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dargox posted on Jan 01, 2012 at 08:22PM
in this rp a evil digimon name virusmon and has releashed a new type of virus in both of the x-digiworld and the normal digworld, now this virus will make any digimon who get it in them will becomes evil in 5 days and virusmon has also be causeing random timewarp digi-ports in all the worlds even in the real world, btw the war between x-digimon and normal digimon has been respark up.

Bad guys


Please use this info form for a new character.


(here's my character's info)

Name: dex
Age: 21
Gender: male
Race: 1/2 white, 1/2 mexcan
Nationailty: usa
Digimon: black renamon
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over a year ago guilmon2149 said…
Name: Sephiroth
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Race: white human
Nationailty: Welsh
Digimon: Black guilmon
over a year ago dargox said…
(dex and black renamon r in the back alleys of NY city and have won their 15th win against yet a other digimon with a virus)

Dex: dang what's with all these evil digimon pop up every where?

Black renamon: idk dex but it seems like not wild digimons r the only one turning evil.

Dex: yeah your right, but any way here go little girl your veemon in digi-egg form. ~hands the egg over~

The little girl: OH THANK U MISTER AND I'M SORRY HE ATTACK U BUT BYE!!! ~turns around and skip off~
over a year ago Thern said…
((I guess I'll keep pretty much the same character as the other rp too))

Name: Kite Watari
Age: 17
Gender: male
Race: Asian
Nationailty: Japanese
Digimon: Vi Elecmon.
over a year ago dargox said…
(well welcome thern to my digi-rp, oh btw I forgot to say in this rp there is a new type of digivole it's called "XD-DIGIVOLVE" which allow your digimon evolve to any CHAMION, ULITMATE, MEGA, OR SUPER-MEGA digimon that you have seen or battle and one more thing HAPPY NEW YEAR!!)
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over a year ago Thern said…
big smile
(( Thanks and Happy New you too. oooo XD-Digivole sounds interesting. and are we going to be all in the same country at first or are we going to be in our own country at the start?))
over a year ago dargox said…
(your own country but there will be random portal openings some to the digiworld, some to the x-digiworld, some to other countries, and some will send u forward or backwards in time, so there is going to be alot of site jumping.)
over a year ago Thern said…
((okay sweet, Thanks))

Kite was in his room working steadily on homework. while Vi Elecmon was on Kite's bed "Come on Kite this is boring let's do something" Vi Elecmon said as he rolled around bored.

"Vi you know I have to get this done before tommorrow, just wait a little bit longer and it will be done and then we can do something fun." Kite said as he looked back at Vi Elecmon.

Vi elecmon just shoved his face into a pillow "Okay..." he replied then his ears perked up and he quickly and looked out the window. "there's a digimon out there" Vi Elecmon growled and then he opened the window and jumped out of it.

Kite then quickly got out of his chair "Wait Vi, Get Back Here! ugh better go after him" Kite then ran out of the house.

over a year ago dargox said…
(so is your character in japan)
*mean while inthe streets of new york city*

Dex: ~walking with his digimon~ well renamon where to now

Black Renamon: ~walking along with dex~ idk cause I don't sence any portals but while we wait one to open maybe we should just go to these so call twin towers btw how can a tower have twin?

Dex: ~sigh~ renamon I told u befor and i'll tell again they were called twin towers because they were make the exact same way in the exact same place and like I told befor the twin towers r no more cause some a-holes highjack two plains and crash into them to kill people but u r right we should go to ground zero to pay our rep to the people who died there.
over a year ago darktheheghog said…
(can i join this one?)
over a year ago dargox said…
big smile
(YES dark u can just post your character info form *see top of this rp* btw happy late new year MATE, lol sorry dark I just had to throw that mate in, hope I pronoun it right.)
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over a year ago darktheheghog said…
(thanks! and happy late new year to you too and its ok and yes you pronouce the mate right! hahaha anyways heres my character
Name: Darkness 'Angel' Shii Stone
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Race: 1/2 Japanese 1/2 Australian
Nationality: Tokyo
Digimon: Vulpixmon (i like Vulpixmon XD)
Personality: (i know its not on there but i like adding stuff) can be cold doesnt really trust people easily quiet not a really talkative person has a short temper so please dont make her mad)
??????: DARKNESS STRIKE *a black fire came out of no where and almost hit Dex and Blare*
over a year ago dargox said…
(hey dark may I ask, r u going to put jonh and hikari in at any time?)

