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When Wally Met Kuki
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This is sorta how I pictured their meeting.
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Numbuh 2 walked away from the screaming children, who were complaining about what the villains had done so far. As usal, when the sh..... aving cream has hit the fan (If you know Numbuh 8, you'll get that), he came up with a plan that would probably backfire later, especially if he knew the others as well as he did. He traveled down the hallways untill he reached the gian texstra strength door freezer, used to store the most precious of ice cream. But, since they had a huge sugar blow-out next week (Kacey may have been behind this) the freezer was empty. Stooping down to the middle of the freezer...
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For a minute, Kacey was just glaring at all the villains. They glared back at her, and to break the silence, David yelled “STARING CONTEST!” and stared into Raleigh’s eyes without blinking.
“Not. Happening.” Raleigh said and walked away.
“Val..?” Kacey turned to the little girl who had a huge smile on her face. “Why is everyone here?”
“Well, silly,” Val said, “My daddy said that the “Every Villain Is Lemons” (Spongebob reference FTW) club was out for coffee!”
“OMG NO WAYS.” Kacey said sarcastically.
“You didn’t lemme finish.” Val rolled her eyes. “When...
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When lunch rolled around, Kuki skipped around until she found one of her new friends.
"Hiiiiiiiii, Abby!!" she squealed.
Abby cringed. Kuki's high-pitched squeal and her hypersensitive hearing was a bad combo.
"Hey!" she answered while rubbing her ear.
Kuki sat down and opened her lunchbox.
"Hmmmm....You wanna trade something?" she asked.
"Like what?"
"My turkey sandwich for your PB and J?"
Abby handed over her sandwich and immediatly began eating.
"I LUUUUUUUF TURKEY SAMMWICHES", she said with her mouth full, "Mow's your BB and J?"
Kuki didn't answer. She was too busy staring at Eddy.
Abby swallowed...
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Numbah2:Your a...a...a-

Numbah11:A vampire....

Numbah2:How did it happen?

Numbah11:Well do you remember when we defeated the flingpires on the moonbase?

Numbah2:How could I forget.

Numbah11:Well Cree somehow escaped arctic prison only she looked ghosty gasy like the Grudger.She came and said unless I wanted my friends to suffer then I would have to take the negative flingpire energy myself and save them.Now I assured I knew she was bluffing but then she said....Good then your boyfriends first......


(Numbah11 nods a yes sadly)

(Her fangs go back in and Numbah's 10...
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Toto scampered through the forest, trying to find the others. He sniffed around. He caught the scent of somthing. Oil, wet fur, and hay. The kids! He rounded another coner and found the group, who were looking rather depressed.
"It's Toto!" the Tingirl gasped as she looked up.
The children swarmed around the pet, giving him hugs and afectionate scratches on the head.
"Well, if Toto can lead us to the castle, we need to think up a plan to break in." said the Lion.

"This story is getting boring!"
"Kuki, this is my story!!!"
"When does it get scary? I need to know when to get my "Boogey-Man Protecter"...
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Numbah2:Do you have any trace of what kind of tech is used in it?

Numbah11:Like I said it's totally unidentified.making it even more dangerous then any of the kids next door can think of.

Numbah1:Okay everyone Numbah's 3,4,and 5 I want you to guard this ship with your life while Me and Numbah's 10,2,and 11 go to moonbase and sort things out with numbah 362.

Numbah3:Yay mission!!!

Numbah4:Oh crud please tell me your not gonna bring your-

Numbah3:Super Guarding gate rainbow monkey?!of course Wally!

Numbah5:(slaps forehead)


Numbah2:Thats strange...


Numbah2:I swear...
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The next few classes were a mixed bag. Some went without hassle and others....well....let's just say that Kiki should cut down on watching "Rocky and Bullwinkle", Wally should cut down on wrestling, and Kacey, Megan, Kuki, and Val should REALLY take an anger management class.
Especially considering what happened when they went shopping for formal wear:
Mr. M. had taken everyone to "Tres Cher" (French for "Very Expensive") to pick out their outfits for the dinner tommorow.
"Oooooooh! Wally, what do you think of THIS one?" Kuki asked....
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"SNOW DAY!!!!!" Kacey screamed at the top of her lungs.
"What?" Kuki yawned as she walked into the living room.
Kacey turned up the TV.
"You heard right!", the weatherman said, "It's Arizona's first snowstorm in 150 years! The roads are packed with 5 inches of snow and it's still coming down! The following schools are closed today: Gallagher Elementary, Sierra Verde Middle, screw it! All schools in the Glendale, Phoenix, and surrounding areas are closed!"
Kuki cheered and ran down the hallway shouting what Kacey had shouted just a few minutes ago.
Suddenly, Kacey's phone started vibrated...
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Everyone was paired up in the auditorium. Kuki was paired with Wally (I can hear the fangirls shrieking with joy...XD), Minerva was with Maddy, Megan was with Hoagie (go figure), Abby was with Christian, Kacey was with David (much to her dismay), Raleigh was with Emma, and Kiki was with Val.
"Ok, do you guys remember how this works?" Mr. M. asked for what seemed the billionth time.
"YES!" Everyone groaned.
Mr. M. clicked the play button on the radio, and some "old-timey" music started playing...and by "old-timey", I don't mean the Rolling Stones. I mean like "stuff from the 1800's". THAT OLD....
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Okay, I haven't been on this club lately because I've gotten into deviantArt, and drawing GKND and a bit of Hetalia.

