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posted by Rockgrl
     My name is Aramantha. I am a sixteen year old vampire. I have shoulder length, blonde hair, a tall, flexible pixie-like body, blue eyes, and a crazy vampire family. I have an older brother, four older sisters and a mother. My oldest sister and brother are twins. My older brother is five minutes older than my sister. Their names are Lucine, and Alla. Then comes the triplets, Elvira, Aleera and Verona. My mother’s name is Nardia. We are the last of the Brax family and clan. We live in the small country town of Luckey, Ohio.

Ch.1- New House, New Town
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posted by Raven33
It is not just a fantasy.

The Temple of the Vampire is an international organization that can enable you to acquire authentic power over others, build real wealth, achieve vibrant health, and even live beyond the usual human lifespan.

This is part of what it means to become a real Vampire.

Real Vampires are those who possess a special knowledge and power.
You can have this knowledge and gain this power.

Realize the hidden truths behind why people think and act as they do
and learn exactly how to control them.

Rise above the mindless rat race of having to work to make money
and employ our subtle...
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posted by Raziail
My name is Raziail , last of the pure blooded Vampires , I come forth now to clarify the truth and put rumors to rest once and for all. I was born in 1933 BC , my father and mother were the first vampire along with my mothers brother , Demius ... before i tell my tale I wanna put rumors to rest now , im the only vampire that can walk in daylight and not feel pain , half bloods can walk in day light but feel unimaginable pain , and those who are not born with pure blood can never walk in daylight less they take my blood , half bloods are those who were born with a pure blooded parent and a turned...
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posted by vampiregrrl999
Who was the first vampire you may wonder. The first vampire is a mystery in many fictional vampire worlds, and even in the real world. Century after century, countless vampires making more vampires – some ancient, some young. Where did it begin, who was the one that started it all? There are many vampire novels in print right now, only a few have asked and answered this question. Here’s a look at three of the first blood suckers…

The queen of the vampires in The Vampire Chronicles by the amazing author Anne Rice. In the novels when Akasha was human she was originally from Uruk,...
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posted by GWENxTRENT
10 million fireflies
10 million fireflies
CHARACTERS: ADELE LEE(main character)
EMMA LEE(little sister)
HANNA AND ROB(mom and dad)
ETHAN ANDREWS(main character's love intrest)

chapter 1 the runaways

I can hear Hanna and Rob fight from the bathroom, tears runing down my siver eyes.
"second shift?" Hanna starts softly. "MORE LIKE CHEATING ON ME WITH A SKANKY WHORE!" More tears fell from my eyes as I covered my ears. I sniffed, got up, and walked to the bedroom. I tryed to opend my door, but it was locked. I had to ues my hair pin to open it, but I had to be really quiet...
I gasped...
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Zombies have no real mythos or history. Most zombie stories are merely metaphors for issues that at the time can't be discussed head on due to the popular opinion of the time. George Romero's Living Dead movies are prime example of that. His movies really weren't about the living dead but more to do about messages concerning racism to consumerism. Only after the success of those movies, did zombies become popular in our culture and zombie movies were made just for the sake of making a zombie movie. But that means if such movies are based on these metaphor movies, then in a way they're echoing...
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Vampires are in these days. It's debatable whether they ever really went out-I mean, who hasn't at least gone through a phase where they were entranced by vampires? Vampires are sexy, strong, and forbidden-what could be more fascinating than that? And there are so many vampires worlds to choose from now: Twilight, House of Night, Vampire Academy, Vampire Diaries, Vladimir Tod, True Blood, Blue Blood, the Van Alen Legacy, Blood Ninja, Blood Coven, and even Buffy and The Lost Boys, who never get old.

It's no wonder so many people want to play in those worlds by writing fanfiction. Here are a few...
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posted by HOU0007
Are You Real?
Your hair is indescribably soft and smooth. Your eyes, remind me of honey-sickle in the glistening sun. Your lips are gentle and plump like a peach. Your skin is white as snow and as smooth and hard as marble& stone. You sometimes speak of a time that is not known to me. Your smell is indescribably sweet and, just wonderful. You dress commonly to fit in with the world and its surroundings. You are very kind and considerate of how you affect the ones you love. I hear about you a lot, and to what people say, like how you’re so hot, and they wish that you were with them. I see...
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posted by dimitrirocks
I woke up at seven forty-one in the morning. The sky was pink and it was cold out.
I was going to have to wear a sweater. Or I could just not go to school, I thought. I mean I was already running late so why not just skip school completely.
Then I remembered that right after school I had a “get-together” with Angela, Samantha, and Jessica to plan out the birthday party that I was so not looking forward to—my birthday party, I sighed.
    I was running late and I had no time. I flew down the stairs to eat my breakfast, the floorboards creaking in protest as I went down....
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posted by Fangirl99
"no this cant be!" Vanessa shouted in anger."im not a vampire!Th-Th-thers got a be another explanation!"

"im sorry,vanessa,'Dr.Vamp siad,getting up from is chair."If you dont believe me,you can always ask your mother."Dr.Vamp disappeared into the drakness,and Vanessa wet on her way.

When Vanessa got home,she went straight to her mother.

"mom,i need to talk to you."

"sure,sweetie,whats up?"

"well,i bit Susans arm today,and.."

"oh no!did you get in trouble."

"no,i left before andy teachers are the principal saw.Then,when i was walking,i saw a sign saying if you have strange behavior,visit Dr.Vamp"

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For those who have gotten tired of pretty, sparkly vampires, there is a new vampire movie coming out called Damn Nation. The movie sounds completely different than anything you’ll get from the Twilight saga, with the vampires in this movie cruelly attacking the world and seeing what remains of it. The movie shows how the government moves all survivors to London, while they try and figure out what the hell to make of the mess the vamps have done.