Dex & blare: ~both jump back a bit~


Blare: FROM THERE DEX!! ~points to two figers hideing in the shadows in an alleyway~

Dex: ~turns to the two figers saying~ HEY WHO R Y'ALL AND WHAT'S THE BIG IDEAL ATTACKING US FOR!?!?
over a year ago darktheheghog said…
(yeah i will just wait for maybe a few more chapters or something oh and Angel is gonna say something in a different language so if you dont know the language imma just translate it)
Angel: Nē anata wa sore ga de kōgeki shitadearou-ya no haigo ni dejimon o theres no irai, wareware wa motto shite ichi-byō no suigara o hozon watashitachi ni kansha subeki (hey you should thank us we saved your butts since theres a digimon behind ya it wouldve attacked ya in one second)
Vulpixmon: yeah
over a year ago dargox said…
Dex: hu? ~turns around and see a agumon turn into a digi-egg~ what the an agumon those digimon never come into the real world? ~turns back to angel, scratching head saying~ sorry about that I guess I was quick to judge but on my def I really though u were attack us.

Blade: um...well any ways i'm black renamon but u call me blare and this my human parter dex, so who r u two? ^_^
over a year ago darktheheghog said…
Ange: Sore wa watashinonamaeha, dejimon no teikō no yami tenshi shī-seki dai ni no rīdādearu tonikaku hobo darenidemo yoku sake ni yotte nani (pfft whatever it happens to nearly everyone anyway my name is Darkness Angel Shii Stone second leader of the digimon resistance)
Vulpixmon: and i'm Dark Vulpixmon that explains why my fur is more Darker then the Original Vulpixmons
Angel: Tonikaku wareware ga eta go wa haruka ni nagai ato ni koko ni taizai suru koto wa dekimasen (anyway we gotta go cant stay here much longer later) *me and Vulpixmon disappear*
over a year ago dargox said…
Dex: uh....oh ok? O.o? that was weard...uh blare did u understand what that chick said?

Blare: nope only the dark vulpixmon!

Dex: ~shuges~ oh well maybe next i'll ask her to speak in englist.

Blare: ~ears shoot strate up~ hey dex sence a portal near by

Dex: ok then let go find it!

both: ~runs off to the portal~
over a year ago darktheheghog said…
Vulpixmon: you should really talk in english when you speaking with people Angel
Angel: *says in a australian accent* well you cant blame me Vulpixmon i gotta keep my Identity a secret who knows that boy would've known who i was *snaps her fingers* just like that
Vulpixmon: yeah yeah thats what you always say i betcha if we meet that boy again he would-AHHHHHHHH *trips into a portal*
Angel: VULPIXMON *jumps into the portal and it closes behind me*
over a year ago dargox said…
(LoL XD/that was funny how u cut off vulpixmon.)

Blare: ~stop and saids~ hey dex the portal is right here!!

Dex: ~also stop~ all right cool I hope it gose to some place cool!! ~he jumps in, saying~ CANNON BALL!!!!

Blare: ~fellow~

The portal: ~sents them to (lol) Australia crashing on the beach of sydey~ (sorry I have to ask r there beachies in sydey?)
over a year ago darktheheghog said…
(yeah there are beaches oh yeah and theres gonna be a surprise lol)
Vulpixmon: AHHHHHHHHHHH *lands in the sand and gets her head stuck in it*
Angel: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH *lands on Dex (oh and Angel has black hair but its a wig XD) and her black wig fell off showing blonde hair like Hikari's*
over a year ago dargox said…
(ok lol let me guess angel is hikari but has change her name and now lives in tokyo japan right)

Dex: ~opens eyes and see hikari laying on him then look to his right and see the wig then quick puts 2&2 together~ WHAT THE HIKARI!!!? YOUR WERE THAT GIRL WEARD BACK IN NEW YORK!? AREN'T U?~he push her off and sit up~

Blare: ~helps vulpixmon out of the sand~
over a year ago darktheheghog said…
(you got that right)
Hikari: *looks at Dex* uhhh hi Dex uhhh long time no see *makes a nervous smile*
Vulpixmon: *shakes her head* thanks Blare
Hikari: now Dex i-i could explain
over a year ago dargox said…
Dex: well then explain and don't skip details cause right now I want all the info u have!

