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NEED TO FIND MUSIC  jay11 3 3047 over a year ago
The ABC's of Shrek  snowflakerose 1 2635 over a year ago
Disney Recast for Shrek  snowflakerose 0 3245 over a year ago
am I the only one who hates shrek?  mishathequick 25 13077 over a year ago
I'm reviving this shrektacular forum  dankmemez 0 3978 over a year ago
Shrek the Third = Disappointing  dave 22 7666 over a year ago
i love shrek. Shrek1 and Shrek2 were the best what do u guys think?  AngelaMakris123 1 5372 over a year ago
i have Shrek memorized  dustfinger 3 4357 over a year ago
The Plot for Shrek 5  kitkat211 3 19463 over a year ago
Shrek the Musical  ShrekFan 2 3128 over a year ago
Favorite Character Game  taquitofiesta 0 2670 over a year ago
COUNTDOWN TO 10500 FANS!!!!!!!!  buffyl0v3r44 1 2441 over a year ago
Puss in Boots: Story of an Ogre Killer  Okami_Amaterasu 2 16377 over a year ago
help shrek's picture to win in greece....  myriaang 0 3453 over a year ago
my favorite character  michmay 0 7123 over a year ago
Dreamworks' How To Train Your Dragon  FrequentFlier 1 3086 over a year ago
Am I the only one who knows Shrek?  AznBatman 2 2798 over a year ago
Saw the first one last night  LisaForde 0 2415 over a year ago
Shrek  Shrek13 0 3128 over a year ago
Shrek  Shrek13 0 2642 over a year ago
Shrek the Halls  Kate1984 2 6171 over a year ago
Shrek series  DarthVibbert 2 2916 over a year ago
Box set?  timmich 0 2823 over a year ago
New Shrek 3 characters?  Brad123 2 3037 over a year ago
More Shrek  luvinlos 0 3248 over a year ago