I'm very sorry, but I will try to draw more pics for the club soon.

But today I'm here to talk about the main "runners" of this club.

I wouldn't really count myself anymore, but since I do have the highest medal, I guess I am one.

The others would definitely be link, link, and link.

I've noticed that this club has gotten a lot of new fans and comments on the wall. I'm super happy. :D

But ya, if you've got any questions, comments, or ideas, come talk to us.

So, yes, I will be posting more often!

Signing off,

Numbuh 7
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"I'M EXHAUSTED." Kacey moaned as she plopped down onto the couch.
Everyone else "meh"ed in agreement....all except Kiki and Raleigh, who had passed out after only taking 3 steps out of the S.C.A.M.P.E.R.
"I can't believe we got to do this again tommorow." Wally moaned.
"I can't believe all we did were introductions over a period of 2 hours." Abby whined.
"I can't believe it's not butter!" David giggled.
Everyone shot him a murderous look.
"Just trying to lighten the mood...."
Kiki smacked upside the head, obviously annoyed.
"Shut it."
The next night,...
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Kacey, Wally, Megan, Jennifer, Maddy, Kuki, and Kiki were all singing down the hall at the top of their lungs:
Abby rolled her eyes.
"You know that that's not gonna get you any reactions, right?"
All 7 ignored her and entered the chorus room still singing. Then some of the other kids (ESPECIALLY Sabrina- Numbuh 3.14-, Logan- Numbuh 172- and Timmy, Numbuh 18...who Kiki had a crush on. ;) ) joined in. The OTHER kids (because they were snobby preps....well, actually a much WORSE word than "preps", but I'm not gonna say it. Use your imagination!)...
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Numbah1:Numbah 1's log at the moment me and my team mates of sector v are awaiting Numbah11 who's been on a top secret mission that seems to involve teenage-

(Numbah5 hits him)

Numbah1:Hey what was that for?!

Numbah5:Numbah 362 told you not to record anything ya big freeze pop!

Numbah1:Well Numbah5 isn't that ironic..I don't get brain freeze remember?

Numbah5:Put a sock in it.

(A ship lands in the docking station and two operatives in space suits emerge from the ship)


Numbah5:There not aliens stupid!

(They take the helmets off.It's Jessee and Suzy)

Jessee:Guys!(she rushes up and hugs...
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Numbah3:Lala la laa la!

(Numbah4 is covering his ears)

Numbah4:Ever since she got that stupid rainbow cruddy it's been a living nightmare!

Numbah5:C,mon she's happy!

Numbah2:Yeah and look on the bright side no villians have attacked all day!


Jack:Cree you've failed again!

Cree:Im sorry jack...

Jack:YOU WILL BE!(Starts firing up like father)

Cree:Wait give me another chance!If you do I promise you I'll destroy sector v and all the kn dorks!Even those stupid kids in the future sector m!

Jack:(flames down)No...bring me sector m and sector v or else!(fires up)

Cree:Yes Jack!

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To be frank, the kids were having a bad day. THey just lost their best new friend, the monkeys shoved them off Kuki's legs about 15 feet up in the air- so that hurt a little, there wasn't much of a chance for them getting the wicked witches broom, and they were lost in the middle of a VERY creepy forrest. Things weren't exactly going as planned.
Kuki sat in a very hard chair inside what seemed to be the witches bed room. Thick spell books lay everywhere, with titles ranging from "Ways to get boys without using Arsenix"...
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Kiki walked into Morgan (Numbuh 432), Ali (Numbuh 444), Lexi (Numbuh 823), and Jennifer (Numbuh 789)'s homeroom. Everyone was wearing black shirts and shorts.
"What's with the black? Is this some sort of fad?," Minerva asked, "Cuz personally, I don't like it!"
Everyone rolled their eyes.
"In case you didn't hear, there's supposed to be a food fight today. If you're wearing black, it won't stain as much."
Minerva looked down at her pink and white sundress and let out a huge whine.
"So, what's up?" Kiki asked.
"Have you heard about what happened to the trees this morning?", Lexi asked.
Kiki responded...
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"Come on, Kace'!" ,Kiki whined through her KN- communicator, "I know how much you guys loved coming to my school for a day...what's so bad about coming for the LAST day of classes?"
"I JUST got out of school! I don't wanna go back again! ESPECIALLY after what happened last time." Kacey responded.
"I didn't even mention the best part!" Kiki shot back.
"Yeah? What's the best part?"
Kiki smiled mischevously, "Well, there'll be free food cuz we're throwin' parties in a few classes....AND, from what I hear, there's gonna be a ginormous- no, wait, huge-no wait- GIHUGIC food fight for all 3 lunch periods."...
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Numbah5:(picks up the phone and dials)


Numbah5:Cree?it's Abbey.....

Cree:You twerp!why are you calling here?!

Numbah5:I need...dare I say it...boy advice.

Cree:(gasps)if this is some kind of trick im warning you the teenz will soround you stupid tree house and- not asking you as an asking you as a sister...

Cree:....Okay..but im not turning my back for a second! is it?


Cree:What the-...O-O....You mean Hoag-


Cree:Oh he's easy...

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