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What kind of Ipod do you have??

52 answers | my answer: iPod Nano

When you hear "DISNEY", which is the first that occurs to you?

64 answers | my answer: Disney Channel, stupid I know
Harry Potter

Which character would u be stuck with for eternity?

78 answers | my answer: Cedric Diggory, he is my all-time favorite (and the...
Harry Potter

WHICH HP character is most like YOU?

59 answers | my answer: Probably Hermione
Harry Potter

whose death affected u the most?

40 answers | my answer: Cedric's, Dobby's, and Dumbledore's.
Harry Potter

How old were you when you discovered the world of Harry Potter?

202 answers | my answer: I was 4 years old when the very first movie (philos...
Harry Potter

Ok, I don't mean to sound really dumb. But how do you sign up for "Pottermore"?

3 answers | my answer: Go here link...
Harry Potter

out of all they some have died in Harry potter,and you have a chance to save 5 of them,who will you pick then? my list it:1. Fred Weasley. 2. Cedric. 3. Lily Potter. 4. Dobby. 5. snape

137 answers | my answer: Dumbledore Cedric Digory Fred Sirius Black Snap...
Harry Potter

Who would be: Your best friend (girl), Your best friend (boy), Your brother, Your sister, Just a friend(boy), Just a friend (girl), Your mom, Your dad, You girlfriend/boyfriend?

93 answers | my answer: Best Friend (girl): Hermione Best Friend (boy): Ro...
Harry Potter

describe draco in one word

42 answers | my answer: Misunderstood, the best word to describe him in my ...