So what’s new about it? Well, it’s a look at vampires the way some think they’re meant to be seen. No new added twists, no weird interpretations,...
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posted by deedeeflower
I found this poem on the back of my Vampire Vineyards Pinot Noir bottle.

But first on this earth as vampire sent,

Thy corpse shall from tomb be rent:

Then ghastly haunt thy native place,

And suck the blood of all thy race;

There from thy daughter, sister, wife,

At midnight drain the stream of life;

Yet loathe the banquet which perforce

Must feed thy livid living corpse.

Thy victims are they yet expire

Shall know the demon for the sire,

As cursing thee, thou cursing them,

Thy flowers are withered on the stem.
posted by Kimi4312
After Alucard discovers his newborn daughter Gabrielle, Gabrielle nicknamed Gabe begins growing at a faster rate, as Becca wakes up she notices Gabe is now in a 5-year-old body with beautiful blonde hair and beautifully green eyes and white skin whiter than her small sleep dress
"Gabe?" Becca asks and was shocked that Gabe can even speak "Hi mommy" Gabe says and Becca sits there frozen with shock as Alucard wakes up "Rebecca what's wrong?" he asks as he notices his own daughter is in a 5-year-old body as she begins speaking to them acting exactly like a real child even through biologically is...
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posted by Kimi4312
Chapter eight: Fight for love and life

After Venom and Carnage killed Alucard, Venom licks Becca's neck with his long tounge, being disgusted she spits at his face until a group of hellhounds arrive again and black smoke surrounded Alucard's dead body and his evil laugher grows and bats begin flying all over the place "Master!" Aly says excited "Distract the aliens" Alucard says in bat form and alot of bats flew around the body as his clothes change into a black jumpsuit with satantic symbol appears on Alucard's forehead and his eyes turn firey orange "Killing me with your weapons will never...
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I am Mrs.Vani, my job is to murder any vampire that comes my way. I was raised to do this, murder off any vampire I see. They murder humans with no heart no soul! They are evil, and do not deserve to be on this earth.

It is a cold dark night. I am wearing my V-neck sweater. This way I can atract some un-desired attention to my neck. The stars are barly showing. "Hi!" Gotcha! I turn is a vampire I can tell immideatly because they smell like blood, and are very pale, I am trained to tell the differce between pale humans, and dead-skin white vampires. "Hello..." I drag off. I pull...
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"this cant be!" Vanessa was so loud,the walls began to shake.

"Vanessa,"her mom said."Come down! you need to learn to use you powers,and to control them.

"bu,bu,bu------This is all a dream!yeah,in a second,ill wake up,and not be a vampire."

She blinked 3 times,but she was still there.Not in bed.

"but,but,but,but,vampires aren't real!"

"thats what i thought,too.But,its true,its all true.You are a vampire,Vanessa,and you cannot tell anybody,ok?"her mom said with wide eyes.

"ok,"vanessa said."i understand. but really,she didt.

the next day,Vanessa didnt want to go to school.This was becuase...
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posted by _Blackhearts_xx
Vampire Bite
I wonder innocently through these dark alleys,
fearing the dark shadows i feel are lurking behind me,
The smell of my flesh and blood rushes through the air,
ive ran for far too long,
Im now out of breath,
i need to rest,
i pause for a moment, finding myself standing directly infront of a brick wall,
how could this be? this wasent here before?
i could swear there was an alley was for me to walk,
i turn, but as i go to head back,
i see another wall blocking my path,
have i been trapped?
or is it that i have been captured,
Have these alleys been their bait?
these creatures of the night,
they stand...
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posted by LOLsweetsweet0
-Hawaii,Summer,May 10-
Roxxy didn't like sun,sun,sun all the time. It made her look awsome,but her amount of awsome-ness didn't need a skin-burning-follows- you-everywhere-un-nessasary-skylights.Meet Roxxy Qwick,an all atitude bad b**** that didn't like the serious stuff in life. Ironic,I know. You should just SEE this chick. A pale skin Albino(move over Kristen Stewart)Mexican mix with one red eye,one green. Her hair was cut at the bottom edge of her ear and spiked perfectly with random red streaks of color. The boots she wore however,all different colors to show her mood(but never to match...
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While Vanessa Is Laying On Her Floor Dracula Tries To Kill Her Unitl a Giant Wolf Came & Attack
Him, Vanessa Got Up & Ran Out Of The Living Room
Then She Saw a Werewolf Turn Into John, He Ran After Vanessa, *Vanessa It's Me* He Said, Vanessa
Stare At John & Starts Kissing Him On Her Cold Lips *John How?* She Asked While Crying In Joy, *I Don't Know* They Both Start Kissing Again & They Start Making Love, One Morring John Woke Up &
Finds Vanessa Sleeping In Her Coffen, He Shut The
Blinds & Opens Up Her Coffen, She Woke Up Staring At His Yellow Eyes *Hi* John Said While Smiling...
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posted by vampiregrrl999
There’s a handful of vampires throughout folklore, all different kinds of flavors and species. Some of these vampires aren’t your classic cape wearing, coffin sleeping, crucifix fearing kinda vamps; there was a time when some parts of the world believed certain witches and sorcerers were vampires. There are a number of witchy vampire myths out there, but today we’ll focus on three: the chordewa, the obayifo and the jigarkhwar.

The chordewa: This is a favorite myth of mine, it’s about a witch found among the Oraons, a tribe of Bengal. This witch can turn her soul into a black vampire...
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