Blare: yeah u two spill it!
over a year ago darktheheghog said…
Hikari: *sighs* its a long story trust me anyways you see i said in Japanese that i was in a Resistance and it was to save all digimon and i was in second command while John was in first i had to put on Disguise so then you and the others wouldnt reconise me until the time was right also digimon has been trying to get me more then usual so thats why i was in the Disguise really but yeah me and Vulpixmon were sent out here and on a mission to stop Virusmon but thats the hard thing we cant we tried many times but it didnt really work so yeah thats really the whole story
Vulpixmon: so now ya know *picks up Hikari's wig and gives it to her*
Hikari: thanks Vulpixmon *takes it and put it on* now please make sure you dont tell ANYONE not even the others in your team John is somewhere else right now so thats why he isnt here please Dex dont tell anyone *hugs Dex giving him the most cutest and Adorable puppy eyes*
(hahahahaha i'm sorry i just had to add that in XD)
over a year ago dargox said…
Dex: ~sigh~ ok but me and blare get to join your ok?

Blare: yeah cause it's not just janpan that r haveing digimon troables...it's the whole world!!

Dex: yeah and we try to get any digi-tamer to join the fight but most of them r ether scared or don't want to see their digimon hurt, so the only members on my team r, me, mimi, my sis, tk and matt "who's travileing around the states with his band". Oh btw matt told me give this to u the next I see u. ~hands hikari as angel a full vip pass to any of matt's band gigs~ seem that poor sap still as the hot for u ay hikari? ~quickly covers his mouth but saids~ oops sorry hey hi what is your cover name?
over a year ago darktheheghog said…
Hikari: *takes the VIP but has a question mark over my head* uhh ok thanks
Vulpixmon: wait isnt Matt's band here in Sydney?
Hikari: so i can maybe go to his concer...wait i cant he cant see me with my short hair
Vulpixmon: wha? oh yeah you got a hair cut thanks to one of the digimon
Hikari: oh god Matt is gonna kill me if he found out
Vulpixmon: by the way Hikari promised Matt that she wouldnt cut her hair cause Matt liked Hikari's hair style but since some stupid Digimon cut her hair and now that its the same Length as Matt's hair...
Hikari: Vulpixmon stop talking please
over a year ago darktheheghog said…
(by the way can you be Matt please and i'll be TK please please please)
over a year ago dargox said…
(ok i'll be matt)

Dex: don't worry hikari i'll call tk and tell him to brace matt for a shock ok?

*mean @ the concer hall*

Matt: ok guys that was a practies we're good rock the house tonight, well see ya later! ~walk in to his backstage room where tk is waiting for him~ ok bro we're done, so what is it u wanted to talk to me about?
over a year ago darktheheghog said…
TK: well dex just called me and said Hikari is here and well uhhh
over a year ago dargox said…
Matt: cool!! it's been a long time since we seen her! Hu? WAIT A MIN WHAT'S THE UH ABOUT DID SOME THING HAPPEND TO HER!?
over a year ago darktheheghog said…
TK: no no nothing happened to Hikari besides the fact some digimon cut her hair Dex even showed me a picture *shows Matt a picture of Hikari with short hair the same length as Matt's* oh and they said that their at the beach and if we have time we can go see Hikari and Dex
over a year ago dargox said…
Matt: ~look the picture~ WHAT THE F*** I'M GOING TO KILL THE DIGIMON THAT DID THAT TO HIKARI!!!! LET GO GUYS!!!!! ~grabs TK hard by arm and runs out, draging tk~

Gabumon: oh great matt is on a rapage, come on patamon lets go catch him. ~run off shouting~ MAAAAAT WAAAAAIT FOR US!!!!!

*mean while on the beach*

Dex: ok hikari TK said that matt and his band paracting tonight but will meet us here once done, which I bet once matt see the pic that I sent TK they'll be here in no time flate. ^_^
over a year ago darktheheghog said…
big smile
Vulpixmon: Matt is sooooo gonna be on a rampage when he gets here Hikari best to hide that scare on your cheek too from that digimon that cut your hair and hide the wig
Hikari: how can I hide the scare? And also where can I.... *puts the wig into Dex's bag* sorry no other place to put it Dex
over a year ago dargox said…
big smile
Dex: np, wait I got an ideal to help hide your scare. ~he reach into his bag and get out some pitch black war paint~ here put this on over the scare like how football players do ok?
over a year ago AceDarkwolf17 said…
Name: Alex "AJ" Jareau

