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yui1234 said about Wanna One
Is Kang Daniel really making a solo debut? Really want to see Daehwi, Daniel and Jihoon making some promotions! I'm really missing Wanna One :( Posted 8 hours ago
yui1234 said about Jeon So Mi
So she finally made her long-awaited solo debut with 'Birthday'. Hope she will succeed as a soloist and gains more fans and attention. Posted 8 hours ago
yui1234 said about Sunmi
Really waiting for her next comeback. Posted 9 hours ago
yui1234 said about Chungha
Chungha's comeback is really amazing!!!! Her 4th mini album, Flourishing is a bop
The title song '' Snapping'' is awesome ! The choreography, the tuning, the is just perfect !! She is really working hard for her showcases.
Thank you Chungha for working hard and giving all your fans a masterpiece:)
Posted 9 hours ago
namelessbastard gave me props for my polls
no worries for replying late. i myself have been busy the last few days with studies, work and you know other stuff ;)

Oh Soobin is also kinda cute (I did see that scene on the balcony, so cute and funny). But I guess my bias would still be Yoenjun ukuk

So you are more of a TXT girl than BTS?

I guess it's probably becoz I've been a BTS fan for a long while and TXT is kinda new. But I'm loving their style, really diggin it. I think they'll become really successful ;) Posted 20 hours ago
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Haha that's good lol. ...and no problem.X3 ...and yeah, it also messes up your eyes as well but you know for me kinda hard not to get off the computer lol. ...but I been taking a bit of break from Fanpop, like yesterday I only got on for a little bit so I didn't spend to much on the computer. ...and thanks. ...and haha kinda of I wouldn't say take a break from BTS since I listen to them still.XD ...but I just wanna make different background for things as well and not just BTS lol. Posted 4 days ago
namelessbastard gave me props for my polls
BTS would be V, Jimin and Jin (though i love them all so I it's hella close)

I don't know much about TXT yet apart from their music, but i really like Yeonjun

Hbu :) Posted 6 days ago
big smile
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thanks! see you're also part of the fandom Posted 6 days ago
namelessbastard gave me props for my comments
thanks for the add back Posted 6 days ago
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No , no actually i dont know how to cook . Ha Ha >>> In america all foods are sold cooked in packets in the store. And my dad will get food in canteen during his training session. so i will get my food from the store. But my dad needs someone to support him. He cant stay alone all the way. I will surely tell you hows there when i shift . Posted 11 days ago
pinkbloom commented…
I dont have much gold you know. You can see my life time gold though :( 11 days ago