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When Wally Met Kuki
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This is sorta how I pictured their meeting.
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"Alright, Toby!" Kacey said. "Sick 'em!" Toby ran as fast as he could at Wally. But instead of attacking him, Toby licked Wally all over his face. Wally pushed Toby off when he came to.
"T- t- The FANGIRLS ARE GONNA GET ME! TUCK N' ROLL!" He screamed trying to find a hiding place.
"Wally," Kacey said. He was lifting up mops. "Wally," Kacey said again. He still continued his search.
Kacey couldn't take it anymore. "NUMBUH 4! STOP FOOLING AROUND AND GET YOUR A-"
Three rings of a low bell interrupted Kacey.
"Check the manual for 3 rings!" Megan yelled. Hoagie grabbed the manual.
"1= Lunch Bell....
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Kiki had her ear up to the door. Wally was losing it.
"GET ME OFF THIS BOAT!!" He yelled. Megan slapped some sense into him.
"Get a hold of yourself, man!" Megan said. "You're perfectly fine!" Numbuh 4 screamed. Numbuh 2 saw this as an opportunity.
"So, when we get outta this closet, wanna grab a bite to eat?" Hoagie asked. He rose his eyebrow. Megan scooted over. As did Hoagie. "C'mon, Babe! All Numbuh 2 wants is some love....." Hoagie said all 'smooth'. Megan slapped him.
"FREAK!" she yelled running toward Kacey. Megan sighed. "Who'd you e-mail?" she asked Kacey. Kacey sighed.
"No. Signal."...
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''hey, wheres my weapon?'' Numbuh 3 asked grouping around the floor in vain.
''And for that matter, where is numbuh 5?'' Megan asked
After a quick search, numbuh 3 found her knocked out beneath a broken window. She immediately alerted the others. Kneeling down next to her, Kacey shook her awake. With a start, Abby bolted upward.
''SHES BACK!'' Numbuh 5 shouted
''Who is?'' Asked numbuh 8.
''Mushi! Dat crazy little girl is back to reap revenge!'' Numbuh 5 hurriedly explained.
''Oh boy.'' Numbuh 2 whispered.
Numbuh 4 picked up a piece of paper off the floor.
''Whats that?'' asked Numbuh 2.
''A letter.''...
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''Numbuh Fives gonna go check it out!'' Abby announced.
Her proclamation went completely unheard over the sounds of the children's eating, and Numbuh 1000s failed attempts to calm them.
Wit a sigh, she hoisted herself of her chair and borrowed numbuh 3s T.H.U.M.P.E.R. .


    ''Strange.'' numbuh 5 whispered. Below the broken window lay, obviously, shards of glass and pieces of wood, but weirdly, a stray piece of purple/pink cloth lay among the rubble. That cloth looked familiar. A creak sounded behind her. ''Uh-oh''...
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(in numbah 10's room)
numbah 10:I can't believe that beast!!!!I have to write a comic with him ewwwww!he better bring his own markers cuz mine are scented and one of a kind!!!okay maybe 2 of a kind but someday I will track down that other set!!!!(numbah 15 comes in)
Numbah15:What the heck have you been yelling about!!!
Numbah10:That beast of a knd op numbah 12 he is just sooooo grrr!!!
Numbah15:My cousin isn't that bad.
Numbah10:Your right he's much worse!!!
Numbah15:Chill out girl I mean sheesh!!!you are always obsessed with him "oh im gonna kill numbah 12 if he touches that"or "oh he better not...
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Nigel Uno ( Numbuh 1)
. the leader who tends to work a little too much
. takes pride in his team and his tree house
. is bald and weras black sunglasses and a red turle neck with beige capris
. has a grilfriend named lizzie

