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Blair Waldorf Relationships

Nate Archibald

First Relationship:
Start Up: Before "Pilot" (1.01)
Broke Up: "Victor, Victrola" (1.07)
Reason: Blair confronts Nate about his confession to 'Serena'.

Second Relationship:
Start Up: "Hi, Society" (1.10)
Broke Up: "School Lies" (1.12)
Reason: Chuck threatens to tell Nate about his and Blair's relationship if she continues seeing him.

Third Relationship:
Start Up: "School Lies" (1.12)
Broke Up: "A Thin Line Between Chuck and Nate" (1.13)
Reason: Nate finds out that Blair slept with Chuck.

Fourth Relationship:
Start Up: Remains of the J (2.20)
Broke Up: Seder Anything...
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Starting at a dinner party at the Waldorf Penthouse for future stepfather Cyrus Rose, former best friend Serena van der Woodsen, described as the most gorgeous girl in all of New York City, returns from her boarding school Hanover Academy in Hanover, New Hampshire. Blair, from the start, doesn't want to give up her spotlight as being the "most happening" girl in the room just yet. She and boyfriend Nate who have dated for about a year are in the middle of a passionate scene when Serena shows up, and entertains all the guests with stories about her wild summer adventures and what it was like...
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