?  Kei941 8 5489 over a year ago
Fairy Tail Elimination Game  Ryuuikari 11 2092 over a year ago
guild members needed  decimo 19 3577 over a year ago
List Fairy Tails Top 6 wizards (Power-wise)  T_ballack 9 7261 over a year ago
Clarification of Top 6 mages pre- time skip and post time skip  T_ballack 5 2911 over a year ago
Discussion about mysterious girl from manga  pjwoww 13 8304 over a year ago
Fairy Tail/ Robo Platoon RP  BlondLionEzel 71 6014 over a year ago
Petitions to Mashima! XP  camiile 3 2331 over a year ago
Natsu fans unite!!!  anime_cutiez 1 609 over a year ago
Natsu fans unite!!!  anime_cutiez 0 950 over a year ago
Fairy Tail A new Tale  wolfmaster3000 2 1356 over a year ago
Let share our top 5 Fairy Tail's most favorite Character  vampiregalz 3 2930 over a year ago
have any new ideas for the next episode of fairytail?  SSAS 3 1718 over a year ago
Recommendations  Gwiazdeczka 6 2141 over a year ago