Hoagie P. Gillugim ( Numbuh 2)
. the smart and nerdy one
. makes all the gadgets including the tree house
. is very corny and makes jokes and puns that no one else finds funny.
. has a crush on cree
. but its also hinted he has a crush on abby
. he marries abby in the future
. wear a blue shirt with beige pants that are pulled up pretty high and also wears a pilot helmet...
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Everyone found their rooms and began settling in. (Luckily, they were all placed close together.) Kiki and Kuki were especially happy because they got the room with the bunk beds...that, and they got to share the room with Kacey and Wally (Considering who she has to deal with, Poor Kacey!). Megan ended up sharing a room with Abby and Hoagie (Poor Megan!). Minerva, Maddy, and Val got to have their own room; which meant they could act up as much as they wanted without getting yelled at. Kiki emerged from the bathroom in her bathing suit.
"You guys ready to go to the water park?"
Kuki and Kacey...
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it was luch time at setor vs tree house and megan and kiki were comming over and bringing the food "man i starved!" numbuh 3 said holding her stomach she surprisingly pigs out if shes hungery enough and completely forgets about the forks and spoons "hey guys" numbuh 8 said holding a pan of chicken and numbuh 1000 was standing next to her with a pan of tater tots and french fries "sorry we're late" megan said "you not la-" kacey started to say but she got distracted by numbuh 2 and 3 jumping for the chicken and numbuh 4 jumping for the fries he didn't really want the tater tots but what he grabbed...
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4 hours.
The flight was only 4 hours. It was the worst 4 hours of Kacey's life. Numbuh 4 and Numbuh 8 were arguing. Rainbow Monkeys this. Rainbow Monkeys that. She also got motion-sickness. When the plane landed, Kacey yelled "Hallelujah!" and dashed off with her back pack and her Toby's carrier. The rest followed. They met up with her at the baggage claim. When they collected their bags they went outside.
"Good, God!" Numbuh 4 yelled. "It's so humid! I MISS dry heat." Kacey slapped him. She'd been to Miami numerous times. She was used to it.
"TAXI!" yelled Kiki. City life. Kiki's style....
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Kacey walked into the room, talking on her iPhone.
"So it's all set? Great! See you in two days!" She hung up.
"Who was that?" Abby asked.
"Numbuh 362. She says that everything is set for the party. Pack your bags guys! We're goin' to Canada!"

Two days went by really fast. On the morning of the trip, Kacey was the first one up.
"Attention everyone!", she shouted into the microphone, "This is Numbuh 7 requesting that all operatives of Sectors Q and V report to the S.C.A.M.P.E.R. NOW! We'll be leavin' in...10 minutes. That is all."
First came Hoagie. Then Maddy and Megan. Then Abby. Then Wally, who...
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The Phoenix Airport wasn't as big as the one in Denver, but it was pretty darn busy. Around summer time, everyone is heading to Antarctica to escape the heat. OK, so it was Denver but who cares? So through the crowd you could see Sector V and their 2 friends who always seem to be around, dashing through. Kacey had dropped Toby's carrier 5 times already, so she gave it to Wally.
"But why CARNIVAL cruise lines? It has the word CARNIVAL in it. You know what carnivals do to me!" Numbuh 4 yelled. He had some pretty bad experiences with Carnivals. One of which, happened 2 weeks ago.
"Dude!" Kacey...
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Kuki ran out to check the mailbox. She opened it, grabbed everything inside, and rushed back.
"MAIL'S HERE!" She yelled at the top of her lungs. Kacey and Wally had been watching wrestling all day and hadn't taken their eyes off of the TV. Kiki had been watching too. But not the wrestling. She was watching how every time blood appeared on screen, both Numbuhs 4 and 7 would jump up, scream, and high-five each other.
"I still don't get it." Kiki said grabbing some soda. Numbuh 5 laughed.
"Wit 'till Hockey of Football comes on. That's always fun." Abby told Numbuh 8. She laughed leaving Kiki...
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Kacey (Numbuh 7) sighed, aggravated. "Numbuh 3, for the last time, we are NOT going to the 'Rainbow Monkey Jamacian Jumper Playhouse and Resort'!"
Kuki whined, "Why NOT?!"
"Because we went the year before....and the year before THAT....and the year before THAT..."
She growled and rolled her eyes.
"C'mon guys, think! I got to let Numbuh 362 know where we're gonna hold the KND'S annual "Fun 'n' Sun' summer party TODAY! Any other ideas?"
Hoagie (Numbuh 2) raised his hand.
"No, we're not going to the food court in the mall."
He put his hand down.
Minerva (Numbuh 245) and Wally (Numbuh 4) raised their...
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"You sure about this Wally?" Kuki whispered. "Richard the Clown was ready to kill you. We don't want you to die!" Wally started blushing.
"Well, it's the best we've got. I'd rather not sit here for the rest of my life." Wally said. Kuki glanced at the staircase.
"Alright," Kuki began, "It's your funeral." Wally began hopping over to the staircase. Then Richard came from out of nowhere. Wally stopped hopping.
"Mitchell! Valerie! Get in here, NOW!" Richard shouted. Mitchell and Valerie were arguing. Richard punched Mitchell. Mitchell cleared his throat.
"So, Wallabee," Mitchell began. Wally and...
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