Age: 24

Gender: Male

Race: White

Nationality: White

Digimon: Dorumon
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over a year ago dargox said…
(hey acedarkwolf welcome to my digi-rp)
over a year ago AceDarkwolf17 said…
(Thanx......If u want to see my digimon, go to my profile....I have a pic...... Its the first pic on my list)
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over a year ago AceDarkwolf17 said…
~AJ is walking with Dorumon on the streets of Paris and all of a sudden Dorumon is getting pulled into some kind of portal. AJ goes after him and they both get pulled in and land on some beach~

AJ: ~Mumbles something in French~

Dorumon: U OK?

AJ: Yeah... Look, there is a group of people over there so lets go find out where we r

~They get up and walk over to the group of people just standing around talking~

AJ: Excuse me......Can someone tell me where I am?

over a year ago darktheheghog said…
Hikari: your in Sydney welcome to my home city mate
Vulpixmon: hey there's Matt and TK!!!!!
Hikari: *takes the wig out of Dex's bag and puts it on hiding her blonde hair and then puts on the black paint like a foot ball player but then stuff the wig back into Dex's bag*
Vulpixmon: make up your mind Hikari will ya
Hikari: sorry
over a year ago guilmon2149 said…
sephiroth: hmmmmmmm
black guilmon: whats wrong seph? (maybe i will call black guilmon shadow for short)
sephiroth: we need to find the other digidestined
over a year ago darktheheghog said…
TK: hey Matt look there's Hikari and Dex!
Patamon: and Vulpixmon and blare!
over a year ago AceDarkwolf17 said…
AJ: J'ai pensé que j'ai été fait avec ce truc

Dorumon: Sorry for that......When he gets fustrated, he speaks French. He said, "I thought I was done with this stuff" He was one of the Digi-Destined before the ones that appeared many years ago.

Dorumon: I dont know the names of the Digi-Destined after us but I know the names of the Digimon. There was a Agumon, Gabumon, Patamon, Biyomon, Tentomon, Palmon, Gomamon, and Gatomon
over a year ago darktheheghog said…
Hikari: ainsi je suis en dehors de l'digidestined et donc je suppose que votre genre de mon équipe et oh les gens qui sont sur l'équipe de Matt TK Mimi Sora Kari Ken Davis et bien je peux juste vous les présenter
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over a year ago AceDarkwolf17 said…
AJ: We haven't properly introduced. Im Alex Jareau but u can call me AJ. This is my Digimon partner, Dorumon

Dorumon: Please to meet u

AJ: I heard u speaking French and I would like to meet the Second Generation Digi-Destined
over a year ago darktheheghog said…
Hikari: well i'm apart of the first Generation Digidestineds the second generation arent really here at the moment but maybe we'll bump into them
Vulpixmon: *walks around Dorumon* how come i have never seen a Digimon like you before
over a year ago AceDarkwolf17 said…
Dorumon: I've never seen a Digimon like u either

~AJ reaches down and unhooks his Digivice (like the one that Tai and the others have) And looks at it~

AJ: There is another two Digivices near here.....in that direction ~as he looks in the direction of Matt and TK~
over a year ago darktheheghog said…
Vulpixmon: must be because we live in different worlds
Hikari: *looks at the direction and blushes deep red* eep *hides in the bush*
Vulpixmon: oh for god sakes *pops her head into the bush* GET OUTTA THERE RIGHT NOW HIKARI
over a year ago guilmon2149 said…
sephiroth: 'is standing by a tree near the group'
over a year ago dargox said…
(sorry i'm late but my phone bill was due and they cut my phone off, so yeah)

Matt: ~gets mulled by a bunch of fan girls~ AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!! TK!! SOME BODY!!!! HELP ME!!!!!

Dex: ~laughs~ ok hikari look like those girls r byeing u some time so what u going to do? ~to aj and dorumon~ hello my name is dex and this black renamon is my digimon.

Blare: HIYA I'M BLARE THE BLACK RENAMON! ^_^ nice to u two!
over a year ago guilmon2149 said…
sephiroth: 'laughs'
shadow: why are those girls trying to eat that boy?
over a year ago darktheheghog said…
Vulpixmon: Hikari come on get outta there
Hikari: I just don't want Matt to see me
TK: *manages to get Matt out of the fan girl pit* you ok bro?